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Joe Everett shares his knowledge of online records in the Research Essentials track at the FEEFHS workshop in Salt Lake City in 2013.

The first FEEFHS Conference was held in Salt Lake City in 1994.
Since then FEEFHS has held 20 conferences and workshops in 11 cities in Canada and the United States featuring speakers with expertise in Eastern European genealogical research. Each conference or workshop has provided participants the opportunity to receive expert instruction, exchange ideas, network at events, and share discoveries.

For the past few years FEEFHS has focused its energies on the annual Eastern European Research Workshop, held in Salt Lake City, where participants are able to access records at the nearby Family History Library and receive one-on-one consultation. To meet the needs of those still needing to find their ancestor's village of origin, they have recently added a new fall workshop, and are exploring the potential of future programs in cities of importance to FEEFHS followers.


2014 Eastern European Research Conference
August 11-15, 2014 - Salt Lake City, Utah,
Details to be posted soon.


Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor Workshop
November 12-14, 2013 - Salt Lake City, Utah
Workshop Information

2013: 20th Annual Conference
Salt Lake City, Utah, August 6-10

Flyer (PDF) | Program (PDF)
Registration Form (PDF) | Workshop Blog

2012: Salt Lake City, Utah, July 12-14
Flyer (PDF) | Program (PDF) | Speakers

2011: Salt Lake City, Utah, July 7-9
Program (HTML) | Speaker biographies

2010: Salt Lake City, Utah, July 29-31
Program (HTML) | Speaker biographies |

2009: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 24-25
Program | Speakers | Poster (PDF) | Brochure (PDF)

2008: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 1-3
Speakers (PDF) | Program (PDF) | Blog

2007: Salt Lake City, Utah, July 12-14
Conference information

2006: Winnipeg, Manitoba, August 4-6
Conference information

2005: St. Paul, Minnesota, August 19-21
Conference information

2004: Detroit, Michigan, October 1-3
Conference information

2003: Salt Lake City, Utah, July 18-20
Conference information (PDF)

2002: Regina, Saskatchewan, July 19-21
Conference information

2001: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 5-7
Conference information

2000: Salt Lake City, Utah, September 22-24
Conference information

1999: Van Nuys, California, September 24-26
Conference information

1997: Salt Lake City, Utah, September 27-30
Conference information

1996: Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 9-11
Conference information

1995: Cleveland, Ohio, August 3-5
Conference information

1995: Calgary, Alberta, July 25
Conference information

1994: Salt Lake City, Utah, May 14-16

Dave Obee, Past President of FEEFHS
provides consultation at the 2013 workshop

Manja Midgley, Anne Roberts and other participants at the closing banquet 2013

Participants enjoy time together while researching at the Family History Library, 2013

Sue Burdett, tour guide for the 2013 Salt Lake City tour, talks with participants and guests outside the Utah State Capitol building, 2013

2013 workshop participants in plenary session "Introduction to East European Research"

Workshop Venue: The Salt Lake Plaza Hotel at Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah

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