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Index to Births, Marriages, and Deaths
for Mali Losinj, Croatia 1821-1901

Croatia Home Page

By Barbara J. Starkey

Birth Records: 1821-1890 (over 13000 birth records sorted by father and mother)

The index of birth records includes the following information: gender, baptism date, domicile number, name of child, birth date, and full name of father and mother. Birth entries may contain the death date of the child along the left side of the entry; marriage information about the child or parents, particularly if the child was illegitimate; death information about the father if he died before the child was born; and, in some entries, the given name of either paternal or maternal grandfathers. The occupation is usually shown for the father on the birth entries. The place of origin may also be included in the parent information.

Marriage index by groom [the groom's index] and alphabetically by bride [the bride's index]

The index to marriage records includes the following information: date of marriage, domicile of the groom, name of groom, age of groom at marriage, status (bachelor or widower), domicile of bride, name of bride, age of bride at marriage, status, and full names of groom's and bride's parents.

The original records contain the occupation of the husband. In addition, the place of origin may be given. The original records also indicate whether the parents are deceased or living at the time of the marriage. Military marriage records have also been indexed. The military records provide some historical information about the groom in the form of rank in the military, place of origin, and possible other important facts.

Death Records: 1822-1859 (over 4400 death records arranged alphabetically)

The index to death records includes the following information: gender, date of death, domicile number, full name of deceased individual, relative, and age at death given in years (y) and/or months (m) and/or days (d).

Stepping Back-Book 2 is an excellent resource for researchers who wish to identify family connections in Mali Losinj, formerly called Lussinpiccolo. It is also a good source for those who are examining families in Veli Losinj, the former Lussingrande, because often families intermarried between these two adjacent towns.

The cost for a hardcopy of the indexes is $80.00 plus $15.00 shipping.

Orders can be sent with check or money orders to:

Barbara J. Starkey
1839 N. 600 W.
Mapleton, Utah 84664

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