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Address Book for Germanic Genealogy by Ernest Thode, book review, (4:2:69), revised edition (8:1:26).
The Genealogist's Address Book 1992-93 Edition by Elizabeth Petty Bentley, book review, (8:4:136).


Queries appear in most issues of the Digest. Refer to the Table of Contents in each issue.

Anhalt periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:45).
Dorfsippenbücher and Ortssippenbücher, (7:2:43).
Drosa 1688 marriage records, handwriting example, (4:2:72).
German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)


Archive Inventories, (5:3:96).
Legal records in German Archives by Larry O. Jensen, (5:2:56).
Record Keeping and Archives in West Germany by Maralyn A. Wellauer, book review, (4:2:69).

(This Section of the Digest is devoted to translating and compiling genealogical and historical records and information from the major German kingdoms, provinces and duchies. It provides information on what records existed, who created them, what they contained, and the time periods covered). Indexed by Locality.

Emigrants to Australia listed in In Search of a Home; Nineteenth-Century Wendish Immigration by George R. Nielsen, book review. (6:2:72).
German Emigration, Immigration and Migration (2:1:4).

Austrian periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:45).
Early Lutherans Flee Salzburg to Avoid Persecution by Ronald John Putz, (2:2:71).
German Emigration, Immigration, and Migration (2:1:4).
Publishing of Land and Testament Records, Salzburgers in Ostpreussen 1732-1776, surname list, (3:3:144).
Salzburger Emigration by Larry O. Jensen, (8:1:18).
Tracing Germans in Southeast Europe, (7:3:84).

Auswanderungen aus dem Nördlichen Bodenseeraum im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert (Emigration from the northern Boden Lake area), book review, (4:3:105).
Bauschlott Ortssippenbuch, new book notice, (8:2:56).
Dorfsippenbücher and Ortssippenbücher, (7:2:43).
Emigrants to America and Canada from Baden, name list, year of birth, date of emigration, (4:3:115).
Emigrants to America and Canada from Rheinhausen Landkreis Emmendingen, (4:1:34).
Emigrants to America from Baden, name list, place of birth, (4:2:81).
Emigrants to America and Canada from Baden-Baden, (name list), Part 1: A-E (6:4:149); Part 2: E-H (7:1:32); Part 3: J-R (7:3:100); Part 4: S-Z (7:4:146).
Fürstenberg District, in Questions and Answers, (7:4:142).
German Emigration, Immigration and Migration, (2:1:39).
German Genealogical Queries and Research Reports (Oertel), new book notice, (8:4:144).
Index of Old Families of Bischoffingen, Baden by John Dahl, (4:4:141).
List of periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:45).
Menzingen Ortssippenbuch, new book notice, (9:3:104).
Rinschheim Ortssippenbuch, new book notice, (8:2:56).
Unteröwisheim marriage record, 1593 handwriting example, (5:2:67).

Baltic periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).


German Emigration, Immigration and Migration (2:1:5).

Bayern Emigrants to America, surname list, (5:1:31).
Bavarian Marriage Proclamation and Residency Files by Laraine K. Ferguson, (5:4:129).
Bayern periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:45).
Bavarian Records in Print, compiled by Larry O Jensen, Part 1 (6:1:18); Part 2 (6:2:53); Part 3 (6:3:99); Part 4 (6:4:135); Part 5 (7:1:15).
Did Your Ancestors Come From Swabian, Bavaria? (5:1:26).
Dorfsippenbücher and Ortssippenbücher, (7:2:43).
German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)
Hohenberg and Arzberg, Linen Weavers Guild Book 1669-1755, (2:3:154).
Nabburger Testaments 1659-1757, surname list, (3:3:144).
Neustadt am Kulm by Ronald John Putz, (5:3:82).
Ortsschaften-Verzeichnis für den Freistaat Bayern nach der Volkszählung vom 16. Juni 1925 und dem Gebietsstand vom 1. January 1928, (Gazetteer of the state of Bavaria according to the census of 1925 and the official jurisdictions of 1928), book review, (4:4:148).
Das Reichssteuerregister von 1497 des Fuerstentums Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach (The Imperial tax registers of 1497 for the Principality of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach), book review, (4:4:148).
Roman-Catholic Parishes of München, Germany by John A. Dahl, maps, (7:4:124).
Rosenheim Register of Letters of Birth 1607-1665, surname list, (3:2:88).
A Short History of Bayern by Larry O. Jensen, (5:2:42).
Surname index from Bavarian city archives, new filming, (3:2:96).

Belgium periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).

Berlin periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).
Cultural Snapshot of Berlin, written by American in 1826. (12:3:89).
History of French Reformed church in Berlin (Funrich-Grubert), book notice (9:2:69).
Research in Berlin by Sonja Hoeke-Nishimoto and Laraine Ferguson, (includes map, list of churches and suburbs), (7:4:114).
Verzeichnis der Kirchenbücher im Evangelischen Zentralarchiv in Berlin, Teil 1. Die Östlichen Kirchenprovinzen der Evangelischen Kirche des Altpreussischen Union by Christa Stache, book review, (3:3:134). Teil II, Alt Berlin, book notice, (5:2:61).

German Biographies by Larry O. Jensen (7:1:10).

List of books reviewed in the German Genealogical Digest, indexed by author. Books have also been indexed by locality and subject. Books sent to German Genealogical Digest are placed in its Library at 245 North Vine No. 106, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84103.

Abel, Florence H. The Beitzel Family, (6:2:74).
Allen Desmond Walls, Billingsley, Carolyn Earle. Beginner's Guide to Family History Research, (7:4:144).
Anuta, Michael J. Ships of Our Ancestors, (9:2:67).
Arends, Shirley Fischer. The Central Dakota Germans; Their History, Language, and Culture, (5:2:60).
Arnold, Jackie Smith. Kinship, It's All Relative, (6:4:144).
Arthur, Julia. Your Life and Times. How to Put a Life Story on Tape- An Oral History Handbook, (3:3:134).
Auerbach, Inge. Auswanderer aus Hanau im 18. Jahrhundert, (5:4:150).
Auerbach, Inge. Auswanderer aus Hessen-Kassel 1840-1850, (5:4:150).
Barker, William V. H. Early Families of Herkimer County New York, Descendants of the Burnetsfield Palatines, (2:2:81).
Barthel, Stephen S. Gazetteer of Parish and Civil Jurisdictions in West Prussia, (3:3:134).
Baxter, Angus. In Search of Your German Roots. A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in the Germanic Areas of Europe, (3:3:133).
Berry, Ellen Thomas and David A. Berry. Early Ohio Settlers, Purchasers of Land in East and East Central Ohio, 1800-1840, (5:4:149).
Berry, Ellen T. and David A. Berry. Early Ohio Settlers: Purchasers of Land in Southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840, (2:3:142).
Bentley, Elizabeth Petty. Directory of Family Associations, 1991-1992, (8:1:16).
Bentley, Elizabeth Petty. The Genealogist's Address Book 1992-93 Edition, (8:4:136).
Bentley, Elizabeth Petty. Ohio Cemetery Records Extracted from the Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, (5:2:62).
Bernard, Richard M. The Poles in Oklahoma, (6:2:72).
Bernheim, G. D. History of the German Settlements and of the Lutheran Church in North and South Carolina, (6:3:105).
Bickelmann and others. Germantown, 300 Jahre Auswanderung in die USA, 1683-1983 in Zeitschrift für Kulturaustausch 32 (No. 4 1982), pp. 305-458, (2:1:27).
Boehl, Beverly. Central Europe From the Congress of Vienna to the End of the German Confederation 1815-1866. (5:4:149).
Boehl, Beverly. Deciphering the Church Records of German. (5:4:149).
Bracht, Viktor. Texas in 1848, (8:3:103).
Brandt, Bruce. Where to Look for Hard-to-Find German-Speaking Ancestors in Eastern Europe, Index to 16,372 Surnames, (8:3:103); 2nd edition (9:4:132).
Brandt, Edward Reimer. Contents and Addresses of Hungarian Archives with Supplementary Material for Research on German Ancestors from Hungary, (8:3:103); 2nd edition, (9:4:132).
Brandt, Edward Reimer. Where Once They Toiled. A Visit to the Former Mennonite Homelands in the Vistula River Valley, (8:3:104).
Burgert, Annette K. Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America, Vol. 1, The Northern Kraichgau, (2:1:27).
Burgert, Annette Kunselmann. Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German Speaking Lands to North America, (2:2:82).
Burgert, Annette K. and Henry Z Jones, Jr. Westerwald to America. Some 18th Century German Immigrants, (6:2:72).
Burgoyne, Bruce E. Waldeck Soldiers of the American Revolutionary War, (8:1:24).
C. A. Starke Verlag, book publisher, (5:1:60).
Camann, Eugene W. Uprooted from Prussia Transplanted in America, (7:4:143).
Cerny, Johni. A Guide to German Parish Registers in the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Vol. 1 (4:1:21); Vol. 2, (4:2:69), recall, (4:3:106).
Cerny, Johni. A Guide to the LDS Family History Library, (4:1:22).
Chorzempa, Rosemary A. Korzenie Polskie - Polish Roots, (9:2:67).
Cherney, Edna Pieper. Pieper Footsteps, (8:2:60).
Clegg, Michael Barren. Bibliography of Genealogy and Local History Periodicals with Union List of Major U.S. Collections, (7:3:92).
Desel, Jochen. Hugenotten und Waldenser in Hessen-Kassel, (5:1:35).
Duncker, M. Verzeichnis der Württembergischen Kirchenbücher (Inventory of Württemberg Church Registers), (3:4:192).
Dunn, Dr. Mary. Index to Pennsylvania's Colonial Records Series, (8:1:25).
Earnest, Corinne P. Genealogist's Guide to Fraktur for Genealogists Researching German-American Families, (6:2:73).
Endler, Carl August. Mecklenburgs Familiengeschichtliche Quellen (Mecklenburg Genealogical Sources), (3:4:193).
Gardinar, Duncan B. German Towns in Slovakia and Upper Hungary. A Genealogical Gazetteer, (4:3:104).
Genealogical Society of Utah. Bev�lkerungsverzeichnisse der Synode Zürich - Population Registers of The Zürich Synod. Register of Microfilm Numbers Arranged Alphabetically by Town, (5:2:61).
German Research Association, Surname Book, Vol. 1 (6:3:105).
German Texas Heritage Society, Newsletter, (4:2:69).
Glazier, Ira A. ed. and Filby, P. William ed. Germans to America, Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports, 1850-1855, Vol. 1, (8:4:135).
Glueckstal Colonies Research Association Newsletter, (5:4:149).
Goldman, Norma and Ladislas Szymanski. English Grammar for Students of Latin, (2:3:143).
Gratz, Delbert L. Bernese Anabaptists and Their American Descendants, (6:2:72).
Greenwood, Val D. The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy, (6:2:72).
Grünwald, Myron E. Baltic Teutons: Pioneers of America's Frontier, (5:1:35).
Guth, Hermann. The Amish-Mennonites of Waldeck and Wittgenstein, (3:2:79).
Guth, Hermann and Gertrud. Palatine Mennonite Census List, (3:3:134).
Hall, Charles M. The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Vol. VII, Nordrhein-Westfalen, (5:3:103).
Hall, Charles M. The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Vol. VIII, Prussia, (9:4:131).
Haller, Charles R. Across the Atlantic and Beyond: The Migration of German and Swiss Immigrants to America, (9:2:66).
Harrassowitz, Otto, book jobber, (5:1:60).
Herbert, Jeffrey G. Index of Death and Other Notices Appearing in the Cincinnati Freie Presse 1874-1920, (9:3:100).
Historic Resources. The 1920 Federal Population Census Catalog of Microfilm Available, (8:1:27).
Hocker, Edward W. Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory from Advertisements in German Newspapers Published in Philadelphia and Germantown, (5:2:60).
Jensen, Wilhelm. Die Kirchenbücher Schleswig-Holsteins, der Landeskirche Eutin und der Hansestädte (The Church records of Schleswig-Holstein, the Church of Eutin, and the Hanseatic Cities), (5:2:62).
Jones, George F. The Germans of Colonial Georgia. 1733-1783, (2:3:142).
Jones, George Fenwick. German-American Names, (6:1:31).
Jones, Henry Z. The Palatine Families of New York, A Study of German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710, 2 vols. (2:1:27).
Jones, Henry Z. Psychic Roots - Serendipity and Intuition, (9:3:101).
Kauffman, Henry J. Architecture of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country 1700-1900, (8:4:136).
Klauprecht, Emil. Tolzman, Don Heinrich, ed. German Chronicle in the History of the Ohio Valley and its Capital City Cincinnati in Particular, (9:1:24).
Kludas, Arnold. Die Geschichte der Deutschen Passagierschiffahrt (The History of German Passenger Ship Travel), (5:3:104).
Knittle, Walter Allan. Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration, A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores, (6:1:31).
Krämer, Julius. Heimat Galizien, Ein Gedenkbuch, (3:3:133).
Krapf, Norbert. Beneath the Cherry Sapling; Legends from Franconia, (5:2:62).
Krudewig, Anton. Neues Verzeichnis der Kirchenbücher der Ehemaligen Rheinprovinz. (A New Inventory of the Church Registers of the Former Rhine Province) (3:4:192).
Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, (7:4:144).
Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society. Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, (4:1:21).
Lattermann, Alfred. Einf�hrung in die deutsche Sippenforschung in Polen und dem preussischen Osten (Introduction to German Ancestral Research in Poland and the Prussian East), (3:4:193).
Law, Hugh T. How to Trace Your Ancestors to Europe, 117 Stories of How Ancestors were Traced to their Birthplaces in 20 European Countries, (3:4:191).
Lowrey, Joan. Personal Ancestral File 2.2 User's Guide, (6:4:145).
McGinnis, Carol. Michigan Genealogy, Sources and Resources, (6:1:32).
Miller, Michael M. Researching the Germans from Russia. Annotated Bibliography of the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection at the North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, North Dakota State University Library, with a Listing of the Library Materials at the Germans from Russia Heritage Society, (3:3:132).
Morton, Jacqueline. English Grammar for Students of French, (2:3:143).
Naumann, Horst. Familiennamenbuch (Family Surname Book), (4:1:21).
Nielsen, George R. In Search of a Home: Nineteenth-Century Wendish Immigration, (6:2:72).
Nichols, Elizabeth L. The Genesis of Your Genealogy. Step-by-Step Instruction for the Beginner in Family History, (8:3:105).
Nichols, Elizabeth L. Teaching Family Heritage in Four Weeks - A Course Outline, (6:4:144).
Ollrog, Wolfgang. Der Schlüssel Vol. 9, (3:2:78).
Ortell, Gerald A. Polish Parish Records of the Roman Catholic Church, Their Use and Understanding in Genealogical Research, revised edition, (5:3:104).
Palen, Margaret Krug. Genealogical Research Guide to Germany, (5:2:62).
Pr�torius, Otfried. Kirchenbücher und Standesregister für alle Wohnplätze im Land Hessen (Church Books and Civil Registers for all Places in the Land Hessen), (3:4:192).
Randt, Erich. Die �lteren Personenstandsregister Schlesiens (The Early Civil Registers of Silesia), (3:4:193).
Reaman, G. Elmore. The Trail of the Black Walnut, (9:4:131).
Redlich von, Marcellus Donald Alexander R. Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants, (2:4:202).
Reschke, Horst A. German Military Records as Genealogical Sources, (6:4:144).
Rosengarten, J. G. The German Allied Troops in the North American War of Independence, 1776-1783, translated and abridged from the German of Max von Eelking (6:1:31).
Rottenberg, Dan. Finding our Fathers. A Guidebook to Jewish Genealogy, (2:2:82).
Sack, Sallyann Amdur. A Guide to Jewish Genealogical Research in Israe, (3:2:79).
Schenk, Trudy, Ruth Froelke and Inge Bork. The Württemberg Emigration Index, Vol. 1, (2:2:83).
Scherer, Karl. Pfälzer-Palatines, Beiträge zur Pfälzischen ein- und Auswanderung sowie zur Volkskunde und Mundartforschung der Pfalz und der Zielländer Pfälzischer Auswanderer im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert, (Palatinate emigration and immigration, social studies and dialects in the 18th and 19th centuries), (4:3:105).
Schindler, Marc A.
A Gazetteer of Bessarabia (Moldavia/Ukraine) (3:4:192).
Schrader-Muggenthaler, Cornelia. The Alsace Emigration Book, Vol. 1, (6:2:72).
Shea, Jonathan D. Russian Language Documents from Russian Poland, A Translation Manual for Genealogists, (6:2:73).
Scheffield, Ella E. Lee. Ships Passenger Lists, Port of Galveston, Texas, 1846-1871, (2:1:28).
Smith, Elsdon C. American Surnames, (2:2:83).
Smith, Kenneth L. German Church Books; Beyond the Basics, (6:1:31).
Sprague, Stuart Seely. Kentuckians in Missouri, Including Many Who Migrated by Way of Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois, (5:2:61).
Stache, Christa. Verzeichnis der Kirchenb&uumlcher im Evangelischen Zentralarchiv in Berlin, Teil 1. Die Östlichen Kirchenprovinzen der Evangelischen Kirche des Altpreussischen Union, (3:3:134).
Stache, Christa. Verzeichnis der Kirchenbücher im Evangelischen Zentralarchiv in Berlin, Teil II, Alt Berlin (Inventory of parish registers in the Protestant Central Archives in Berlin, part 2), (5:2:61).
Strassburger, Ralph Beaver; Hinke, William John, ed. Pennsylvania German Pioneers, 2 vols. (8:1:25).
Stiver, Vernon and Donaldson, Patricia R. Descendants of Johann Caspar Stoöver-Stoever-Staver-Stiver, The Ancestry and Descendants of Johann Caspar Stoever, (9:1:23)
Tepper, Michael. American Passenger Arrival Records. A Guide to the Records of Immigrants Arriving at American Ports by Sail and Steam--, (4:4:148); revised ed. (9:2:67).
Thode, Ernest. Address Book for Germanic Genealogy, (4:2:69), (8:1:26).
Thode, Ernest. German-English Genealogical Dictionary, 1992. (8:3:102).
Tolzmann, Don Heinrich, ed. The First Germans in America, With A Biographical Directory of New York Germans. (8:2:59).
Tolzmann, Don Heinrich (ed). German Allied Troops in the American Revolution; J.R. Rosengarten's Survey of German Archives and Sources, (9:3:100).
Tolzmann, Don Heinrich, ed. The German Element in Virginia: Herrmann Schurichts's History, (9:3:101).
Tolzmann, Don Heinrich, ed. The German Immigrant in America: F.W.Bogen's Guidebook, (9:1:24).
Tolzmann, Don Heinrich, ed. German Pioneer Life: A Social History, (9:2:66).
Tolzmann, Don Heinrich, ed. Germany and America 1450-1700: Julius Friedrich Sachse's History of the German Role in the Discovery, Exploration, and Settlement of the New World, (8:2:60).
Tolzmann, Don Heinrich. Ohio Valley German Biographical Index, (8:3:104).
Topp, Betty Butcher. German Queries, Vol. 1 (3:3:135); Vol. 2-3 (4:1:22); Vol. 7, (8:1:26); Vol. 9 (9:3:101); correction (9:4:133).
Towle, Leslie K. Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, (8:2:59).
Urlsperger, Samuel. Detailed Reports on the Salzburger Emigrants Who Settled in America (1733-1741).
Verlag Degener, book publisher, (5:1:60).
Von-Maszewski, W. M., editor, Handbook and Registry of German-Texas Heritage, (6:2:72); (6:3:105).
Weiser, Frederick S. Maryland German Church Records. Vol. 1. Christ Reformed Church, Middleton, Frederick County, 1770-1840, (2:4:201).
Wellauer, Maralyn A. Family History Research in the German Democratic Republic, (3:3:133).
Wellauer, Maralyn A. Prussian and Saxon Casualities of the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871), (4:1:21).
Wellauer, Maralyn A. German Immigration to America in the Nineteenth Century. A Genealogist's Guide, (2:2:83).
Wellauer, Maralyn A. Record Keeping and Archives in West Germany, (4:2:69).
Wellauer,Maralyn A. Tracing Your Polish Roots, (7:3:92).
Whipple, Irma Wiese. In Search of Familie Wiese, (2:2:84).
Whipple, Irma Wiese. In Search of Uncle Julius, The Wanderer, (3:2:80).
Whiting, Brenda Lee. Harvest of Stone, the German Settlement in Renfrew County, (7:3:92).
Wolfert, Marion. German Immigrants. List of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York 1868-1871 with Place of Origin, (9:1:23).
Wuschke, Ewald. Wandering Volhynians, A Magazine for the Descendants of Germans from Volhynia and Poland, (6:4:145).
Wust, Klaus. Three Hundred Years of German Immigrants in North America, 1683-1983, (2:1:28).
Yoder, Don. Pennsylvania German Immigrants, 1709-1786, book review (1:4:247).
Yoder, Don. Problems and Resources in Pennsylvania German Genealogical Research in Genealogisches Jahrbuch 13 (1973), (2:1:28).
Yoder, Don. Rheinland Emigrants. Lists of German Settlers in Colonial America, (2:1:28).
Zimmermann, Gary J. and Marion Wolfert. German Immigrants: Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, with Places of Origin, 1847-1854 (1:3:197); 1855-1862 (2:4:201); 1863-1867 (4:4:148).
Zorach, Cecile. English Grammar for Students of German, (2:3:142).

Bucherei des deutschen Ostens Bestandskatalog (Catalog of the Library of German Eastern Europe), Vol. 2 Brandenburg, book review, (1:2:147).
Dorfsippenbücher and Ortssippenbücher, (7:2:43).
Forst marriage record, 1590 handwriting example, (5:2:64).
German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)
Geschichte der Familie Perrett (-Saulvestre) by Lothar Perrett, book review, (1:2:149). (Traces a Swiss family into Brandenburg).
History of Brandenburg with 7 historical maps by Larry O Jensen (10:3:76).
Küstrin, Masters and Apprentices of the Mason and Carpenter Guild, 1759-1800, (2:3:154).
List of periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).
Lützlow sources, Questions and Answers, (9:3:99).
Mahlsdorf 1730 marriage records, handwriting example, (4:1:23).
Records in Print. Bibliography of published sources available for Brandenburg, Part 1. (12:1:56), Part 2 (12:3:82)
Uckermark, Questions and Answers, (9:3:99).
Zehlendorf 1829 marriage record, (3:2:84).

Auswandererlisten des ehemaligen Herzogtums Braunschweig ohne Stadt Braunschweig und Landkreis Holzminden 1846-1871 (Emigrants from the former duchy of Braunschweig except from the city of Braunschweig and the district of Holzminden 1846-1871), book review, (4:3:105).
Braunschweig sources listed in Questions and Answers, (4:2:67).
Dorfsippenbücher and Ortssippenbücher, (7:2:43).
German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)
German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).
German mercenaries who served in the American Revolution, name list, (4:3:116).
Helmstedt University, new book notice, (8:4:144).
Lamme records in Questions and Answers, (2:1:24).

German Emigration, Immigration and Migration (2:1:5).

Bremen periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:47).
German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)
German Immigrants: Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, with Places of Origin by Gary J. Zimmerman and Marion Wolfert, 1847-1854 (1:3:197); 1855-1862 (2:4:201); 1863-1867 (4:4:148); 1868-1871 (9:1:23), book review.

Vor 200 Jahren aus der Pfalz nach Galizien und in die Bukowina (The emigration from the Palatinate to Galicia and Bukovina Two Hundred Years ago, book review, (4:3:105).
Where to Look for Hard-to-Find German-Speaking Ancestors in Eastern Europe, Index to 16,372 Surnames, compiled by Bruce Brandt, book review, (8:3:103); 2nd edition (9:4:132).

German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).
Tracing Germans to Southeast Europe, (7:3:84).

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