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Postal address:
P. O. Box 27732
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55427-7732

FEEFHS Representative: Blanche Krbechek, Founding President
2041 Orkla Drive
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55427-3429
Telephone: (763) 545-7107
eMail address: bkrbechek@att.net

Background: Actual formation of this educational association (with emphasis on culture, history, current events and genealogy) occured at the 3rd FEEFHS Convention in Minneapolis (11 June 1996) during and after the presentation by Adeline Copa/Sopa on Kaszuby and the Kaszubians.

Geographic Location of Kaszuby: The geographical area of Kaszuby is essentially a trianglular shaped area in northern Poland directly south of the Baltic Sea and between the Odra (Oder) and the Wisla (Vistula) Rivers. Included are the present day Polish provinces of Bydgoszcz, Gdansk and Slupsk. It is the homeland of the ancient Slavic tribe known as the Kaszubes.

Publication: Przyjaciel ludu Kaszubskiego ("Friend of the Kashubian People"). It is quarterly in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. This newsletter is in English. KANA always welcomes submissions of articles or suggestions for topics. Please contact the editor, Renata Stachowicz.

Newsletter Editor: Renata Stachowicz
PO Box 27732
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55927-0732
eMail address: RSTACHOWICZ@msn.com

Membership: Membership dues for KANA are US$15.00 per year, payable to KANA.

Research Services:Free queries for all persons with roots in this area of Poland are encouraged. Please send the information to the Newsletter editor, Renata Stachowicz (see her address above).

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