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For several years, FEEFHS published a top-quality journal filled with information about genealogical work in Eastern Europe. Back issues are available.

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Get Adobe Reader Here is a summary of the issues that are available, along with sample articles. Note that the samples are in PDF format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader or something similar.

Vol. XVI, 2008
Partial Contents:
The Swabians in Central and Southeastern Europe, by Irmgard Hein Ellingson
Wendish Genealogical Research, by Milan Tyler-Pohontsch
Austrian Regiments and Where They Recruited, by Karen Hobbs
Volga German Family History Research, 1763-1917, by Duane J. Kartchner
Records of the Swedish St. Catherine Parish (part 2), by Ludmila and Orjan Werkström
Understanding Surnames of Croatia and Bosnia, by Robert Jerin
Back issue available. Price: US$30

Vol. XV, 2007
Partial Contents:
East European Archival Internet Sites, by Kahlile B. Mehr
Surfing for Slovak Ancestors, by Lisa A. Alzo
Pommern: Das Land am Meer -- Pommerania: the Land by the Sea, by Mary J. Manning
European Gazetteers in the BYU Online Collection, by Daniel Schlyter
Online Maps for Polish Research, by Ceil Wendt Jensen
Who was Ludwig Holzmaister, by Juři Ošanec, translated by Miroslav Koudelka
Records of the Swedish St. Catherine's Parish, by Ludmila and Orjan Werkström
Back issue available. Price: US$30

Vol. XIV, 2006
Partial Contents:
A Family Historian's Guide to Discovering Carpatho-Rusyn Ancestry, by Richard D. Custer
Germanic Origins in North Iowa, by Irmgard Hein Ellingson
Slovaks Settled Here: A Look at Slovak Chain Migration in the United States and Its Role in Genealogical Research, by Lisa A. Alzo
Polish Genealogical Research and Post-WWII Border Changes and Population Movements, by Matthew Bielawa
Bulgarian Genealogical Profile, by Kahlile B. Mehr
Genealogy Bridge Bulgaria-USA: Djebaroffs from Lovech-Ugurchin and the Ancestry of Linda Gebaroff, by Lolita Nikolova
The Story of Sarah from Ivatzevichi, by Leonid Smilovitsky
Re-creating a Slovak Village, by John Matviya
Back issue available. Price: US$30

Vol. XIII, 2005
Partial Contents:
The Medieval Holocaust: The Approach of the Plague and the Destruction of Jews in Germany, 1348-1349, by Albert Winkler
On the Road with Our Ancestors, by Dave Obee
East Prussia on My Mind, by Jutta Missal
Austria-Hungary, the Habsburg Heart of Europe: The Ethnic and Religious Nature of Austria-Hungary, by Irmgard Hein Ellingson
How to Use DNA in Your Genealogical Research, by William Remus
Moldova Genealogical Profile, by Kahlile Mehr
The Celts in Moravia and the Vestiges They Left Us, by Franz Gerhard Soural
Resources for Researching Saratov, by Mark W. Gardner
Back issue available. Price: US$25

Vol. XII, 2004
Partial Contents:
Genealogical Records and Research in Ukraine, by Kahlile Mehr and Marek Koblanski
The Imperial Austrian School System, by Franz Gerhard Soural
Tracking Graves by Satellite, by Dave Obee
Rabbi Arye-Leyb ben Meyshe ber Shifman from Pukhovichi, by Leonid Smilovitsky
The Glagolitic Alphabet and Its Use in Croatian Church Records, by Gordon L. McDaniel
The Molecular Genealogy Research Project, by Ugo A. Perego, Natalie M. Myres and Scott R. Woodward
Piecing Together the Story: 19th Century German Immigration to America, by Adele Maurine Marcum
Lutheran Church Records: Looking for Lake Wobegon, by Irmgard Hein Ellingson
Ethics in Genealogy, More Than Being Nice, by G. Alvin Murray
The Family History Library Catalog, by Steven W. Blodgett
World War I Draft Registration Records, by Joanne M. Sher
The Swabian Colonies in the South Caucasus, by Joseph B. Everett
Molodia: Settlement and End of the Only Catholic Swabian Parish in Bukovina, by Norbert Gaschler
Back issue available. Price: US$22

Vol. XI, 2003
Partial Contents:
19th Century Travel in the Former Crownlands of the Austrian Monarchy, by Franz Gerhard Soural
Albrechtsdorf (or Wojciechy, if You Prefer) Through the Ages, by Dave Obee
The Rise and Fall of Latin in the Kingdom of Hungary, by Nathan W. Murphy
Origins of Jewish Last Names in Turov, by Leonid Smilovitsky
Catholic Vital Records in Galicia/Halychyna, by Matthew R. Bielawa
Ukrainian Case Study of a Polish Officer, by Marek Koblanski
A Beginner’s Guide to Slovak Research, by Lisa A. Alzo
History of the Settlement of Karlsberg, by Erich Prokopowitsch
Czechs in Volhynia: from the Settlement History, 1862-1947, by Nikolaus Arndt
Four North European Female Educators’ Toil in Russian Alaska, 1805-1849, by Maria Jarlsdotter Enckell
Back issue available. Price: US$20

Vol. X, 2002
Partial Contents:
Jewish Addresses in Rechitsa, by Leonid Smilovistsky
Researching Stalin’s Victims, by Dave Obee
Galicia: A Multi-Ethnic Overview and Settlement History, by Irmgard Hein Ellingson
Estonian Genealogical Research, by Kahlile Mehr
The Early German Settlement of North Eastern Moravia, by Frank Soural
A Beginner’s Guide to Austrian Research, by Steven W. Blodgett
The Dachau Indexing Project, by Nolan Altman
Doukhobor Names and Naming Practices, by Jonathan Kalmakoff
Zurich’s Militia Records in the Fifteenth Century, by Albert Winkler
The Bukovina-Germans during the Habsburg Period, by Sophie A. Welsch
A Finnish Sawmill Bookkeeper’s Daughter’s Journey to Alaska, by Maria Jarlsdotter Enckell
Pre-World War I Migration Patterns of Banat Germans to North America, by David Dreyer and Anton Kraemer
Back issue available. Price: US$18

Vol. IX, 2001
Partial Contents:
U.S. Immigration Records, by Jim Faulkinbury
Volhynian Legacy, by Irmgard Hein Ellingson
The Vital Records of Kremenets, by Ronald D. Doctor
Komiža, Home of My Ancestors, by Gregory A. Felando
East European Emigration and the EWZ, by Dave Obee
A Beginner’s Guide to Finnish Genealogy, by Tim Vincent
An Introduction to Austrian Military Records, by Steven W. Blodgett
BONUS (Not in the Journal) -- Recruiting Soldiers Into the Austro-Hungarian Army, by Steven W. Blodgett
A Beginner’s Guide to Swedish Research, by Roger Magneson
When the Record is Incomplete, by Norman Carp-Gordon, Z. K.
Tagged for Transport, by Penti Knuutinen; translated by Margarita Choquette
The Archives of the Assistance Committee for the Children of Finland, by Rolf Linde
Scandinavian Immigration to Russian Alaska, 1800-1867, by Maria Jarlsdotter Enckell
Back issue available. Price: US$16

Vol. VIII, 2000
Partial Contents:
A Beginner's Guide to Czech Research, by Shon R. Edwards
Back to Ribinishki - A Cash STudy in Latvian Jewish Genealogical Research, by Marion S. Werle
Bukovina Networking, by Irmgard Hein Ellingson
Latvian Record Sources by Kahlile B. Mehr, MLS, AG
Vienna City Records, by Steven W. Blodgett, MLS, AG
Back issue available. Price: US $14

Vol. VII/3-4, 1999
Partial Contents:
The 1st National Census of the Russian Empire, by Thomas K. Edlund
A Beginner's Guide to German Research, by Steven W. Bldgett, MLS, AG Lithuanian Genealogy, by Kahlile B. Mehr, MLS, AG
Translating 19th Century Polish Civil Registration, by Jerry Frank
Addendum to Beginner's Guide to Croatian Research, by Thomas K. Edlund
Back issue available. Price: US $6

Vol. VII/1-2, 1999
Partial Contents:
A Beginner's Guide to Croatian Research, by Thomas K. Edlund, and Kahlile B. Mehr
Czech Military Records, by Steven W. Blodgett, MLS, AG
Bohemian Ancestors Emigrate to Eastern Galicia, a case study in Czech Research, by James Pelikan and Duncan B. Gardiner
Macedonia Genealogy, by Kahlile B. Mehr
Descendancy Research in Genealogy, by Chauncey C. Riddle, PhD
The German Migration to the East, by Jerry Frank
Back issue available. Price: US $6

Vol. VI, 1998
Partial Contents:
Immigration Records of the EWZ, by Steven W. Blodgett
Examples of Succesful Stammblatter Research, by Steven Stroud
Einwandererzentralstelle Films Catalog
Using Greek Catholic Registers from Western Ukraine, by Irene Nowyckyj Johnson, BA, MLS
Finding Former German Localities Now in Poland, by Raymond S. Wright III, PhD, AG
Translating Galician Documents in German, Latin, Polish, & Ukrainian, by William F. Hoffman
Follow up to "Soul" Searching, by Joseph B. Everett
Latvian Revision Lists Index and Listing
Yugoslavian Genealogical Sources, by Kahlile Mehr, AG
A Lesson on East European Name, by Daniel M. Schlyter, AG
Back issue available. Price: US $10

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