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Occupations, German - English Word List, compiled by Laraine Ferguson (4:1:9).


This section by Larry O. Jensen features copies of manuscript documents written in Germanic script, transcribed and translated. Brief description of the record type are included. (Some records in this section have been indexed by subject or locality).


Early Ohio Settlers, Purchasers of Land in East and East Central Ohio, 1800-1840 by Ellen Thomas and David A. Berry (5:4:149).

Early Ohio Settlers: Purchasers of Land in Southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840 by Ellen Thomas and David A. Berry, (2:3:142).

German Chronicle in the History of the Ohio Valley and its Capital City Cincinnati in Particular by Emil Klauprecht, edited by Don Heinrich Tolzman, book review, (9:1:24).

Hamilton County, Ohio Burial Records, notice, (8:3:108).

Index of Death and Other Notices Appearing in the Cincinnati Freie Presse 1874-1920 by Jeffrey G. Herbert, (9:3:100).

Ohio Cemetery Records Extracted from the Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly by Elizabeth P. Bentley, book review, (5:2:62).

Ohio Valley German Biographical Index by Don Heinrich Tolzmann, book review, (8:3:104).


The Poles in Oklahoma by Richard M. Bernard, (6:2:72).


Achtelsbach 1848 Marriage Record (3:3:142).

Dorfsippenbücher and Ortssippenbücher, (7:2:43).

Emigration from Oldenburg (2:1)

Malente 1681 marriage records, handwriting example, (4:2:75).

Oldenburg periodicals listed in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).

Oldenburg, Short and Unprinted Testaments 1483-1600, surname list (3:4:203).

OSTFRIESLAND (See also Hannover).

Naming Practices, (12:3:70).


Bartenstein City, Citizenship Record 1497-1533, (2:2:96).

Bibliography of the Publications of the Association for Family Research in East and West Prussia, new book notice, (5:2:71).

Bucherei des deutschen Ostens Bestandskatalog (The Library of German Eastern Europe), Vol. 1 Ostpreussen, book review, (1:2:147).

Drygallen Residents in the 1740s, (2:3:156).

German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)

Lamgarben 1778 marriage record, handwriting example, (3:4:201).

Mohrungen in Questions and Answers, (2:1:24).

Oath of Allegiance or fealty, book notice, (9:1:27).

Ostpreussen periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).

Publishing of Land and Testament Records, Salzburgers in Ostpreussen 1732-1776, surname list, (3:3:144).

Rogehnen, 1648 marriage records, handwriting example, (4:3:114).



United States Passport files, new microfilm (5:4:153).


Ahnenlistenumlauf - Circulating German Ancestor Lists. How to use this pedigree collection on microfilm, (11:3:70).

More Pedigree Collections by Dorothy L. Behling, (3:2:74).

Die Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes, Pedigree Collection from Leipzig, Germany by Laraine K. Ferguson and Larry O. Jensen (9:4:110).

Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants by Marcellus Donald Alexander R. von Redlich, book review, (2:4:202).


Architecture of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country 1700-1900 by Henry J. Kauffman, book review, (8:4:136).

Colonial Pennsylvania, A History by Joseph E. Illick, book review, (3:2:79).

Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, filming, (6:2:69).

Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory from Advertisements in German Newspapers Published in Philadelphia and Germantown by Edward W. Hocker, book review, (5:2:60).

Index to Pennsylvania's Colonial Records Series by Dr. Mary Dunn, book review, (8:1:25).

Pennsylvania German Immigrants, 1709-1786 by Don Yoder, book review, (1:4:247).

Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph B. Strassburger and William John, Hinke, ed., book review, 2 vols. (8:1:25).

Pennsylvania Newspapers Index, notice, (9:1:25).

Problems and Resources in Pennsylvania German Genealogical Research, by Don Yoder. in Genealogisches Jahrbuch 13 (1973), review, (2:1:28).

Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers of Southeastern Pennsylvania by H. Frank Eshleman, book review, (7:1:22).

Tracing an Early Tritt Pennsylvania Ancestor to European Homes in Alsace, Germany, and Switzerland by Harold M. Hegyessy, Jr., (4:2:46).


Articles appearing in German Periodicals, (3:4:193).

Bibliography of Genealogy and Local History Periodicals with Union List of Major U.S. Collections by Michael Barren Clegg, book review, (7:3:92).

Bush Meeting Dutch, newsletter of the former Evangelical United Brethren Church, (4:4:150).

Der Schl�ssel, book review, (3:2:78).

Genealogical Helper Index (1971-1990), (6:2:70).

Genealogical Periodical Annual Index by Leslie K. Towle, book review, (8:2:59).

German Genealogical Periodicals by Laraine K. Ferguson, Part 1: Value and Content, (7:3:78); Part 2: - A List of Foreign Language Titles Keyed to Areas of Interest, (9:2:45-62).

Index to articles appearing in Saarl�ndische Familienkunde, Vols. 1-3, issues 1-11, (5:4:154).

Locating a Surname, Locality or Topic in German Genealogical Periodicals, by Laraine K. Ferguson (9:2:38).

Periodical Source Index (PERSI), (6:1:35); book notice, (9:3:104).


Articles appearing in Pfälzisch Rheinische Familienkunde, 1952-1957, (5:2:73).

Auswanderungen aus Rheinpfalz und Saarland im 18. Jahrhundert by Werner Hacker (Emigration from Rhine-Palatinate and Saarland in the 18th Century), book review, (4:2:70).

Dorfsippenbücher and Ortssippenbücher, (7:2:43).

Frankweiler Calvinist Parish, surnames taken from birth, marriage and deaths 1683-1800, (3:2:89).

German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)

History of the Palatinate, by Larry O Jensen, (6:2:42).

Kurpfälzische Auswanderer vom Unteren Neckar by Werner Hacker, book review, (1:1:62).

List of periodicals in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).

Palatine in Questions and Answers, (2:2:78).

Palatines to America Library, new address, (9:2:69).

Pfalz Records in Print compiled by Larry O. Jensen, Part 1 (8:2:50); Part 2 (8:3:90); Part 3 (8:4:126); Part 4 (9:1:20).

Pf�lzer-Palatines, Beitr�ge zur Pf�lzischen ein- und Auswanderung sowie zur Volkskunde und Mundartforschung der Pfalz und der Ziell�nder Pf�lzischer Auswanderer im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert, (Palatinate emigration and immigration, social studies and dialects in the 18th and 19th centuries), book review, (4:3:105).

Vor 200 Jahren aus der Pfalz nach Galizien und in die Bukowina (The emigration from the Palatinate to Galicia and Bukovina Two Hundred Years ago, book review, (4:3:105).


(See also former German areas now in Poland: Brandenburg, Ostpreussen, Schlesien, Pommern, Posen, Westpreussen).

Einf�hrung in die deutsche Sippenforschung in Polen und dem preussischen Osten (Introduction to German Ancestral Research in Poland and the Prussian East) by Alfred Lattermann, book review, (3:4:193).

German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).

Journey to Ancestral Homes in Poland by Sonja Hoeke-Nishimoto, (9:1:2).

Korzenie Polskie - Polish Roots by Rosemary A. Chorzempa, book review, (9:2:67).

Poland Genealogical Word List by Daniel Schlyter, (5:2:49).

Polish Genealogical Letter-Writing Guide, (2:3:125).

Polish Parish Records of the Roman Catholic Church, Their Use and Understanding in Genealogical Research by Gerald A. Ortell, book review, (5:3:104).

Polish Surname Directory (Hartig), book notice, (9:1:27).

Research Trip to Poland, by Clarence W. Bittner, (5:2:46)

Tracing Germans to Southeast Europe, (7:3:84).

Tracing Your Polish Roots by Maralyn A. Wellauer, book review, (7:3:92).

Wandering Volhynians, A Magazine for the Descendants of Germans from Volhynia and Poland, edited by Ewald Wuschke, review, (6:4:145).

Where to Look for Hard-to-Find German-Speaking Ancestors in Eastern Europe, Index to 16,372 Surnames, compiled by Bruce Brandt, book review, (8:3:103); 2nd edition (9:4:132).

Writing to Poland for German Genealogical Records, (2:3:123).

POMMERN (Pomerania)

Baltic Teutons: Pioneers of America's Frontier by Myron E. Grünwald, (5:1:35).

Bucherei des deutschen Ostens Bestandskatalog (The Library of German Eastern Europe), Vol. 1 Pommern, book review, (1:2:147).

Church and Civil Records in Pommern by Laraine K. Ferguson, A-E (2:4:173); F-G (3:1:29); H-J (3:2:93); K (3:3:151); L (3:4:210); M (4:1:28); N (4:2:77); P (4:3:120); R (4:4:157); S (5:1:29); S (5:2:67); T (7:1:31).

Church Records of Pommern - Buckowin, Lauenburg District by Laraine K. Ferguson (8:4:125).

Demmin City, Residents in 1719, (2:2:96).

Ehlert family in Gross Gustkow bei Bütow, in Questions and Answers, (4:1:20).

Families from Mecklenburg and Vorpommern, new book notice (8:2:55).

German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)

Lauenburg District. Gazetteer and Research Sources. List of parishes, records available in the Family History Library on microfilm, maps of distsrict, (11:4:114).

Maps of Pommern Districts, 1871, and Polish districts (2:4:175).

Marriage Records of Pomerania. List of parishes indexed in new book series by Franz Schubert. (10:2:60).

New Citizens of Tribsees, name lists with places of origin, (7:3:103).

Poland Research Trip 1990, (K�slin) by Irma Wiese Whipple, (6:4:132).

Pommern Immigration and Emigration by Larry O. Jensen, (2:1:15).

Pommern Families Traces in Deutsches Geschlechterbücher, (surname list), compiled by Laraine Ferguson, (5:3:100).

Pommern in Print, Part 1 (2:3:114); Part 2 (2:4:190).

Pommern periodicals listed in German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:46).

Pommern, the Land by the Sea by Myron E. Gruenwald, Part 1 (2:2:59); Part 2 (2:3:129); Part 3 (2:4:185).

Pommern, recent articles, name list included, (4:3:122).

Samtens, 1644 marriage record, handwriting example, (4:3:111).

Sedina Archiv, periodical for researchers with ancestry in Pommern, (4:3:122).

Stargard, Cloth Makers and Wool Weavers, 1636-1838, (2:3:156).

Stettin, Pommern, Marriage Index, 1877, Civil Registration District I (names lists include year of birth and birthplace) compiled by Laraine K. Ferguson, (6:1:16); (6:2:56); (6:4:150); (9:4:134) (12:2:56).

Zinzelitz records in Questions and Answers (2:2:77).


Poor and Hospital Records by Larry O. Jensen, (8:2:48).


If I Only Had a Photograph, the Development of German Regional Costume by Dr. Mignon Perry, (7:1:7).


Birnbaum - Jewish People's Book (9:1:18).

Bromberg - Jewish Birth Register, (9:1:19).

Einführung in die deutsche Sippenforschung in Polen und dem preussischen Osten (Introduction to German Ancestral Research in Poland and the Prussian East) by Alfred Lattermann, book review, (3:4:193).

German Emigration, Immigration, Migration, (2:1:4)

German Genealogical Periodicals, (9:2:47).

Parish Register Headings, births and christenings, (6:2:64).

Parish Register Headings, Marriage Records: German/English/Polish (6:3:106).

Posen marriage records, 1597 handwriting example, (5:2:65).

Rawitsch Geburtsbriefe (Letters of Birth, 1661-1666, (2:2:96).

Zabarowo 1709 marriage records, (4:1:25).


(See also various provinces of Prussia: Brandenburg, Hannover, Hessen-Nassau, Hohenzollern, Ostpreussen, Pommern, Posen, Rheinland, Sachsen, Schlesien, Schleswig-Holstein, Westfalen, Westpreussen).

The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Vol. VIII, Prussia by Charles M. Hall, (9:4:131).

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