Jason Oler

Jason Oler
Job Title
Genealogy Researcher

Jason grew up in Winnipeg, Canada and is the product of a father with a large garden, who believed that his children developed character by pulling weeds for hours at a time, and a mother whose idea of a family vacation was to visit every cemetery in Nova Scotia. Of course his hobbies now include gardening and genealogy…and making his children pull weeds for hours at a time.

Jason went to Brigham Young University where he earned a B.S. in human biology, but ended up following another path and has been a professional in the online genealogy space for many years. During his career he has worked for Ancestry.com, FamilySearch.org, and currently calls MyHeritage.com his home. Within these organizations Jason has been responsible for producing online content and for developing relationships with partners within the genealogy realm. During the past few years Jason has enjoyed speaking and presenting to groups across the continent, in person and online.

Though Jason has aspirations to someday move back to Canada, his Californian wife (after spending a Christmas holiday in Winnipeg) has informed him that he is wrong. They currently live in Cedar Hills, Utah with their 4 children.