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Slovenian Genealogy Society Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 3 1988

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A new magazine, Slovenija, is being published in English and is promising a taste of Slovenian culture for the generations of descendants of Slovenian emigrants that no longer speak the Slovenian language. Annual subscription is $15.00. Write to: Slovenska izeljenska matica, 61000 Ljubljana, Cankarjeva 1/III, Yugoslavia. We have not seen the first issue, but I have great hopes that the magazine will not be just another periodical spotlighting politicians, actors, authors, and other media favorites. If you subscribe, let us know what you think. When you correspond, make sure you mention our organization. I would hope they would not ignore genealogy, geography, and the history of the hard working everyday person.

I am pleased to report that our translation of Trunk is complete. It will still take me several months to fully edit and retype the text, but I am already starting to look for someone to publish it for our society. I know it will be a valuable resource.

We are still looking for Church bulletins for many Slovenian Churches across the country. We remind you to forward any copy you can obtain. We are always looking for additional help translating texts from Slovenian to English. We have many books, one listing every Catholic Church in Slovenia, and a large geographic lexicon that needs working groups. If you can donate some time individually or can organize a work group please write.

The March issue of the Gottschee Tree, the quarterly publication dedicated to the study and the history and genealogy of Gottscheers and their descendants, was an address of an individual in Austria who is willing to help anyone obtain information from old church records there. This might be useful to Slovenians with ancestors from the Slovenian areas now under Austrian rule. The address: Frau Maria Girll, Mitterstrasse 146, 8055 Neu-Seiersberg, Steiermark, Austria. Any request should include the person's full name, place of birth (village), and year of birth. There will be a cost involved. This should be determined before a request is finalized.

Queries are free to members. Be brief. We will edit as space dictates.


Nikolaj Prijanovic, B 1879-1880 Bedenj 5, Adlesici. Single, to U.S. in 1900's. Father, Perto, or Anton, Mother ? Bohoric. 2 sisters, Ana and Matija in Yugo. 2 half brothers, Rudolf, and Peter in Yugo. 3 half sisters, Angela, Marija, Katarina, in Yugo. 2 half brothers in U.S. George (Yuri), Bringham, and SLC, Utah, Matija, Virginia, MN.
Contact: Mary-Ann Anderson, 1803 6th St. SE, Bemidj, MN 56601


Ana Remos (Ramos, Romovs) b 1881 Trata,near Skofija Loka, to Ivan and Marija. Immigrated to U.S. about 1905, married Janez (john) Dremelj in Chicago, IL, on 12 Sept 1909. 1910 census listed 3 children: John, 6 yrs old, Agnes, 4 yrs old, Mike, 1 yr old. Ana died at Pueblo, CO 18 May 1913. The 3 children disappeared at her death. there is no trace in Illinois records. They may have returned to Slovenia.
Contact: John Dremel, Jr., 3676 David Dr, N. Highlands, CA 95660


Alojzij Silc b 18 Feb 1881 Sodrazcia. Father, Alojzij. Mother, Lucija Arko. Parents b Lipvosica, lived Sodrazcia. 3 sisters, Krescenj, Ivanka, Angele, brother, Janez, in Yugo. In US, 2 sisters, Franciska Prijanovic, Virginia, MN, Mary Stark, McKinley, MN, and brother, Frank Prijanovic, Evelyth, MN
Contact: Mary-Ann Anderson, 1703 6th St. SE, Bemidj, MN 56601

by Mary Lou Davison

Anyone who has ever saved a newspaper clipping knows that with time it yellows, becomes brittle, then crumbles. There is a commercial solution available that prevents the embrittlement and yellowing caused by acid attack. The solution, Wei T'o Deacidification Solution, contains methoxyl magnesium methy carbonate and sells for about $26.00 a quart. I was recently given the following do-it-yourself preservation solution from a librarian. They 2 ingredients are easy to buy and much less expensive than the commercial solution. A word of caution, do not immediately work on important papers. Practice with everyday cuttings until satisfied the recipe will be safe for your important papers.

Recipe For a Preserving Newspaper Solution

Drop a milk of magnesia tablet in a quart bottle of club soda. Mix it up well and refrigerate for about 8 hours. Soak clippings for about an hour. Then remove and place on a towel or nylon screen to soak up any excess solution. Hang them out to dry thoroughly. The soda counteracts the process that gradually eats away at the cellulose in the newspaper. If the papers are stored away carefully, you probably won't have to resoak them for about 50 years or so. Caution: always avoid aluminum pans. After soaking several articles, the solution starts to tinge yellow. That's the clue to make a new batch of solution. If you are interested in obtaining acid free papers and tapes, etc. you can contact: Light Impressions, 439 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY, 14607-3717. They will send a fee catalog entitled, Archival Supplies Catalog.

Please feel free to duplicate or photocopy any information in this newsletter. All we ask is you give credit to individual authors and to the Slovenian Genealogy Society.

by Mary H. Turvey

As a novice genealogist 5 years ago, I would have never dreamed how 2 letters to Slovenia have changed our families established feeling of being a very small but close unit. The first letter was written after reading Timothy Beard's book, "How to Find Your Family Roots", 1977, New York City, McGraw Hill. It listed Slovenska izseljenska matica, 61001 Ljubljana, Cankarjeva 1/III, Yugoslavia, as one source to trace family members in Slovenia. After waiting about 6 months without response to the first letter, which included $5.00, I wrote a second time. Then I received the birth record of my great Grandfather, Franz Cerne, of Slovenskj Gradec, the names of his parents, and their places of birth. I knew Franz had spent his middle and last years in Rio Claro, Brazil, so using Timothy Beard's book again I found the address of the Public Archives of Rio Claro: Arquivo Pulico E Historio Do Municipio De Rio Claro, Caiza Postal 284, CEP k3500, Rio Claro, Brazil.

I wrote to the archives asking for information on the Cerne family, particularly the death records of Franz and his first wife (my Great Grandmother), Marija Rozenstein Cerne. About 6 moths later, the director responded, sending the death records of Franz, his second wife, Isabel, and a daughter-in-law. Imagine how I felt learning that Franz had changed his Slovenian name "Franz Cerne" to Francesco Tscherne. Perhaps it was done so that his name would be better suited to the Portuguese language spoken in Rio Claro. Accompanying the certificates was a letter advising me that more information would be forthcoming. Later letters requesting the death certificate of Marija Cerne and information regarding current Rio Claro citizens with the surname Cerne have not been answered. Even the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, DC, and it's office in Chicago were unable to help.

However, the Rio Claro search was completed in a most exciting, emotional way. Aunt Hermine (Franz's granddaughter) and her husband, Bob Dicke, were able to visit Rio Claro this last November. They found Francesco's tomb (from information on the death certificate) and were most elated to meet 21 cousins, all grandchildren of Franceso and his second wife, Isabel Kutenschlaeger Cerne. Aunt Hermine will continue to correspond with her newly found cousins asking more about their ancestry.

The final project will be to trace Franz's ancestors who lived in Slovenskj Gradec. Although Timothy Beard's book has enabled me to trace other ancestors in Luxembourg to 1687, Bavaria to 1747, and northern Ireland to 1839, for this project I will use addresses suggested by the Slovenian Genealogy Society, hoping for a quicker response.

Albert Peterlin

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