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Feast days in Questions and Answers, (3:3:130).
Variations and Uses of Calendars by Larry O. Jensen, (3:2:72).

Arrivals at Canadian border ports 1895-1924, St. Albans District manifest records, notice of filming, (4:1:38).
Biographical and Genealogical Card Indexes, filming notice, (6:2:69).
Harvest of Stone, the German Settlement in Renfrew County by Brenda Lee-Whiting, bk rev, (7:3:92).
The Trail of the Black Walnut by Elmore G. Reaman, bk rev, (9:4:131).

Societies Fosters Preservation of Castles, Fortresses by Horst Reschke (12:2:59).

Allgemeine Volksz�hlung (General Census), (9:3:92).
Census Records in Northern Germany, Part 1. Schleswig-Holstein, (6:4:122). Part 2. Mecklenburg Census Records, both by Laraine K. Ferguson (8:4:114).
Census Word List, German/Danish-English, compiled by Gay P. Kowallis and Laraine K. Ferguson (6:4:128).
German Census and Other Population Records by Larry O. Jensen, (6:1:23).
German Resident Records by Larry O Jensen, (6:2:60).
Mecklenburg Census Source, (book notice), (9:4:139).
The 1920 Federal Population Census Catalog of Microfilm Available by Historic Resources, book review, (8:1:27).

A Guide to German Parish Registers in the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by Johni Cerny, bk rev, Vol. 1 (4:1:21); Vol. 2, (4:2:69).
Inventory of church records in Evangelisches Zentralarchiv in Berlin, book review, (3:3:134)
Kirchenbücher, (Bibliography of German church records in print), book notice, (8:2:55), (9:1:26).
Locating German Places of Origin in American Church Records by Laraine K. Ferguson (5:1:14).
Lutheran Church Directory for the United States, 1988, new book notice, (4:4:149).
Lutheran records on microfiche, (8:2:69).
Obituary search in newspapers of the church papers of the former Evangelical United Brethren Church, (4:4:149).
Records available at the American Lutheran Church Archives, (4:4:149).
The Residenz Kirche of Ellis Island by Karl A. Lurix, (5:4:122).
When the Church Books are Wrong by Thomas A. Peters, (8:1:21).
Zion Lutheran Church Records, Grant Twp., Buena Vista Co., Iowa, transcriptions, (5:1:19).

Locating a Coat of Arms in Questions and Answers, (2:2:77).
Das Wappenbuch des Reichsherolds Caspar Sturm (Coat of Arms Book by the Imperial Herald Caspar Sturm), book review, (1:1:63).

Bulletin Boards available in Family History Library, (9:3:104).
A Genealogical Management Program for Home Computers, a review, by A. Les Kowallis (2:4:183).
Genealogy in the Computer Age: Understanding Family Search by Elizabeth L. Nichols, book review, (7:2:58).
Personal Ancestral File 2.2 User's Guide by Joan Lowrey, book review, (6:4:145).


Germany's Legal Court System by Larry O. Jensen (5:1:2).
Legal Records in German Archives, (5:2:56).
Legal Terms Used in German Court Records, compiled by Larry O. Jensen (5:1:7).

Czechoslovak Genealogical Society is founded, (5:3:106).
Dorfsippenbücher and Ortssippenbücher, (7:2:43).
German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).
Harrachsdorf, Bohemia, (Donth), new book notice, (8:2:55).
Rochlitz an der Iser (Donth), new book notice, (8:2:55).


Register of Domestic Servants (Gesinde Dienst Tabelle), (8:3:98).

The Residenz Kirche of Ellis Island by Karl A. Lurix, (5:4:122).

ELSASS-LOTHRINGEN (Alsace and Lorraine)
The Alsace Emigration Book by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler, book notice, Vol. 1, (6:2:72).
Alsace Emigration Index, (6:3:83).
Alsace periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:45).
Alteckendorf, 1686 marriage record, handwriting example, (4:2:71).
Emigrants to America from Alsace (Burgert), new book notice, (9:2:69).
Emigration und Nationalgüterver�usserungen im Pf�lzischen Teil des Departments du Bas-Rhin
(Emigration documentation and manorial estate registers for the Palatinate section of the French department of the lower Rhine), book review (4:2:70).
French Genealogical Word List by Family History Library, (6:3:88).
French Periodicals, new reference tool (Longstaff), (8:4:144).
German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)
Lichtenberg 1780 marriage record, handwriting example, (3:4:196).
List of periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:45).
Locating the Ancestral Home in Elsass-Lothringen by Hugh T. Law, (6:3:82).
Lost Records of Vionville Alsace Lorraine Discovered by Yvette Longstaff, (7:3:81).
Map of Districts (Kreise) of Elsass-Lothringen, 1912, (6:3:87).
Map of French Departments, (6:3:84).
Southern Alsatian Emigration to the USA: 1840-1925, Personal Cases, book notice, (9:1:27).
Strasbourg. Cities along the Rhine and their records. History and records of Strasbourg, France are listed. (12:1:6).

(Name lists of emigrants submitted by readers of the Digest. Includes name of emigrant, birth year, year of emigration, birthplace, death place, submitter name), (5:3:109); (5:4:151); (6:2:66); (7:1:26); (7:3:93); (7:4:145); (8:4:139); (9:4:140).

(See also specific area in Germany. For example, Hamburg).
Across the Atlantic and Beyond: The Migration of German and Swiss Immigrants to America by Charles R. Haller, bk rev, (9:2:66).
Anmeldungs und Abmeldungs Register (Move-in and Move-out Registers, (7:3:96-97).
American Passenger Arrival Records. A Guide to the Records of Immigrants Arriving at American Ports by Sail and Steam by Michael Tepper, bk rev, (4:4:148); revised ed. (9:2:67).
Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration, A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores by Walter Allan Knittle, bk rev, (6:1:31).
Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America, Vol. 1, The Northern Kraichgau by Annette K. Burgert, book review, (2:1:27).
Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America Vol. 2, The Western Palatinate by Annette K. Burgert, bk rev, (2:2:82).
Emigrants to America and Canada from Baden-Baden, name list, (6:4:149), (7:4:146).
German Emigration, Immigration and Migration by Larry O. Jensen, (2:1:3) (2:1:38).
German Emigration Sources in the Salt Lake Genealogical Library by Laraine K. Ferguson, (2:1:20).
The German Immigrant in America: F.W.Bogen's Guidebook, edited by Don Heinrich Tolzmann, bk rev, (9:1:24).
German Immigration to America in the Nineteenth Century. A Genealogist's Guide by Maralyn A. Wellauer, bk rev, (2:2:83).
Germantown, 300 Jahre Auswanderung in die USA, 1683-1983 by Hartmut Bickelmann and others in Zeitschrift fü Kulturaustausch 32 (No. 4 1982), pp. 305-458, review, (2:1:27).
Germans to America, Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports, 1850-1855, Vol. 1 by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby, ed., bk rev, (8:4:135), bk notice, (9:3:104).
Die Geschichte der Deutschen Passagierschiffahrt (The History of German Passenger Ship Travel) by Arnold Kludas, bk rev, (5:3:104).
In Search of a Home: Nineteenth-Century Wendish Immigration by George R. Nielsen, bk rev, (6:2:72).
Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, book review, (7:4:144).
Kurpfälzische Auswanderer vom Unteren Neckar by Werner Hacker, bk rev, (1:1:62).
Passenger and Immigration List Indexes by Laraine K. Ferguson, (2:3:137).
Passenger Arrivals at the Port of Baltimore, 1820-1834 by Michael H. Tepper, bk rev, (1:3:198).
Ships of Our Ancestors by Michael J. Anuta, book review, (9:2:67).
Three Hundred Years of German Immigrants in North America, 1683-1983 by Klaus Wust, book review (2:1:28).
Tracing Ancestral Movements in Germany by Larry Jensen, (2:1:18).
Tracing Germans in Southeast Europe by Larry O. Jensen, (7:3:84).
Uprooted from Prussia Transplanted in America by Eugene W. Camann, book review, (7:4:143).
Westerwald to America. Some 18th Century German Immigrants by Annette K. Burgert and Henry Z. Jones, book review, (6:2:72).

German association in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).

ESTLAND see Baltic States

Directory of Family Associations, 1991-1992 by Elizabeth Petty Bentley, book review, (8:1:26).
Faust / Foust Family Association, (9:4:142).
Knuth Surname publication, notice, (8:3:108).

American / German Printed Family History Sources by Laraine K. Ferguson, (1:3:202).
The Beitzel Family by Florence H. Abel, book review, (6:2:74).
Descendants of Johann Caspar Stöver - Stoever - Staver - Stiver, The Ancestry and Descendants of Johann Caspar Stoever by Vernon Stiver and Patricia R. Donaldson, bk rev, (9:1:23)
Dommer, Dommert, Dummer, Domarus, Tumer, Tomer surnames, (9:2:68).
Family Genealogies (Krause collection) filming notice, (3:4:212).
From the Danube to the Susquehanna: 350 years of the Kitzmiller Family, book notice, (4:4:150).
History of Johann Christof Gerber, (10:4:104).
In Search of Family Rutzen by Irma Wiese Whippe, book review, (7:1:21).
In Search of Familie Wiese by Irma Wiese Whipple, book review, (2:2:84).
In Search of Uncle Julius, The Wanderer by Irma Wiese Whipple, book review, (3:2:80).
Pieper Footsteps by Edna Pieper Cherney, book review, (8:2:60).
Rader Ramblings, publication for Röder, Raeder, etc, (9:2:69).

Genealogist's Guide to Fraktur for Genealogists Researching German-American Families by Corinne P. Earnest, book review, (6:2:73).

(See also Elsass-Lothringen)
Index to Passports for the Department of Haute-Saone, France for the Years 1831-1829 and 1853-1888, new book notice, (9:4:142).

Beneath the Cherry Sapling; Legends from Franconia, by Norbert Krapf, bk rev, (5:2:62).
Franconia boundaries in Questions and Answers, (1:1:35).

Funeral Sermons in the Breslau City Library, new book notice, (4:4:194).
Leichenpredigten (Funeral Sermons), by Larry O. Jensen (8:4:119).

Heimat Galizien, Ein Gedenkbuch by Julius Krämer, book review, (3:3:133).
Index cards of German settlements in East Galicia, filming notice of Deutsches Ausland-Institut, (6:2:69).
Vor 200 Jahren aus der Pfalz nach Galizien und in die Bukowina (The emigration from the Palatinate to Galicia and Bukovina Two Hundred Years ago, book review, (4:3:105).

Abbreviation Table for Meyers Orts- und Verkehrslexikon, German / English (5:4:135).
List of Gazetteers for German areas, (8:4:131).
Using the Meyers Gazetteer to Determine Localities, by Larry O. Jensen, (9:1:12).
Gazetteers useful in tracing Germans in Southeast Europe, (7:3:85).

The Germans of Colonial Georgia by George F. Jones, book review, 1733-1783, (2:3:142).


Beginner's Guide to Family History Research by Allen D. Walls, and Carolyn E. Billingsley, bk rev, (7:4:144).
Encyclopedia of German-American Genealogical Research by Clifford Neal Smith, (1:2:149).
Family History Research in the German Democratic Republic by Maralyn A. Wellauer, bk rev, (3:3:133).
Genealogical Guide to German Ancestors from East Germany and Eastern Europe, book review, (1:2:148).
Genealogical Handbook of German Research by Larry O Jensen, 2 vols. (1:2:149).
Genealogical Research Guide to Germany by Margaret K. Palen, book review, (5:2:62).
The Genesis of Your Genealogy. Step-by-Step Instruction for the Beginner in Family History by Elizabeth L. Nicols, book review, (8:3:105).
German Church Books; Beyond the Basics by Kenneth L. Smith, book review, (6:1:31).
In Search of Your European Roots. A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in Every Country in Europe by Angus Baxter, bk rev, 1:3:198).
In Search of Your German Roots. A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in the Germanic Areas of Europe by Angus Baxter, book review, (3:3:133).
Kinship, It's All Relative by Jackie Smith Arnold, book review, (6:4:144).
Teaching Family Heritage in Four Weeks - A Course Outline by Elizabeth L. Nichols, book review, (6:4:144).
The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy by Val D. Greenwood, book review, (6:2:72).
Your Life and Times. How to Put a Life Story on Tape- An Oral History Handbook by Julia Arthur, bk rev, (3:3:134).

Guild Records in Germany by Gerhard Jeske, (10:4:118).

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