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United Germany 1990, (7:1:6).

Maryland German Church Records. Vol. 1. Christ Reformed Church, Middleton, Frederick County, 1770-1840, by Frederick S. Weiser, book notice, (2:4:201), Vols. 2-3, notice (3:2:97).

Bucherei des deutschen Ostens Bestandskatalog (The Library of German Eastern Europe), Vol. 1 Mecklenburg, book review, (1:2:147).

Census Records in Northern Germany, Part 2, Mecklenburg Census Records, (8:4:114).

Damshagen 1755 marriage record, handwriting example, (3:4:200).

Dorfsippenbücher and Ortssippenbücher , (7:2:43).

Emigrants from the District of Walkendorf, compiled by Inge E. Bork, (6:2:58).

Families from Mecklenburg, new book notice, (8:2:55).

German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)

Glassworks in Mecklenburg, (2:2:95).

List of periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).

Mecklenburg Census Source (new source), (9:4:139).

Mecklenburgs Familiengeschichtliche Quellen (Mecklenburg Genealogical Sources) by Carl August Endler, (3:4:193).

Mecklenburg Glassworks, in Questions and Answers, (7:4:142).

Mecklenburg Pastor's reports by Franz Schubert, book notice, (9:1:26).

Mecklenburg, the Land and Its History, maps, by Daniel Schlyter, (7:1:2).

Mecklenburg Records in Print, compiled by Larry O. Jensen (7:4:131).

Mecklenburg-Schwerin Emigration 1844-1915, includes surname list with place of origin, Part 1 (8:1:30); Part 2 (8:2:61).

Potschow, 1649 marriage record, handwriting example, (4:3:112).

Serfs in the District of Gadebusch in 1735 and 1736, (2:3:156).

Sources for Genealogical Research in Mecklenburg by Daniel Schlyter, (7:2:50).

Tolch family in Questions and Answers, (1:3:194).


Albert Brenner Kowallis, notice of death, (7:2:42).


The Amish-Mennonites of Waldeck and Wittgenstein by Hermann Guth, book review, (3:2:79).

Articles appearing in Mennonite publications, (5:3:106).

Friedelsheim Mennoniten Gemeinde Kirchenbuch und Register des Angefanger der 1st August 1833, new book notice, (5:1:34).

Mennonite Genealogies, notice, (9:1:25).

Die Ost- und Westpreussen Mennoniten in Ihrem Religioesen und Sozialen Leben (History of the Mennonites of East and West Prussia, their religious and social life, new book notice, (5:2:71).

Palatine Mennonite Census List by Hermann Guth, book review, (3:3:134).

Pennsylvania-German in the Revolutionary War 1775-1783 by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Richards, book review, (7:2:60).

Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, published by Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, review, (4:1:21); (7:1:22).

A Short History of the Mennonites by Larry O. Jensen, (6:1:2).

Where Once They Toiled. A Visit to the Former Mennonite Homelands in the Vistula River Valley by Edward Reimer Brandt, book review, (8:3:104).


Centennial Family Certificate Applications, filming notice, (6:2:69).

Michigan Genealogy, Sources and Resources by Carol McGinnis, book review, (6:1:32).


(This section features new books and microfilm acquisitions of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah). See Table of Contents in most issues.


Record-Gathering in Post-War Germany, the Langheinrich Legacy by Kahlile Mehr, (4:4:130).


German Allied Troops in the American Revolution; J.R. Rosengarten's Survey of German Archives and Sources edited by Don Heinrich Tolzmann, book review, (9:3:100).

German Allied Troops in the North American War of Independence, 1776-1783 by J. G. Rosengarten, translated and abridged from the German of Max von Eelking (6:1:31).

German mercenaries who served in the American Revolution, name list, (4:3:116).

German Military Records, concise histories of the Wars of Unification with important genealogical records available for searching, list of archives, military vocabulary. (11:2:38).

German Military Records as Genealogical Sources by Horst A. Reschke, book review, (6:4:144).

Hessen Troops in American Revolution in Questions and Answers, (1:2:123).

In Search of the Forlorn Hope, A Comprehensive Guide to Locating British Regiments and their records 1640 to World War I by John Kitzmiller II, new book notice, (4:4:150).

Military church books available in archives in Germany, (Eger), new book notice, (9:2:69).

Military records in Questions and Answers, (2:1:24).

Military Records (Sample Muster Rolls with translations), (10:2:50).

Military Regiment "Lange Kerls," (8:3:107).

Planned Research Activity Using Military Records by Gay P. Kowallis (3:2:47).

Prussian and Saxon Casualities of the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) by Maralyn A. Wellauer, book review, (4:1:21).

United States military records on film, World War I Draft Registration Cards, (8:2:56); Pension records (6:1:35); National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, (5:4:153).


Kentuckians in Missouri, Including Many Who Migrated by Way of Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois by Stuart Seely Sprague, book review, (5:2:61).


American Surnames by Elsdon C. Smith, book review, (2:2:83).

Basic Principles in Resolving Naming Practice Problems by Larry O. Jensen (4:1:17).

Factors Influencing the Establishment of Surnames and Given Names, by Larry O. Jensen, (4:3:106).

Familiennamenbuch (Family Surname Book) by Horst Naumann, book review (4:1:21).

German-American Names by George Fenwick Jones, book review, (6:1:31).

German Surnames and Surname Etymology Books by Laraine K. Ferguson, (4:1:7).

Locality Names in German Research by Larry O. Jensen, (4:4:145).

Name Changes in Questions and Answers, (1:2:122).

Surname Book by German Research Association, Vol. 1, book review, (6:3:105).

The World of Germanic Names or A German by Any Other Name May be Your Ancestor by Larry O. Jensen Part 1 (4:1:2); Part 2 (4:2:62).


American Naturalization Processes and Procedures by John J. Newman, book review, 1790-1985, (1:3:197).

Federal Court Naturalizations, notice of new film at Family History Library, (5:4:154).


German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)

Were Your Ancestors Dutch or Deutsch? by Larry O. Jensen, (9:3:94).


Die Klassifikation von 1718/19 (The Land Division of Neumark in 1718-1719), filming notice, (5:2:71).


Advertising in Newspapers, Questions and Answers, (3:2:77).

Addresses of independent newspapers in Germany, new book notice, (9:4:142).

German Newspapers, Early Communication Methods, by Larry O. Jensen, (3:4:188).

Newspapers, Unique Sources for German Family and Local History by Laraine K. Ferguson. Part 1 (3:3:107) ; Part 2 (3:4:167).

Ostfriesiche Nachrichten, Iowa German newspaper in Questions and Answers, (1:2:122).

Presse- und Medienhandbuch Stamm 1985, book review (1:4:248).


Early Families of Herkimer County New York, Descendants of the Burnetsfield Palatines by William V. H. Barker, book review, (2:2:81).

The First Germans in America, With A Biographical Directory of New York Germans by Don Heinrich Tolzmann, book review, (8:2:59).

Genealogical Resources in the New York Metropolitan Area, edited by Estalle M. Guzik, new book notice, (5:3:105).

Palatine Families of New York, A Study of German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710 by Henry Z. Jones, 2 vols., book review, (2:1:27).



(This section by Dorothy L. Behling provides instruction on records and references tools for researching nobility and royalty lines).

The Gotha Books, (1:4:241).

How Can I Identify If I Have Noble Lines? (1:1:31).

How to Use Ehrenkrook, (1:3:180).

More Pedigree Collections, (3:2:74).

One Index to Six Collections, (2:2:79).

The Ruling Families of Europe, (2:3:140).


History of the German Settlements and of the Lutheran Church in North and South Carolina by G. D. Bernheim, book review, (6:3:105).

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