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Are you interested in Slovenian genealogy?

Are you researching your Slovenian ancestors?

Do you want to learn more about Slovenian culture and history?

Then you have come to the right place. This web site will link you with other web sites on the Internet which are dedicated to Slovenian genealogy research and historical documents, many of them published online by members of the Society. The Society has been a pioneer in providing information on the web from donations by members and non members alike. We have translated issues of Novi Svet and other books written in the Slovene language and have also indexed many books and made them available to researchers through the Internet.

The Society works with the Gottscheer Heritage and Genealogy Association and the Slovensko Rodoslovno Drustvo in Ljubljana, Slovenija to foster cooperation among those groups interested in the culture and history of Slovenija. The Slovenian Genealogy Society International, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Al Peterlin to preserve and make available to the public, records documenting the lives of individuals with Slovenian ancestry.

The Society is a non-profit educational organization that collects and distributes information on Slovenian Family History. A goal of SGSI, Inc., is to help members make use of available information to perform their own research.

Postal Address:
SGSI, Inc.
52 Old Farm Road
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011-2604

FEEFHS Representative: Al Peterlin, President

SGSI Library: By appointment only.It is located at the President's address in Pennsylvania. We are actively seeking donations of Slovenian books, book swaps of duplicates with other Slovenian collections, seeking Slovenian photographs for safekeeping, etc.Don’t know what to do with those old Slovenian books, magazines, and church jubilee books in Grandma’s attic? Contact Al Peterlin

Publication: The Slovenian Genealogy Society Newsletter The Linden Tree is published quarterly.

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