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Stammbaum - Surname Index

Germany Home Page

This page contains an index of surnames from the first five issues of Stammbaum. Each entry is followed by one or more references, each consisting of a Roman numeral followed by a dash, followed by a number. The Roman numeral (I to V) indicates the issue number of Stammbaum. The following number is the page number on which the surname appears in that issue.

For more information about Stammbaum, please view the Stammbaum home page. (Note: for the first issue of Stammbaum, surnames and place names were in one combined index. As a result, the following list includes the place names from the first issue of Stammbaum.)

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Stammbaum - Tables of Contents

Germany Home Page

This page contains the tables of contents of the first eight issues of Stammbaum.

For more information about Stammbaum, please view the Stammbaum home page

Volume I, Number 1, Winter 1992-93

  • The Berthold Rosenthal Archives by Claus W. Hirsch
  • Gesamtarchiv der Deutschen Juden by Peter W. Lande
  • Valuable Resources for German-Jewish Genealogists by Karen Franklin
  • The 1938 German Census by Harry A. Katzman
  • Leo Baeck Acquisitions by Claus W. Hirsch
  • A Valuable Research Aid for Westfalen by Carol Davidson Baird
  • Given Names Adopted by the Jews of Memmelsdorf by Ralph N. Baer
  • The Very First Census by Harry A. Katzman
  • The Lederers of Gladenbach: History and Genealogical Sources by Rolf Lederer
  • The Blumenthals of Altenmuhr: A Successful Genealogical Dig by Bill Firestone

Volume I, Number 2, Spring 1993

  • The Ancestry of a Bavarian Jewish Family by Ralph N. Baer
  • A Memorable Genealogical Trip to Germany by Susan Koshkarian
  • German-Language Newspaper Collections at the New York Public Library by Claus W. Hirsch
  • Aufbau Obituary Indexing Project by Harry Katzman
  • New German Postal Codes by Ralph N. Baer
  • 1991 Leo Baeck Yearbook: Interesting Books for the German-Jewish Genealogist by Herb Mautner
  • The Dublons of Wittlich: A Success Story by Fred Levy
  • Jewish Genealogical Resources for Hamburg: A Preliminary Review by Rolf Lederer
  • A Bibliography of German-Jewish Towns and Cities by Peter Lande

Volume I, Number 3, Summer 1993

  • A History of the Jewish Community of Altenmuhr by Wilfried Jung
  • Jewish Soldiers in the Prussian Liberation Wars, 1813-1815 by Claus W. Hirsch
  • Name Adoptions in the Principality of Aschaffenburg by Ralph N. Baer
  • A Genealogical Trip to Southern Germany by Harry Katzman
  • Sophie Goes West: 19th Century Legal Documents by Harold H. Baldauf
  • A Bibliography of German-Jewish Towns and Cities (Part 2 of 2) by Peter Lande

Volume I, Number 4, Fall 1993

  • Remembering Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern (1915-1994) by Claus W. Hirsch
  • Genealogical Research on Jews of Southern Germany by Friedrich R. Wollmershaeuser
  • Holdings of the Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz by Bill Firestone
  • Using Public Sources for Jewish Genealogical Research in Bavaria by Herbert Loebl
  • The Jewish Community in Sugenheim by Thea Skyte
  • Theses From Southwest Germany by George Arnstein
  • The Jews of Anhalt by Herb Mautner

Issue #5, Summer 1995

  • Synagogues, Schools, and Cemeteries in the North Pfalz by Egon Busch
  • My Great-Grandfather's Journal by Robert W. Eppstein
  • Letters Found, People Found by Bill Firestone
  • The Rudolf Simonis Archives at the Leo Baeck Institute by Claus W. Hirsch
  • Berlin Jewish Records by Peter Lande
  • The Jews From Goslar by Peter Lande
  • Names: An Essay on Origins by George Arnstein
  • Reconstructing the Jewish Community of Gera, Thuringia by Gerard Braunthal
  • The Jewish Community of Burghaslach by Thea Skyte

Issues #6 and #7 (combined issue), December 1995

  • A Report on Alsace: Cemeteries, Name Changes, Census by Dan Leeson
  • Death Books from Auschwitz, essay-review by Erwin Denzler
  • GEOServ, Internet Access, Electronic References, Web Pages
  • Familiennamen der Juden in Deutschland, Family Names of Jews in Germany [First Names] by Gerhard Kessler, translated by George Arnstein
  • German Cemeteries, Overview & Notes, edited by George Arnstein

Issues #8 and #9 (combined issue), July 1996

  • Pioneers and Important Names in German-Jewish Genealogy by Claus W. Hirsch
  • The Education of Jewish Children in Bavaria by Thea Skyte
  • Survey of the Former East Germany by Frank Mecklenburg
  • Archivists Connected With Jewish Collections in Europe by Karen S. Franklin
  • More on Jewish Cemeteries in Present-Day Germany, Austria and Switzerland by George E. Arnstein
  • German-Jewish Research--An Introduction by Claus W. Hirsch
  • Sachsenhausen--A First Glimpse by Peter W. Lande
  • The Einstein Family from Buchau by George E. Arnstein
  • Sixty Years Ago--Jüdische Familien-Forschung: An Interview With Albert Phiebig by Frank Mecklenburg
  • Who Was Jacob, the 14th-Century "Sangmeister" of Nürnberg? by Hans George Hirsch
  • Aufbau Obituary Indexing Project by Harry A. Katzman

Issue #10, December 1996

  • The Cemetery Project by Arline Sachs
  • Schmieheim Memorbuch: Status for the Future by Rosanne Leeson
  • The Frankel/Fraenkel Families of Berlin by Edward Salier
  • A Little Known Source of Information in Berlin: Stiftung Neue Synagoge by Peter Lande
  • Where Do You Look for "Lost" German/Austrians?: Of Course, Shanghai by Peter Lande
  • Update on Frankfurt Families Zunz and Cayn by Frank Adler
  • Oppenheimers and Other Families from Frankfurt: Our Ancestors by George Arnstein
  • A Genealogical Sketch of Descendants of Jechiel Oppenheim, translation by George Arnstein
  • "Aus der Geschichte der Familie Dinkelspiel in Mannheim" translation by George Arnstein
  • German-Jewish Soldiers in World War I by Claus Hirsch
  • Index of Issue 6/7 of Stammbaum, indexed by David Neumann
  • Index of Issue 8/9 of Stammbaum, indexed by David Neumann
  • Jewish Records in German Universities by Robert F. Illing
  • Location of Archivists Connected with Jewish Collections in Europe, indexed by Phillipp Goldmann
  • In Memoriam: John H. Bergmann and Dr. Dietrich Andernacht

Issue #11, June 1997

  • Jente Hameln and her Distinguished Descendants by E. Irene Newhouse
  • Addendum: Jacob "Sangmeister" by Hans G. Hirsch
  • The "Yekke" Museum in Tefen by Herb Mautner
  • Derivation of some Family Names by Ralph Baer
  • Volks-Kalender as a Source by Claus W. Hirsch
  • Thuringia Data by Peter Lande
  • Oppenheimer Descendants, Part II by George Arnstein
  • Jewish Members of German Airforce, WWI by Herb Mautner
  • Rosenthal: No Link by Charles Sonneborn
  • German Documents in Poland by Edward Luft
  • Letter from the Guest Editor, George Arnstein

Issue #12, November 1997

  • Hohenems: Rise and Fall.... by George E. Arnstein
  • Village Life in the Early 19th Century by Berthold Auerbach
  • From Treves to Sichel by Frank J. Adler
  • The Guggenheim/Wormer Family... by Elizabeth Plaut, Book Review by Karen S. Franklin
  • Do I have German Roots? by Irwin Sagenkahn
  • Research in Trebus and Gross Gerau by Arline Astheimer Sachs
  • West Prussia: Travels and Discoveries by Carol Davidson Baird
  • Two Workshops on Germany at Paris Seminar by Ernest Kallmann
  • Franconian Genealogy by Charles P. Stanton
  • Civil Vital Records for Berlin Jews in the Potsdam Archives by Edward D. Luft
  • Possible Changes in Datenschutz/Personenstandsgesetz by Peter D. Lande
  • Letter and News Items from the Editor by George E. Arnstein

Additional Information in Most Issues

  • People: Valuable Resources for German-Jewish Genealogists
  • Book Reviews
  • References and Annotations
  • Items of Interest by Harry Katzman
  • Die Adressen der Autoren (Names and Addresses of Authors)
  • Suchen Mischpochah (Family Finder)
  • Name and Place Index

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