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Surname Index to the Newsletter of the Slovenian Genealogy Society

© copyright 2004 Slovenian Genealogy Society; all rights reserved

The Slovenian Genealogy Society has published a one-page quarterly newsletter since 1987. The following is an index of surnames listed in the first 20 volumes of this newsletter (through 1 Jan 2006).

Photocopies of past newsletters are available at US $1.00 per issue from:
Slovenian Genealogy Society
52 Old Farm Road
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011-2604

Surname, Name; Volume; Issue; Date of Publication

ABRAM; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
ABSALTERER, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
ADAMIC, Anton; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
ADAMIC, Louis; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
ADAMIC, Louis; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
ADAMIC, Louis; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
ADAMIC, Louis; V8; I3; 1-Jul-1994
ADAMSKY, Beverly; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
ADAMSKY, Beverly; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
ADDICOT, Margaret; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
ADDICOTT, Margaret; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
AJNEL, Johan; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
AKROP; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
ALBRECHT, Frank; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
ALBRECHT, Jerry; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
ALBRETTI, Andrea; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
ALBRETTI, Andrea; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
ALBRETTI, Andrea; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
ALBRETTI, Andrea; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
ALBRETTI, Andrea; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
ALIC; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
ALIEKSAITES, Elizabeth; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
ALLEN, Matthew Dr.; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
ANDECH, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
ANDERSON, Mary Ann; V8; I3; 1-Jul-1994
ANDERSON, Mary-Ann; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
ANDREWS, Phil; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
ANICH, Joseph; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ANKER, G; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ANKER, Grace; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
ANTONCIC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ANUTA, Michael J; V8; I3; 1-Jul-1994
ARCHER, Frank; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
ARKO, Frances; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
ARKO, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
ARKO, Lucija; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
ARTAC, Johanna; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
ARTAC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ARTAC; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
ASHCROFT, Rosalie; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
AUERSPERG, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
AVSEC, Joseph; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
AVSEC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
BABICH, Antone; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
BACA, Dennis; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
BACNAR, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
BAHAR, Josefa; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
BAJEC, A.; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
BAJEC, Jose; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
BAJEC, Joze; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
BAJEC, Joze; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
BALAZIC, Borbalja or Barbara; V2; I2; 1-Apr-1988
BALAZIC, Connie; V2; I2; 1-Apr-1988
BALAZIC, Joe; V2; I1; 1-Jan-1988
BALAZIC, Joe; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
BALAZIC, Joseph; V2; I2; 1-Apr-1988
BALDWIN, James; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
BAN; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
BANICH, Frank; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
BANOVEC, Maria; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
BARAGA, Bishop; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
BARAGA, Bishop; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
BARAGA, Frederick; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
BARGA; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
Baron von Czornig; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
BATINOVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
BAUCIC, Joe; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
BAUM, Kate Pruente; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
BAUMKIRCHENER, Andreas; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
BAVDEK, Frank; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
BAVEC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
BEACH, Jenien Jevnikar; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
BEARD, Timothy; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
BECEAU, Mary; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
BECICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
BECKER, Ernest; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
BEDENICK, Ann; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
BEDINK, Barb; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
BELE; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
BELLE, Frances Marie; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
BENCAK; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
BENCHICH, John; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
BENCIN/BENCINA; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
BENEDICT, Joe; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
BENILICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
BERANIC, Stefan; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
BERGING, Gertrude PUCNAR KRAL; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
BERGOC; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
BERSE; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
BESKE; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
BEST; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
BEVC, Carol-Lynn; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
BEVC, Elizabeth; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
BEVC, Frank; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
BEVC, Frank; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
BEVCIC, Franz; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
BEVEC, Bob; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
BEZGOVSEK, Blaz; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
BIETZ-BUCAR, Maria; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
BILBAN, Rev./Monsignor; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
BILC, Jana; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
BILC, Janez; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
BILC, Vilma CESNIK; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
BILLERBECK, Fred Ph. D.; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
BIRSA, Joann; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
BISKORIN; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
BIWABIK, Mary Ann Znidarsicin; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
BIZJAK, Lorenz; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
BLASE, Fr.; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
BLATNIK, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
BLOMKER, Katherine; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
BOGATAJ, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
BOHORIC, ; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
BOJC, Franciska; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
BOJC, Frank; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
BOR; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
BORO, Craig; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
BOTICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
BOYANCE, Rudy; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
BOZANIC, John; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
BRADAC, Dr. Fr.; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
BRAJDIH, Marija; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
BRANDI, Adele; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
BRATINA, Ily; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
BRAUNER, John; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
BRECHENMACHER, Prof. Josef Karlmann; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1990
BREGANT; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
BRENING, Shirley; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
BRESSAN, Emilio; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
BRESSAN, Teodora; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
BREZIC, Marija; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
BRIC/BRITZ; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
BRINKEL, Delores Sr SCL.; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
BRINTON, Crane; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
BRODNIK, Johann; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
BRODNIK, Louis; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
BRODNIK, Maria; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
BRODNIK, Mary; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
BROWN, Susan; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
BRUNSKOLE, Janez; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
BRUS; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
BUBNIC, Marija HRVATIN; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
BUCAR, Daniela; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
BUCAR, Fredericka; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
BUCAR, Leon; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
BUCAR, Valburga; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
BUCAR/BUTSCHAR, Josef; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
BUH, Fr.; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
BUH, Joseph; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
BUKAVEC, Joseph; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
BUKOVEC, George; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
BUKOVIC, Maria; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
BUKVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
BULAT; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
BULOH, Bojan; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
BULOH, Marie; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
BULOH, Sonja; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
BURGAR, Johanna; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
BURNETT, Nancy Dr.; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
BURNETT, Nancy, Dr.; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
BURNETT, Nancy, Dr.; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
BURNETT, Nancy, Dr.; V8; I4; 1-Oct-1994
BURNETT, Nancy, Dr.; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
BURNS, Theresa Mikolic; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
BUSH, Corrine; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
BUTALLA, Maria; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
BUTINA, Vasja ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
BUTINA, Vasja; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
BUTULA; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
CADEMARTORI, Anne; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
CADEMARTORI, Anne; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
CAIN, Alberta; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
CAMBLIN, Michaelann; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
CAMBLIN, Michaelann; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
CAMBLIN, Michaelann; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
CANDEK, Frank; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
CANKAR, Ivan; V1; I2; 1-Apr-1987
CANKAR, Ivan; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
CARMODY, Mary; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
CARMODY, Mary; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
CARSON, Johnny; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
CELAR, Ludovico Fr.; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
CELEBCIGIL, Patricia; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
CEPLAK, Ralf; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
CERCEK; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
CERMAK, Antonin; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
CERNAN, Eugene; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
CERNE, Frank; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
CERNE, Franz; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
CERNE, Isabel LAUTENSCHLAEGER; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
CERNE, Marija ROSENSTEIN; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
CERNIC/CHERNICH, Barbara; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
CERNIC/CHERNICH, Mary; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
CERNIC/CHERNICH, Michael; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
CERNY, John; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
CERNY, Johni; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
CERTANC, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
CESNIK, Albin; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Alojzij; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Antonia; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Blaz; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Ivan; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Ivanko; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Jim; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
CESNIK, Jim; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
CESNIK, Johana; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Josie; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Joze; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Jozef; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Jurij; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Ludwig; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Maks; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Marija; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CESNIK, Milka; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CETINA, Judith; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1990
CHAMBERLIN, Delores; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
CHAMPA, ; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
CHANDLER, Eileen; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
CHANDLER, Pavla; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
CHANDLER, Pavla; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
CHESAREK, Ferdinand; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
CHESNIC, Bill; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CHESNIC, Elfie; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CHESNIC, Jake; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CHESNIK, Barbara; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CHESNIK, Carl; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CHESNIK, Carl; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
CHESNIK, Ruth; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
CHIAPPELLI, Theodore; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
CHOPP, Matt; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
CHRISTIAN, Henry A.; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
CIESIELSKI, Marilyn; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
CIESULSKI, Marilyn; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
CILLI, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
COCKRELL, Andrea; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
COLE, Trafford R.; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
COLLETTA, John P.; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
COMP, Joseph; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
COP, John; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
CORONINI, Zofija; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
COVA, Ugo; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
COZ/ZHOSH; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
CRAMER, Anna; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
CRNKOVICH, Patricia; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
CRUCIL, Gypsy; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
CRV, Matilda; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
CRV, Rober; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
CUILLARD, Donna; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
CUILLARD, Donna; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
CUILLARD, Donna; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
CUILLARD, Donna; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
CUMMINGS, Leslie; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
CUMMINS, Doris V.; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
CUMMINS, Doris V.; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
CVET, David M.; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
CVET, David, M.; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
DALEY, Cynthia; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
DANGEL, James R.; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
DANGEL, Jim; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
DANSEY, Tracy; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
DAVISON, Jim; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
DAVISON, Mary Lou; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
DAVISON, Mary Lou; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
DAVISON, Mary Lou; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
DAVISON, Mary Lou; V2; I1; 1-Jan-1988
DAVISON, Mary Lou; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
DAVISON, Mary Lou; V3; I3; 1-Jul-1989
DAVISON, Mary Lou; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
DAVISON, Mary Lou; V9; I2; 1-Apr-1995
DAVISON, Mary Lou; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
DAVISON, Mary; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
de FORAMINE, Bertholdus; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
de FORAMINE/LUOGAR, Erasmus; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
de FORAMINE/LUOGAR, Nikolaus; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
DEBELJAK, Louis; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
DEBEVEC, James V. ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
DEBEVEC, Jim; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
DEBEVEC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
DEKKER, Jan; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
DEKLEVA, Joseph; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
DELENE, Elizabeth; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
DELENE, Liz; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
DELENE, Liz; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
DELLES, Edward; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
DEMARKJA, John; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
DENNISON, John; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
DERNOVSEK, Joe; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
DERSHAJ, John; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
DERSHAJ, Marija; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
DERZAJ, Margaretha; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
DESTOVNIK, Irene; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
DEVINE, Donn; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
DEVITA, James A.; V1; I3; 1-Jul-1987
DEZMAN, Agnes; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
DEZMAN, Franciscus Xerver; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
DEZMAN, Francka; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
DEZMAN, Gaspar; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
DEZMAN, Ignaz; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
DEZMAN, Louise; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
DEZMAN, Tereza; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
DICKE, Bob; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
DICKE, Hermine; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
DICKENS, Charles; V3; I3; 1-Jul-1989
DILLON, Marilyn; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
DIMITZ, August; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
DIVJAK, Anton; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
DODD, William Fletcher; V1; I4; 1-Oct-1987
DODICH, Ed; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
DOINAR, Father; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
DOLES, Milton; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
DOLES, Milton; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
DOLGAN, Bob; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
DOLGAN, Edward; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
DOLINAR, Dr.; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
DOLSA, Nives; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
DOLSAK, Franc; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
DOLSAK, Franc; V17; I3; 1-Jul-2003
DORCHAK, Kathleen; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
DOUGAN, Anton; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
DOUGAN, Anton; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
DOUGAN, Anton; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
DOUGAN, Antonija; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
DOUGAN, Antonija; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
DOUGAN, Antonija; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
DOUGAN, Joseph; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
DOUGAN, Lourenc; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
DOUSHAK, Josef; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
DRAGAN, Matic; V6; I3; 1-Jul-1992
DRAGOVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
DRAME, Leon; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
DRASLER, Joe; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
DRASLER, Joe; V8; I3; 1-Jul-1994
DRASLER, Joseph; V1; I2; 1-Apr-1987
DRASLER, Joseph; V1; I3; 1-Jul-1987
DRASLER, Joseph; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
DRASLER, Joseph; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
DRASLER, Joseph; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
DREMEL, John Jr.; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
DREMEL, John Jr.; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
DREMEL, John Jr.; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
DREMEL, John; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
DREMEL, John; V3; I3; 1-Jul-1989
DREMEL, John; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
DREMEL; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
DREMEL-GARVAS, ; V3; I3; 1-Jul-1989
DREMELJ, Agnes; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
DREMELJ, Ana; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
DREMELJ, Janez; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
DREMELJ, John; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
DREMELJ, Martin; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
DREMELJ, Mike; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
DREMELJ, Tone, Dr.; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
DRNOVSEK, Marjan; V8; I4; 1-Oct-1994
DROBNICK, Andy; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
DUBREVEC, John; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
DUH, Marija; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
DURKOTA, Marta; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
DUSA, Daniel; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
DUSA; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
DVORAK, Antonin; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
DYER, Theresa; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
DZO DZO, Gordon; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
DZO DZO, Olga HRVATIN; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
DZO DZO, Zarko; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
EASTMAN, Dick; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
ECKHART, Dennis; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
EISENHART, Elizabeth; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
ELLIOTT, Wendy; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
ELLIOTT, Wendy; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
EMPORER, Franz Joseph; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
EMPRESS, Maria Theresa; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
ENGEL, Allison; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003
EPPLE, Susan; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
ERICKSON, Dorothy; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
ERJAVEC, Anton; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
ERJAVEC, Anton; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
ERJAVEC, Marija; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
ERMENC, Christine M.; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
ETEROVICH, Adam S.; V3; I3; 1-Jul-1989
ETOROVICH, Adam S.; V1; I3; 1-Jul-1987
EVANS, Bobby; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
FABIAN, Louise; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
FAES; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
FALLON, Steve; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
FATUR, Mike; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
FELICIJAN, Joseph; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
FENNER, Susan; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
FERENC, Mitja; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
FERJANCIC, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
FINC/FINZ; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
FINK, Johann; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
FINK, Mathias; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
FIRST; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
FITZSIMMONS, Bernadette Kovacic; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003
FIX, Joanne PLUT; V3; I4; 1-Oct-1989
FIX, Joanne PLUT; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
FIX, Joanne PLUT; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
FIX, Joanne; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
FIX, Joanne; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
FIX, Joanne; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
FIX, Joanne; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
FLAJNIK, George; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
FLANAGAN, Richard; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
FLANIK, Fra. Rudolph; V1; I3; 1-Jul-1987
FLAYNIK, Anthony; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
FLEK, George; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
FLEK, Janez; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
FORTIN, Franc; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
FOX, Mike; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
FOX. Mike; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
FRANCELJ, Joseph; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
FRANCELJ, Mary; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
FRANK, Carolus; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
FRAS, ; V2; I2; 1-Apr-1988
FRIEP/FISTER, Frank; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
FRIST, Frances; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
FURDEK, Stefan; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
FURLAN, Mike; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
FURLAN, Mike; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
FURLAN, Mike; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
FURLAN, Mike; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
GABRIAN, Frank; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
GABRIAN, Janice; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
GABRIAN, Peter; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
GABRIJELIC, Franceska; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
GALE; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
GASPARI, Maksim; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
GASPER, Timothy; V1; I4; 1-Oct-1987
GASPERI, Carolyn; V17; I1; 1-Jan-2003
GATES, Martha; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
GEHRING, Jake; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
GEIDEL, Leo; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
GEIDEL, Nancy; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
GELEBIC, Joseph; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
GELT, D.; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
GELT, Draga; V8; I3; 1-Jul-1994
GELT, Draga; V9; I2; 1-Apr-1995
GERBEC, France; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
GERCHMAN, Delores; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
GERCHMAN, Delores; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
GERCHMAN; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
GERCHMANN, Delores; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
GERDESHICH; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GERDESIC, Johan; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
GERGOVICH; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
GERICH, Martin; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
GERICH, Nick; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
GERJANC, John; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
GERJANC, John; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
GERKOVIC, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
GERL; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
GERSHINA, Marija; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
GERSHMAN, Delores; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
GERTSCHER, James; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
GERZIN, Theresa PLUT; V3; I4; 1-Oct-1989
GESHEL, Mathias; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
GESTEL, Bernie; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
GLAVAN, Donica; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
GLAVAN, Jakob; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
GOBETZ, Edward Dr.; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
GOBETZ, Edward; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
GOBETZ, M.; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
GOBITSCH, Anton; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
GODFREY, Arthur; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
GOLDWYN, Tony; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GOMBAC, Jure; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
GOODRICH, Frances; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
GOOSE, George; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
GORALSKI, Ed; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
GORECOVSEKA, John; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
GORENC, Louis; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
GORENCE, L.; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
GORENSEK, Margaret; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
GORGES, Jakobina; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
GORNICK, Alan Jr.; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
GORNICK, Alan Jr.; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GORNICK, Alan Jr.; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
GORNICK, Alan Sr.; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
GORNICK, Jack; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GORNICK, John; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
GORNICK, John; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
GORNICK, Martin; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GORNIK, Marko; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
GORNIK, Markus; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GORSHA, Gary; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GORSHA, Gary; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
GORSHA, Gary; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
GORSHA, Gary; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
GORSHA, Gary; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
GORZ, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
GOSAR; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
GOVZE, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
GRAD, Anton; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
GRAD, Anton; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GRADY, Nolan; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
GRAHEK, Anna; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GRAHEK, Anna; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
GRAHEK, Ivan; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
GRAHEK, Joseph Dr.; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
GRAHEK, Martin; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
GRAHEK, Mary ZIMMERMAN; V3; I4; 1-Oct-1989
GRAHEK, Matt; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
GRANDLJIC, Alojz; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
GRANDLJIC, Mary Ann; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
GRANDOVICH, Agnes; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
GRANEK, John; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
GRAUNT, John; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
GRAY, Charles; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
GRAYHEK, John; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
GRCA, Igor; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GRCA, Kaja; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GRCA, Rok; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GRCA-KIRM, Alenka; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
GREENE, Bob; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
GREGORICH; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
GRELIO, Josef; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
GRELIO, Maria; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
GRELIO, URSULA; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
GRIES, Roger William; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
GRILJ, Johann; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
GRILL, Frau. Maria; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
GRILL, Frau. Maria; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
GRILL, John; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
GRILL/BEVCIC, Rosa; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
GRILL/Gril, John; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
GRKMAN, ; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
GRKOVIC, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
GROOM (GRUM), Richard Thomas; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
GROOM, John George; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
GROSEL, Agnes; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSEL, Franc; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSEL, John; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSEL, Joseph; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSEL, Kimberly; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSEL, Lorene; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSEL, Lucija; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSEL, Martin; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSEL, Nikolaus; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSEL, Sam; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSEL, Simon; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSELJ, Igor; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSELJ, Urska; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GROSELJ, Vasja; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
GRUDEN, Symon; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
GRUM, Josephine; V8; I4; 1-Oct-1994
GUS; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
GUTBERLET, Anna Elise; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
HABE, France Dr.; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
HAFNER, Elizabeth; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
HAFNER, Erny; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
HAFNER, Jernej; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
HAGEMEIER, Pat; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
HAGEMEIR, Pat; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
HAGEN, Rick; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
HALEY, Alex; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
HALL, Charles; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
HALLERSTEIN, Janez Ferdinand baron; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
HANKINS, Olga; V6; I3; 1-Jul-1992
HANKINS, Olga; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
HANNASCH, Elizabeth; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
HANSON, Joann; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
HANSON, Joann; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
HANSON, Joann; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
HANSON, Joann; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
HAPSBURG, Maria Theresa; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
HARRISSON, Tom; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
HARVEY, Paul; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
HARVODICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
HAWKINS, Matt; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
HAWLINA, Peter ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
HAWLINA, Peter; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
HAWLINA, Peter; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
HAWLINA, Peter; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
HAWLINA, Peter; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
HAWLINA, Peter; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
HAWLINA, Peter; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
HAWLINA, Peter; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
HAWLINA, Peter; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
HAWLINA, Peter; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
HAWLINA, Peter; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
HAWLINA, Peter; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
HAWLINA, Peter; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
HAWLINA, Peter; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
HAWLINA. Peter; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
HEDDITCH, Lori; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
HEDDITCH, Lorraine; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
HEDDITCH, Lorraine; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
HEGLER, John; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
HEGLER, Josephine; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
HEGLER, Mary PISKUR; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
HEIDEN, Beth; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
HEIDEN, Eric; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
HEIL; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
HEIMAN, Jim Dr.; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
HEIMANN, James; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
HELBRON, J. William; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
HELBRON, William J.; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
HELBRON; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
HENKEL, Nancy C.; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
HERMAN, Ben; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
HERMANN, Augustin; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
HERNDON; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
HERZOG, Angeline; V1; I2; 1-Apr-1987
HERZOG, May; V1; I2; 1-Apr-1987
HIBAR, ; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
HLADNIK, Mirjam Ph.D.; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
HLUPAR, Marija; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
HOCEVAR, Alois/Louis; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
HOCEVAR, Frank; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
HOCHEVAR, Matthew; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
HOENGMAN, ; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
HOLGER, Mrs.; V2; I1; 1-Jan-1988
HOMEC, John; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
HORJAK, Antonia; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
HORN. Irene; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
HORVATIN, Anna; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
HORVATIN, Frank; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
HORVATIN, John; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
HORVATIN; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
HOUDEK, Joseph; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
HOVATEN, Frank; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
HOZIAN, Andrej, Dr.; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
HRDLICKA, Ales; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
HREN, Joseph; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
HREN, Ron; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
HREN, Ron; V17; I3; 1-Jul-2003
HREN; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
HREN; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
HRENCIC; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
HRIBAR, Agnes; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
HRIBAR, Bartl; V1; I2; 1-Apr-1987
HRIBAR, Jennie; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
HRIBAR, Joe; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
HRIBAR, John; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
HRIBAR; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
HRIBAR; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
HROVATIN, Charles; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
HROVATIN/KROVATIN, Joseph; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
HRUBY, Jacky; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
HRVATIN, Frank; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
HRVATIN, Joze; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
HRVATIN, Klementina; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
HRVATIN, Sebastijan; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
HRVATIN, Stanislava , Stana; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
HUDAK, Andrew F.; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
HUDALES, Joze; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
HUDELJA, Alojz; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
HUDELJA, Jan; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
HUDELJA, Rozalija; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
HUDSON, Florence Evelyn; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
HUFF, Willis; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
HUMAR, Jozefa; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
HUMAR, Olga; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
HUMLING, Virginia; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
HUNT-SULIGOY, Andrea; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
HUPPELER, Gertrude; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
HUPPELER, William; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
HUS, John; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
ILENIC, Ana; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
ILENIC, Katharina; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
ILENIC, Maria; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
ILENIC, Meta; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
ILLENIC, Johan; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
ILLENIC, Michael; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
ILLENICH, Mary; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
ISKRA, Katarina; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
ISTENIC, Walter ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
ISTENIC, Walter; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
ISTENIC, Walter; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
IVANICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
JABLONIC, Susie; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
JACOBSON, Clara; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
JACOBSON, Russ; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
JAKLIC, Maria; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
JAKLJEWIC, Marija; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
JAKSE, Marija; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
JAKSE, Marija; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
JAMA, Matija; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
JANECIC; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
JARC, France; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
JARC, James; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
JARC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
JAVORSEK, Marija; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
JELSA, Andras; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
JENNINGS, Humphrey; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
JENSEN, Ceil; V17; I3; 1-Jul-2003
JENSEN, Christine; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
JENSEN, Christine; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
JENSEN, Cynthia; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
JEREB, Agnez; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
JEREB, Marija; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
JERIC, Francis; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
JERIC/JERICH/YERRICK, Jerry; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
JERIN, ; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
JERIN, Joseph; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
JERIN, Theresia; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
JERIZH, Bartholomeaus; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
JERIZH, Franz Seraph; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
JERIZH, Franz; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
JERIZH, Gertrud; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
JERIZH, Jacob; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
JERIZH, Jerry/Bartholomaeus; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
JERIZH, Johann; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
JERMAN, Anna; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
JERMAN, Jacob; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
JERMAN, Joseph; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
JERMAN, Maria; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
JERMAN, Matthew; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
JERMAN; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
JERMAN; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
JERNEJCIC, Franc; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
JERNEJCIC, Maria; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
JERNEYCIC, Dorothy; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
JERNEYCIC, Julia Marholt; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
JESELNICK, Thomas; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
JESELNICK, Yolanda; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
JESENOVEC, Jeremy; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
JEVTIC, Ana Sonc; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003
JISA, Rose Marie (Macek; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
JISA, Rose Marie; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
JISA, Rose Marie; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
JISA, Rose Marie; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
JISA, Rose Marie; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
JISA, Rose Marie; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
JISA, Rose Marie; V8; I3; 1-Jul-1994
JISA, Rose; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
JISA, Rose; V17; I3; 1-Jul-2003
JOHANEK, Chris; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
JOHANEK, Christine A.; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
JOHANEK, Christine; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
JOHANEK, Christine; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
JOHANSSON, Scarlette; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
JOHNSON, Christie Supancic; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
JOHNSON, Christie Zupancic; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
JOHNSON, Christie; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
JOHNSON, John; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
JONCAS, Rev. Michael; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
JONES, Deborah; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
JONES; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
JOZAOVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
JUDD, Donna; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
JUDD, Verlin; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
JUDNICH, George; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
JUDNICH, Katherine; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
JURCIC, Josip; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
JUREJEVIC, Kristin; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
JUREJEVIC, Martin; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
JURIC, Josip ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
JURIC, Josip; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
JURJEVCIC, Marija; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
JUSNIK, Alojzy; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
JUZNIC, Stanislav Dr.; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
JUZNIC, Stanislav Dr.; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
JUZNIC, Stanislav; V17; I1; 1-Jan-2003
JUZNIC, Stanislay Dr.; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
KAAMP, Mary Elizabeth; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
KAIL; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
KAISER, Elaine; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
KALEB; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
KAMBIC, Don; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KAMBIC, Donald; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
KAMBIC, Donald; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
KAMNIKAR, Ed; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
KANEEN, John; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
KAPLA, Frances OTALANI; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KAPLA, Joseph; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KAPPELLA, Sheila; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
KAPPUS, Anton; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KAPUN; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
KARASEC, Frank; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
KARAVANJA, ; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
KASINGER, Frank; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
KASTELIC, Katherine; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
KASTELIC; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
KASTELLIC; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
KATAN, P.; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
KAUFMAN, Rose; V2; I1; 1-Jan-1988
KAUSCA, Andrew; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
KAUSEC, Frank; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
KAUSEK, John; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KAUSEK, Mary ZORC; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KAVCIC, Vladimir; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
KEBER, Janez; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
KEBER, Janez; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
KEBER, Janez; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
KEJZAR, Ivan; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
KEJZAR, Leopold; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
KEJZAR, Peter; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
KELLEY, Betty; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
KELLEY, Nancy; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
KELLEY, Tim; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
KELLING, Robert; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
KENDA, ; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
KENDA, John; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
KERIN, John; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
KERIN, Michael; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
KERN, Marija POJE; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
KERNC, Janez; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
KERZIC, Frank; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
KERZIC, George; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
KEZERLE, Frank; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
KIKELJ, Vera; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
KIKELJ-ZLOGAR, Catarina; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
KIMMEL, Catherine; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
KINSKI, Natassja; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
KIOOCEVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
KIPPENHAM, Kip; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
KIRK, Anges PUCNAR; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
KIRK, Barry; V3; I3; 1-Jul-1989
KIRM, Joze; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
KIRM, Joze; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
KIRM-KIKELJ, Marija; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
KLAGSTAD, Martha Andrine; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
KLAMMER, Ted; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KLASINC, Peter Pavel; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
KLASINC, Peter Pavel; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KLASINC, Peter Pavel; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
KLASINC, Peter Pavel; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
KLASINC, Peter Pavel; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
KLEMENC, Martin; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
KLEMENCIC, Matjaz; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KLEMENCIC, Matjaz; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
KLEMENCIC, Mildred Dorothy; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
KLEMENIC, John; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
KLENIK; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
KLENKON, Joseph; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
KLEPEC, Ann; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
KLEPEC, Tony; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
KLEPICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
KLOBUCAR, Dean Andrew; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
KLOVAS, John; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
KLUN, ; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
KLUN, John; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
KMETT, Louis; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KNAPP, Frank; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
KNAUB, Tanya; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
KNAUS, Julie; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
KNEGO; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
KNEZ, Jacob; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
KNEZEVIC-KONG, Sonja; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KOBENZL, Christof; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
KOBENZL, Ivan; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
KOBILCA, Katherina; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KOCEVAR, Joze; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
KOCEVAR, Marko; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
KOCEVAR, Mattias; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
KOCEVAR; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
KOCHEVAR, Joseph; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
KOCIN, Frank; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
KOCJAN; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
KOCJAN; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
KODRA; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
KOENIG, Frank; V2; I1; 1-Jan-1988
KOFALTE, N.; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
KOKAL, Emily; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
KOKEC, France; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KOKEC, Joanna; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KOKEC, Joze; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KOKEC, Julia; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KOKEC, Maricha; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KOKEC, Tatatina; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KOKEC, Theresa; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KOKECH, Joze; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KOLAR, Bogdan Dr. ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
KOLAR, Bogdan Dr.; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
KOLAR, Bogdan Rev. Dr.; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
KOLAR, Dr.; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
KOLBEZEN, Michael; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
KOLENC, Josip; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
KONC, Antoniko; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
KONTY, Andy; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
KONTY, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
KOPAC, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KOPRIVNIKAR, Jozef; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
KORDISH, Lillian; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
KOREN; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
KORENCHAN; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
KORENCHAN-HORVATIN-PODBOY, Marija; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
KORENICH, Mary Lou O'Block; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
KORENICH, Mary Lou O'Block; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
KOROSEC, Ann; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KOROSEC, Frank A.; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
KOROSEC, Frank A; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
KOROSEC, J. Prof.; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
KOROSEC, Johanna STRAZISAR; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KOROSEC, Karl; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KOROSEC, Pauline; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KOROSIC, Andy; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
KOROSIC; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
KOSEDNAR, Stefan; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KOSHAR, Betty; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
KOSHAR, Edward; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
KOSIR, Paul; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KOSTELLO, ; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KOSTEN, Suzanne; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
KOVAC, Antonette; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
KOVAC, Carol; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KOVAC, Frances; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
KOVAC, Martin; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
KOVAC, Mary; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
KOVAC, Primus; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
KOVACIC, Karel; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
KOVACIC, Madja; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
KOVATCH, ; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KOVSCA; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
KOZAR, Joseph; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KOZAR, Mary; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
KOZAR, Matthew; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KOZAR, Rose; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KOZAR, Theresa GACNIK; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KOZAR, Tony; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KRAINTZ, Louis; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
KRAKAR, Agnes; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
KRAKAR, Anna; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
KRAKAR, Jacob; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
KRAKAR, Johan; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
KRAKAR, Joseph; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
KRAKAR, Josephus; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
KRAKAR, Katarine; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
KRAKAR, Magdalena; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
KRAKAR, Marcus; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
KRAKAR, Maria; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
KRAKAR, Mrytle or Myrtle; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
KRAKER, Katherinew; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
KRAKER, M.J.; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
KRALL (KRAL), Tony; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
KRAMER, Fr.; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
KRANC, Ann INTIHAR; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KRANC, Frank; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
KRANCJA, Joe; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
KRASEVIC, Johana; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
KRASEVIC, John; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
KRASOVEC, Bernice; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
KRASOVECH, Joseph; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
KRASOVECH, Mary; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
KRAUS, Martin; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
KRAYNAR, Joe; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
KREK, Frank; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
KREOS, Joseph; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
KRESH, Kimberly; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
KRIOSCH, Joseph; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
KRISCH, Adolph; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
KRISCH, Antonia; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
KRISHA, John; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
KRIZAJ, Josip; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
KRNC/KERNZ/KERMC; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
KROTINE, Charles; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
KRULCE, Josephine; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KRULCE, Ruth B.; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
KRULCE, Ruth; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
KRULCE, Ruth; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
KRULCE, Ruth; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
KRUSIC, Marjan; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
KUCLER, Ed; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
KUCLER, Ed; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
KUCLER, Ed; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
KUCLER, Ed; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
KUCLER, Ed; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
KUCLER, Ed; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
KUCLER, Ed; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
KUCLER, Ed; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
KUCLER, Ed; V17; I1; 1-Jan-2003
KUCLER, Ed; V17; I3; 1-Jul-2003
KUCLER, Ed; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
KUCLER, Joyce; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
KUKAR; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
KUKENBERGER, Ed; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
KUKENBERGER, Louis; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
KUNC, Franc; V8; I4; 1-Oct-1994
KURALT, Charles; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KURE, Janez; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
KUSSELL, Angela/Angelina; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KUSSELL, Frank G.; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KUSSELL, John Brasmick; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KUSSELL, Peter; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KUSSELL, Thomas; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KUSSELL, Timothy; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
KUZLAN, Helen; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
LABAHN, Ed; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
LACKNER, Paul; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
LAISCH, Joseph; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
LAMBERG; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
LAMUTH, Anna; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
LAMUTH, Georg; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
LAMUTH, Johann; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
LAMUTH, Maria; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
LAMUTH, Mathias; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
LAMUTH, Petrus; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
LAMUTH, Urbanus; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
LANDERS, Ann; V1; I4; 1-Oct-1987
LANGERHOLZ, Fr. K.; V3; I3; 1-Jul-1989
LANSKY, Aaron; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
LANYAY, Count Carl; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
LANYAY, Prince Elemer; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
LAPAJNE, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
LAPAJNE, Branka Ph.D.; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
LAPAJNE, Branka Ph.D; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
LAPAJNE, Branka; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
LAPAJNE, Branka; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
LAPAJNE, Branka; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
LAPAJNE, Branka; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
LAPAJNE, Dr. Branka; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
LAPOSA, Josef; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
LAPOSA, Josef; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
LAPOSA, Joseph; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
LAURIC, Marjan; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
LAUSCHE, Frances ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
LAUSCHE, Frank; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
LAUSCHE, Jane S. ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
LAUTER, Vincent; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
LAVERNCIC, J.; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
LAVRICH, Frank; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
LAY-SLEEPER, Ron; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
LAY-SLEEPER, Theresa; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
LEE, Joan; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
LEE, Mary Yamsek; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003
LEEMING, Henry; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
LEGAT, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
LEKICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
LEKSON, John; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
LENASI, Leonhard; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
LENASSI, Alois Anton; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
LENASSI, Blaz; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
LENASSI, Leonhard; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
LENASSI, Pantaleon; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
LENASSI, Pantleone; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
LENCEK, Helen; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
LENEK, Frank; V8; I3; 1-Jul-1994
LEPINE/HROVATIN, Myrna; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
LESAR, Agnes Ms.; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
LESJAKM, John; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
LESKOVEC, John ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
LESKOVEC, John; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
LESKOVEC, John; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
LESKOVEC, John; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
LESKOVEC, John; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
LESKOVEC, John; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
LESKOVEC, John; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
LESKOVEC, John; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
LESKOVEC, John; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
LESKOVEC, John; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
LESKOVEC, John; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
LESKOVEC, John; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
LESKOVEC, John; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
LESKOVEC, John; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
LESKOVEC, John; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
LESKOVEC, John; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
LESKOVEC, John; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
LESKOVEC, John; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
LESKOVEC, John; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
LESKOVEC, John; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
LESKOVEC, John; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
LESKOVEC, John; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
LESKOVEC, John; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
LESKOVEC, John; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
LEVSTIK, Frank; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
LEWANSKI, Joyce Jarc; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003
LIKAR, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
LINENGAR, Jerry; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
LINHART; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
LIPAR; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
LIPITZ, Marjana; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
LIPOLD, Ann Marie; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
LIPOLD, John ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
LIPOLD, John; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
LIPOLD, John; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
LIPOLD, John; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
LIPOLD, John; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
LIPOLD, John; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
LISY, Emil; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
LITMAN, Rebecca; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
LIVSAR, Barbara; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
LLOVAR; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
LOCNISKAR; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
LOKAR, Prof. A.L.; V6; I3; 1-Jul-1992
LOMSHEK, Jerry; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
LONG, Katherine A.; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
LOVETT, Rose; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
LOVRIN, Miran; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
LOVSHIN, Leonard; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
LOVSIN, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
LOVSIN, Louis; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
LOVSIN; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
LOWEREY, Joan; V8; I4; 1-Oct-1994
LOZAR, Anton; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
LOZAR; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
LUCIN, ; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
LUCKMANN, Alex; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
LUCKMANN, Lara; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
LUCKMANN-KIRM, Erika; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
LUDWIG, Donald; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
LUKESIC, Anna; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
LUKESIC, Janez; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
LUKESIC, Katharina; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
LUKESIC, Maria; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
LUSIN (LOVSIN), George; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
LUZAR, Grace; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
LUZNAR, Frank; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
LUZNAR, Frank; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
MACEK, Mike; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
MACEK, Mike; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
MACHEK, Mary ZUPANCIC; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
MADGE, Charles; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
MAGAI, Johannes; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
MAGAI, John (MAGAJ, MAGGAI); V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
MAGAJ, Jakob; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
MAGAJ, Janez; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
MAGAJ, Joseph J.; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
MAGAJ, Katarina; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
MAJERLE, Catharina; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MAJERLE, Gertrude; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MAJNI, Kathy; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
MAJZELJ, Frank; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
MALATESTA, Carol; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
MALICH, Maks; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
MALINOWKSY, Shirley; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
MANCE, Steve; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
MANTAILICA; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
MARASOVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
MARAVINETZ, John; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
MARETICH, Frank; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
MARETICH, Justina; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
MARINE/MARINIC, Henry/Henrico; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
MARINIC, Anton; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
MARJELJE, Frank; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
MARKOVIC; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
MARM, Matja; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
MAROKOVIC, Frank; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
MAROLT, Max; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
MARTINSEK, David; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
MASTROVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
MATECEVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
MATUCH, Ruth BEDENK; V6; I3; 1-Jul-1992
MATUCH, Ruth; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
MATULOVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
MAURIN, Janet; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
MAUSER, Frank; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
MAUSER, Karl; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
MAVRIC/MOURICH; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
MAY, Helen B; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
MAY, Helen; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
MAYERLE, George; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
MAYERLE, John; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
MAYERLE, Maria; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
MAZI, Mary; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
McGLEW, Grace MAGAI; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
MCLEAN, Gary; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
MCLEAN, Gary; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
MECKLISIN, Joe; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
MEDIC, Neza; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MEDVED, ; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
MEHLIN; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
MEHR, Kahile; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
MEHR, Kahile; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
MEISENBACH, George; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
MEKINDA, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
MENCIN, Metoda; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
MERH, Margaret; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
MERKU, Pavle; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
MEZNAR, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
MICHAELS, Florence; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
MICHAELS, Florence; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
MICHELCIC; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
MICHEVCIC, Josepha; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
MICHITSCH; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
MICKLITSCH, Kay; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
MIGYANKA, Misty; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
MIHEL, Anna; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
MIHELCIC, Lucas; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
MIHELCIC, Maggie; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
MIHELICH, Brane; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
MIHELICH, Zdenka; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
MIHELICH, Zdenka; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
MIHELICH, Zdenka; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
MIHEVEC, Agnes JUDNICH; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
MIHEVEC, Frank; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
MIHEVEC, Mary; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
MIKLAVCIC, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
MIKLLAVCIC; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
MIKSCHE, Anna KRAKAR; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
MIKSCHE, Leo; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
MILLER, John E.; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
MILOS; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
MINARICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
MISCETNIK, Frasnk; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
MISKO, Blaz; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
MISKO, Jozefa; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
MISKO, Marija; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
MITCHELL, Jeanette; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
MLAKAR, Frank; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
MLAKER; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
MLINER, Angela; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
MLINER, Anton; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
MLINER, Jera; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
MLINER, Joze; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
MOCKFORD, Jim; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
MOCNIK; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
MOHAE, Ludwich; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
MOHAE, Ludwick; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
MOHAR, Kristina; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
MOLEK, Ivan; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
MOMMSEN, Thomas; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
MOODY, David; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
MOORE, Ann; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
MOORE, Anna M.; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
MOORE, Anna M; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
MOORE, Karen; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
MOORE, Nancy L.; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1990
MOORE, Nancy L.; V3; I4; 1-Oct-1989
MOTTL, Ronald; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
MOURICH/MAVRIC, Jacob; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
MOVIUS, John; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
MOVIUS, John; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
MOVRIN, Ana; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MOVRIN, Janez; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MOVRIN, Jose; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MOVRIN, Josef; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MOVRIN, Katarina; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MOVRIN, Katharina; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
MOVRIN, Marija; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MOVRIN, Matija; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MOVRIN, Mihael; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MOVRIN, Peter; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MOVRIN, Stephan; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
MRAK, Bishop; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
MUELLER, Norbet; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
MUHIC, Frank; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
MUHIC, Martin; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
MUHIC, Mary SHEROK; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
MUHOVEC, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
MULEC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
MULH, Marija; V1; I3; 1-Jul-1987
MULLER, Jakob; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
MURPHY, Mary Ann; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
MURPHY, Mary Ann; V8; I4; 1-Oct-1994
MURPHY, Mary; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
MUSHIZH, Catharina; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
MUSIC, Katherine; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
MYLNAR, Joseph; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
NABORS, Gary; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
NADRAH; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
NADRAMIA; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
NAGLICH, Frank; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
NAGLICH, Gregor; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
NAGLICH, Jack; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
NAGLICH, Joe; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
NAGLICH, John; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
NAROBE, Franc; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
NAROBE, Mathew; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
NATEK, Karel; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
NEMANICH, Anton; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
NEWMAN, Bernard; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
NICICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
NICK, Elizabeth A.; V3; I3; 1-Jul-1989
NICK, Elizabeth; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
NINKOVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
NIPIC, Alfi; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
NISBET, Don; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
NOGRASEK; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
NOSE; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
NOVAK, Joe; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
NOVAK, Michael; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
NOVAK, Michael; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
NOVAK, Ziga; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
NOVAK; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
OBERSTAR, Anton; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
OBERSTAR, Valentin; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
OBLAK, Jernej; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
OBLAK, Joe; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
OBLAK, Marko; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
OBOJNIK, Ferdinand/Fred; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
OBOJNIK, Franz; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
OBOJNIK, Jozefa; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
OBOJNIK, Jozica; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
OBOJNIK, Maria; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
OBOJNIK-DUBACEK, Antonija ; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
OCEPEK, Frank; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
ODORIZZI, Irene M. PLANISEK; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
ODRLIN; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
OGRIN, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
OHKRANT, Martin; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
OHLDE, Nancy; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
OHLDE, Nancy; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
O'KORN-OWEN, Marilyn; V2; I2; 1-Apr-1988
O'KORN-OWEN, Marilyn; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
O'KORN-OWEN, Marilyn; V3; I3; 1-Jul-1989
OLSEN, Anna; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003
OLSON, Eva; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
O'MAHEN, Roger; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
OMERZU, Antonia; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
OMERZU, Mike; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
OMERZU, Rudy; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
ONUSIC, S. Dr.; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
ONUSIC, Silvija, Dr.; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ONUSIC, Sylvia, Dr.; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
ONUSIC, Sylvia; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
ONUSIC, Sylvia; V6; I3; 1-Jul-1992
ONUSIC, Sylvia; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
ONUSIC, Sylvia; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
ONUSIC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
OPPELLI, Helen; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
OPPELLI, Helen; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
ORESNIK, Joseph; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
ORESNIK, Lojzka; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
ORESNIK, Lukas; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
ORTENBURG, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
OSABEN/OSHABEN; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
OSBOURNE, Marie; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
OSBOURNE-KERZIC, Marie; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
OSENAR, Peter; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
OSTANEK, F. Mrs.; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
OSTANICH, Marko; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
OSTANK; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
OVSEC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
PACIK, Anna; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
PAGON; Lorenc; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
PAKIZ, Larry; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
PAKIZ, Larry; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
PAKIZ, Rose; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
PAKIZ, Sue; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
PAKIZ, Susan; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
PALCER, Frank; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
PALCIC, Ann; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PALCIC, Anton; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PALCIC, Arthur; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PALCIC, Daniel; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PALCIC, Dorothy; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PALCIC, John; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PALCIC, Sophie; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PALCIC,Clarence; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PALCIC,Mary; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PALCIC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
PANIAN, Anna; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
PAPEZ, Ulrik; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
PARADISER, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
PASCHKE, Tanya; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
PASIC, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
PATRICK, Kathy; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
PAUCO, Joseph; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
PAVLI, ; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
PAVLIC, ; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
PAVLIC, Mary; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
PAVLIC, Mary; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
PAVLIC, Mary; V8; I3; 1-Jul-1994
PAVLICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
PAVLICK, ; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
PAVLOVIC, Gasper; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
PAVLOVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
PEARCE, Lojze; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
PECE, Janez; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
PELKVESEK, Frank; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
PELZOR; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
PENCA, John; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
PENCA, M.; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
PENDO; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
PENKUCH, Jan; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
PERCEVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
PERK, Ralph J.; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
PERKO, Leopold; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
PERKOVICH, Fr.; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
PETAK, Joseph; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
PETEK; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
PETERKA, Anna; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
PETERLIN, A ; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
PETERLIN, Agnes; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
PETERLIN, Al ; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
PETERLIN, Al; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
PETERLIN, Al; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
PETERLIN, Al; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
PETERLIN, Al; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
PETERLIN, Al; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
PETERLIN, Al; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
PETERLIN, Al; V17; I1; 1-Jan-2003
PETERLIN, Al; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003
PETERLIN, Al; V17; I3; 1-Jul-2003
PETERLIN, Al; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
PETERLIN, Al; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
PETERLIN, Al; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
PETERLIN, Al; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
PETERLIN, Al; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
PETERLIN, Al; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
PETERLIN, Al; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
PETERLIN, Al; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
PETERLIN, Albert N.; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
PETERLIN, Albert; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
PETERLIN, Albert; V1; I2; 1-Apr-1987
PETERLIN, Albert; V1; I3; 1-Jul-1987
PETERLIN, Albert; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
PETERLIN, Albert; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
PETERLIN, Albert; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
PETERLIN, Albert; V2; I1; 1-Jan-1988
PETERLIN, Albert; V2; I2; 1-Apr-1988
PETERLIN, Albert; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
PETERLIN, Albert; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
PETERLIN, Albert; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
PETERLIN, Albert; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1990
PETERLIN, Albert; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
PETERLIN, Albert; V3; I3; 1-Jul-1989
PETERLIN, Albert; V3; I4; 1-Oct-1989
PETERLIN, Albert; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
PETERLIN, Albert; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
PETERLIN, Albert; V4; I4; 1-Oct-1990
PETERLIN, Albert; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
PETERLIN, Albert; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
PETERLIN, Albert; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
PETERLIN, Albert; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
PETERLIN, Albert; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
PETERLIN, Albert; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
PETERLIN, Albert; V6; I3; 1-Jul-1992
PETERLIN, Albert; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
PETERLIN, Albert; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
PETERLIN, Albert; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
PETERLIN, Albert; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
PETERLIN, Albert; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
PETERLIN, Albert; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
PETERLIN, Albert; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
PETERLIN, Albert; V8; I3; 1-Jul-1994
PETERLIN, Albert; V8; I4; 1-Oct-1994
PETERLIN, Albert; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
PETERLIN, Albert; V9; I2; 1-Apr-1995
PETERLIN, Albert; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
PETERLIN, Albert; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
PETERLIN, Alexandra Lee; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
PETERLIN, Bartholomew; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
PETERLIN, Joseph; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
PETERLIN, Victoria; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
PETERLIN-PETRUSKA, Radivoj; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
PETERSON, Bart; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
PETKOVSEK, Andrew; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
PETKOVSEK, Frank; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
PETKOVSEK, Lucas; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
PETKOVSEK, Mateja; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
PETKOVSEK, Tony; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
PETKOVSEK, Ursula; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
PETRICH, Bernie; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
PETRICH, Gary; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
PETROUCIC, Lucy; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
PETROUCIC, Lucy; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
PETROVCIC/PETROUZHIZH, Johana; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
PETROVCIC/PETROUZHIZH, Martin; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
PETROVIC, William; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
PETROVIC, William; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
PETRUSKA, John; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
PETSCHE, H.T.; V2; I1; 1-Jan-1988
PHIPPS/PRIJATEL, Theresa; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
PIANECKI; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PIERZ (PIRC), Bartholomew; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
PIERZ (PIRC), Fra. Francis; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
PILETIC, Anna; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
PIMAT; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
PINK, J.; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
PINKAVA, Ginny; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
PINKAVA, Virginia (Marinko); V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
PINKAVA/MARINKO, Virginia; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
PINTER, Frank Jr.; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
PINTER, Frank; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
PIRC, Angela; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
PIRC, Angela; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
PIRC, Anton; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
PIRC, Janez; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
PIRC, John; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
PIRC, Mary; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
PISASKI, Tomas; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
PISKURKA; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PISOTEK, M.; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
PLAHHUTTA, Sergeja; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
PLAT, Gaston; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
PLAUTZ, George ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
PLAUTZ, George J Jr.; V17; I3; 1-Jul-2003
PLAUTZ, George J. Jr.; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
PLAUTZ, George J. Jr.; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
PLAUTZ, George Jr.; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
PLAUTZ, George Jr.; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003
PLAUTZ, George; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
PLAUTZ, George; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
PLAUTZ, George; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
PLAUTZ, George; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
PLAUTZ, George; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
PLAUTZ, George; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
PLAUTZ, George; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
PLAUTZ, George; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
PLAUTZ, George; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
PLAUTZ, George; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
PLAUTZ, George; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
PLAUTZ, George; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
PLAUTZ, George; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
PLAUTZ, George; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
PLAUTZ, George; V17; I1; 1-Jan-2003
PLAUTZ, George; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
PLAUTZ, George;V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
PLAVEC, Anna; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
PLAVEC, Joannes J; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002. 
PLAVZ, Georgius; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
PLESE, Jackob; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
PLETERSKI, Anton; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
PLETERSKI, John; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
PLOS; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
PLUT, Alois; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
PLUT, Ana; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
PLUT, Jack; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
PLUT, Jacob; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
PLUT, Jakob; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
PLUT, Jerry; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
PLUT, Joseph; V3; I4; 1-Oct-1989
PLUT, Joseph; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
PLUT, Joseph; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
PLUT, Katherine WEIS; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
PLUT, Katherine; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
PLUT, Leo; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
PLUT, Marie; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
PLUT, Stephan; V3; I4; 1-Oct-1989
PLUT, Tharsilla; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
PLUT/PLUTE, Theresa; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
PLUT-PREGELJ, Leopoldina; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
PODBEVSEK, Frank; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
PODBOY, Anton; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
PODBOY, Charles; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
PODBOY, Frances; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
PODBOY, Johanna; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
PODBOY, Mary; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
PODBOY, Matthew; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
PODBOY, Ursula; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
PODBOY; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
PODERSHAJ, Anna; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
PODESHA; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
PODGORNIK, Josefa; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
PODSIVASEK, Barbara Tanja; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
POGORELC, Matija; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
POJE, Anna; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
POJE, Anton; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
POJE, Christine; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
POJE, Johan; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
POJE, John; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
POJE, Joseph; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
POJE, Katarina MAJETIC; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
POJE, Magdalena; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
POJE, Maria; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
POJE, Rozalia; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
POJE; Anton, V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
POJER; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
POKLAR, Andrej; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
POKLAR, John; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
POKLAR, Josef; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
POLH; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
POLICH, Stan; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
POLICH, Stan; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
POLICH, Stanley; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
POLUTIN, Peter; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
PONKIVAR, Veda; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
POO?, ; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
POPISH, Tony; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
POTOCNIK, Jeffrey; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
POTOCNIK, Peter; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
POUCE, Fred; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
POVSHA, John; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
POYER, Anton; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
POZAR; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
POZIN, Ron; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
PRAH, Mildred; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
PRAVETZ, Ruth MAGAI; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
PRAYNER, Maria; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
PREDANIC, Rose; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
PREGARC, Marsha; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
PREGELJ, Vladimir; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
PREMERL, Marija; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
PREMREV, Michael; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
PRESEREN, Ann ARKO; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
PRESEREN, Anna; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
PRESEREN, Herman J. Dr.; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
PRESEREN, Herman; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
PRESEREN, Herman; V8; I4; 1-Oct-1994
PRESEREN, John; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
PRESEREN, Jose; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
PRESEREN, Joseph; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
PRETNAR, Janko; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
PRIJANOV, Franciska SILC; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
PRIJANOVIC, Ana; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
PRIJANOVIC, Angela; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
PRIJANOVIC, George or Yuri; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
PRIJANOVIC, Katarina; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
PRIJANOVIC, Matija; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
PRIJANOVIC, Nikolaj; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
PRIJANOVIC, Perto or Anton; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
PRIJANOVIC, Peter; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
PRIJANOVIC, Rudolf; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
PRIJATEL, Jane A; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
PRIJATEL, Stanley M; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
PRISLAND, Marie; V6; I3; 1-Jul-1992
PRISTOV, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
PRUENTE, Kate; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
PRUNK, Janko, Dr.; V9; I2; 1-Apr-1995
PRYATEL, August; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
PRZECHA, Donna; V8; I4; 1-Oct-1994
PUCELJ, ; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
PUCELJ, Anton; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
PUCELJ, Johann; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
PUCELJ, Mary; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
PUCHNICK, Barbara J; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
PUCHNICK, Barbara; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
PUCHNICK, Barbara; V1; I2; 1-Apr-1987
PUCHNICK, Barbara; V2; I2; 1-Apr-1988
PUCHNICK, Barbara; V3; I3; 1-Jul-1989
PUCHNIK, Barbara J; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
PUCNAR (PUSNER), ; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
PUCNAR, Margaret; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
PUEPPKE, Char ; V14; I1; 1-Jan-2000
PUEPPKE, Char; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
PUEPPKE, Charlotte; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
PUH, Louise; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
PUH; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
PUHEK, Ana; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
PUHEK, Jakob; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
PUHEK; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
PULICH, Stan; V9; I2; 1-Apr-1995
PURGSTALL, Adam; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
PUSHLAR, Joseph; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
PUSHLAR, Paul; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
RACICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
RADMAN; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
RADOVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
RAHTEL, Neza; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
RAICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
RAK, Gene; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
RASCHE, Peggy; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
REBOL, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
REGENBOGEN, Maria; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
REICHERT, Magdalena; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
REJC, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
REMOS, Ana (RAMOS, ROMOVS); V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
REMS, Joseph; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
REMZGAR; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
RENKO; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
REPAR, ; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
REPIC, Ed; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
REPIC, Ed; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
REPIC, Ed; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
REPIC, Ed; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
REPIC, Ed; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
REPIC, Ed; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
REPIC, Ed; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
REPIC, Ed; V17; I1; 1-Jan-2003
REPIC, Pat; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
RESINGER, Lenard; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
RESINOVIC, Vesna; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
REZEK, Rev. Antoine Ivan; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
REZEN, Gabriela; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
REZMAN, Joseph; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
RIGLER, ; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
RIGLER, John; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
RINSCHEID, Jeff; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
RITZ, Frances; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
ROBERTS, Martin; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1990
ROBICH, ; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
ROCKENBERGER, Janet; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
RODE, France; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
RODGERS, Stanley; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
ROGEL, Carole; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
ROGERS, Mary; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
ROGERS, Mary; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
ROGLAJEN, August; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ROHRSEN, Marjorie; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
ROIG, Nuria; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
ROJC, Anton; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
ROJC, Carl; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
ROJC, Francilija; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
ROJC, Frank; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
ROJC, Leopoldo; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
ROJC/ROJC, Leo; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
ROJE, Anton; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
ROM, Franciska; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
ROMMER, Anna; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
ROMSEK, Ana; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
ROOSEVELT, Franklin; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
ROSHIZH, Maria; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
ROSS, Marta K; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003.
ROSSEAU, M. Antoinette; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
ROUCEK, Joseph; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
ROUSSEAU, Antoinette; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
ROZIC, Katharina; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
ROZMAN, Maria; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
RUCIGAY, John C.; V6; I3; 1-Jul-1992
RUCIGAY, John; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
RUCIGAY, John; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
RUCIGAY, John; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
RUPAR, Claire; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
RUPAR, Terry; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
RUPAR, Terry; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
RUPAR, Terry; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
RUPAR, Terry; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
RUPAR, Terry; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
RUPAR, Terry; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
RUPERSEK, B.; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
RUPERSEK, Jacob; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
RUPERSEK, Mary; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
RUS, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
RUS; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
RUS; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
RUTAR, Justina; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
RUTAR, Simon; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
RUZIC, Emilija HRVATIN; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
RUZIC, Miran; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
RUZIC, Stanko; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
RYBA, Carol; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
RYBA, Carol; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
RYBA, Carol; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
RYBA, Carol; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
SABO, Bernice; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
SABO, Gerald; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
SABO/ERJAVEC, Bernice; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
SADAR, Doris ; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
SADAR, Doris; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
SADAR, Doris; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
SADAR, Doris; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
SADAR, Doris; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
SADAR, Doris; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
SAK, Stephen; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
SAKOLICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SALEJ, Stefan Bogdan; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
SAMSA, Frank; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
SANDERS, Joanne; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
SANTELJ, Nada; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
SARICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SAUTA, Mr.; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
SAVLI; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SCHEIT, Maria Anna; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
SCHIFFER, Rev. Msgr. J.E.; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
SCHLAMANN, Marie; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
SCHLEBIR, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
SCHNEIDER, Frank; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
SCHNELLER, Paul; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
SCHNELLER, Paul; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
SCHUBEL, Anton; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
SCHWARTZ, Barbara; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
SCHWARTZ, Jerri; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
SCHWARTZ, Jerri; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
SCHWARTZ, Jerri; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
SCHWARZE, Janet; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
SCHWIEGER, Anton; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
SCHWIEGER, Frank; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
SCHWIEGER, Josephine STERK; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
SCHWIEGER, Theresa TRAVEN; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
SCUKOVT, Ivan; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
SCUKOVT, Mary; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
SEEDAY, Mary; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
SEGA, Jakob; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
SEGA, Ronald; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
SEKJAK, Johan; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
SELAM, M.; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
SELAN, Frank; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
SELHAUS, Edi; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
SELHAUS, Edi; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
SELHAUS, Edi; V6; I3; 1-Jul-1992
SEMON, Henry; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
SENTOVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SERK, Matthew; V13; I4; 1-Oct-1999
SERSHA, Julie; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
SERSHA, Paul; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
SEVER, ; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
SEVER, Andrej; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
SEVER, Eugene R.; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
SEVER, Jacob; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
SEVER, Marija; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
SEVER, Matija; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
SEVSEK; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
SEZON, Joseph; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
SHAEFERS, Ana; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
SHAEFERS, Herma; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
SHAVER, M.J.; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
SHELHAUS, Edi; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
SHIFFMAN, Carol MEHR; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
SHKRABEZ; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
SHOEMAKER, Sharon; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
SHOEMAKER, Sharon; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
SHUSTER, Elizabeth; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
SHUSTER, Henry K.; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
SHUSTERIC, Ed; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
SHUSTERICH, Ed; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SHUSTERICH, Pat; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
SIFRAR, Fr. Franc; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
SILC, Alojzij; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
SILC, Angele; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
SILC, Frank; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
SILC, Ivar; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
SILC, Janez; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
SILC, Krescenj; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
SIMNIC, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
SIMONICH, George; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
SIMONICH, Margaret; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
SINK, Patricia; V7; I4; 1-Oct-1993
SINK, Patricia; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
SIROK, Ivanka; V1; I2; 1-Apr-1987
SITKA; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SITTER, William; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
SKENDER, Ed; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
SKENDER, Ed; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
SKENDER, Ed; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
SKENDER, Ed; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
SKENDER, Edward; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
SKENDER, Edward; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SKENDER, Edward; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
SKENDER, Edward; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
SKERBINC, Anton; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SKERLJ, Ruzena; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
SKODA, Joe; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
SKODA, Rosa; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
SKODA, Rosalyn; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
SKOK, Fred; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
SKOK, Heidi; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
SKRBEC, Maria; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
SKRBEC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
SKULL, John; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
SKULL-ERJAVEC, Angela; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
SKULLL, Angela; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
SKULLL, Anton; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
SKULLL, John; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
SLANA; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
SLAPAR Bob; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SLAPAR, Darlene; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SLAPAR, Darlene; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
SLAVEC, Peter; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
SLOBODNIK, John; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
SLOGAR, Joseph; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
SLOGAR, Joseph; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
SLOGAR, Joseph; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
SLOUSEK, ; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
SMEJKAL, Bogdana; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
SMITH, Anton; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
SMITH, Antonnette; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
SMITH, Mary; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
SMITH, Mike; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
SMITH, Mojca; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
SMOLE, Fannie; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
SMOLE, Victor; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
SMREKAR, John; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
SMREKAR/SMREKER; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
SMREKAR; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
SMUK, Helen; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
SNEZNIKI, Herman; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
SNEZNIKI, Volfelin; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
SNYDER, Anthony; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
SODEZ, Mathew; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
SOLKA, Frank; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
SOPOTNIK, ; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
SOPOTNIK, Joseph; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
SORCAN, James; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
SORCAN, John; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
SORCAN, Josef; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
SORCAN, Katherine; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
SORCAN, Valentine; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
SPACEK, Stephanie; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
SPANHEIM, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
SPEH, Majda; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
SPORAR, Josephine; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
SPRAJACARJA, Matja; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
SROY, Silvester; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
STAFFORD, Tom; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
STAJER, Peter; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
STALIC, Janez; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
STALICK, Jeanne; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
STALICK, John; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
STALICK,Jeanne; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
STALZER, Fr. David; V9; I2; 1-Apr-1995
STALZER, Fra. David J.; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
STALZER, Fra. David; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
STALZER, Fra. David; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
STALZER, Franz; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
STALZER, Hyronimus; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
STALZER, Maria Plattner; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
STALZER, Paulie; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
STALZER, Rudolf; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
STALZER-WYANT, Sophia(Trix); V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
STAMPAR, Janko; V2; I4; 1-Oct-1988
STARASINICH, James E.; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
STARASINICH, James E.; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
STARASINICH, James; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
STARASINICH, Jim; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
STARASINICH, Jim; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
STARC, Tone; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
STAREK, Louise VIDMAR; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1990
STARESENICH, Mat; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
STARK, Mary; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
STAUDAKER, Katherine S.; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
STAUDOHAR, Peter; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
STAUT, Mary; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
STEELE, Paul; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
STEERE, Elsie; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
STEJER, Anna; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
STEKLASA, Ivan; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
STEKOVICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
STENOVEC, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
STERBANK, Patrick; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
STERGAS, Blasco (Blas); V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
STERLE, Frank; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
STERLE, John; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
STERLE, Louis; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
STERLE; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
STERLE; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
STEVANS, W.W.; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
STEWART, Elayne; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
STEWART, Elayne; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
STIPANOVICH, Joseph; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
STOINCH, Alfred; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
STOJCEVIC, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
STOJCEVICH, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
STOJNIC, Marija; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
STOLARIK, Walter; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
STONICH, George; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
STONICH, Jacob; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
STONITSCH, Elfriede; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
STOUT, Steve; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
STRALEY, Emily; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
STREKEL, Giles; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
STRLE; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
STRUCEL, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
STRUCELJ, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
STRUCL, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
STRUKELJ, ; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
STRUNA, Anton; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
STRUS, Tone; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
STRUTZEL, Jeff; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
STRUTZEL, Jeff; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
STRUTZEL, Jeffery; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
STRUZL, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
STRZAJ, Jose; V1; I2; 1-Apr-1987
STUHEC, M; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
STUKEL, Anna; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
STUKEL, Jacobus; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
STUKEL, Mathias; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
STULAR, Vojka; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
STUPICA, Emily; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
STUYVESANT, Shirley; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
SULENICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SULENTICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SULIGOY, Joseph; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
SULLIVAN, John C.; V1; I3; 1-Jul-1987
SULLIVAN, Patrick; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
SUMICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
SUMRADA; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
SUSEL, Rudolph; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
SUSMAN, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
SUSTARSIC, ; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1990
SUSTARSIC, John Fr.; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
SUSTER, Ron; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
SUSTERIC, John Fr.; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
SUTTER, Joe; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
SUTTON, Becky; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
SVETE, Franc; V1; I3; 1-Jul-1987
SWAPP, Ryan; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
TALKEOCH, Paul; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
TALTY, Francis; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
TARTINI, Giuseppe; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
TAYLOR, BJ; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
TEICHER, Elizabeth; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1990
TEKAUCIC, Joe; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
TEKAVEC, Maria; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
TELESPHORE, William; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
TEPESH, Kathy; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
TERBOVEC, Antone; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
TERCEK, ; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
TERCEK, John; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
TERECK, Frances; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
TERECK, John; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
TERLEP, Carol; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
TERLEPH, James; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
TERSELIC, Dick; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
TERSELIC, Richard A; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004.
TERSELIC, Richard; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
TERSELIC, Richard; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
TERSELIC/TERSELICH, Christine; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
TERSELICH, John; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
TESCH, Sedaj; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
TESCH, Sedaj; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
TESCH, Sedaj; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
TESCH, Sedaj; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
TESCH, Sedaj; V17; I1; 1-Jan-2003
TESCH, Sedaj; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003
TESCH, Sedaj; V17; I3; 1-Jul-2003
TESCH, Sedaj; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
TESCH, Sedaj; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
TESCH, Sedaj; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
TESCH, Sedaj; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
TESCH, SEDAJ; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
TESCH, Sedaj; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
TESCH, Sedaj; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
TESCH, Sedaj; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
TESTEN, Joseph Sr.; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
TESTEN, Roy; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
TEZAK, Maria; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
THEOHARRIS, John; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
THOMAS, George; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
THOMETZ, Katherine; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
THOMEZ, Johan; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
THOMEZ, Joseph; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
THOMEZ, Maria Thomez; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002   
THOMEZ, Mathias; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
THOMEZ, Michael; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
THOMEZ, Stephan; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
THOMEZ, Theresia; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
THURMAN, Marilu; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
TIRADO, Jose; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
TISOL, Anton; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
TISOL, Frances Lube; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
TISOL, Marilyn; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
TISOL, Marilyn; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
TKACH, Walter; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
TOLJA, Jana; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
TOMAZEVIC, Lojze; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
TOMAZIC; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
TOMAZIN, Joseph; V5; I1; 1-Jan-1991
TOMAZIN, Joseph; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
TOMEC, Michae; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002l
TOMLIN, Linda Lenassi; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
TOMLIN, Linda; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
TOMLIN, Linda; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
TOMLIN, Linda; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
TOMLIN, Linda; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
TOMLIN, Linda; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
TOMLIN, Linda; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
TOMLIN, Linda; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
TOMLIN, Linda; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
TOMLIN, Linda; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
TOMOROWITZ, Joseph; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
TOMSHIZ, Maria; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
TOMSIC, Antonija; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
TOMSIC, Franciska; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
TOMSIC, Frank; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
TOMSIC, Franz Dr.; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
TOMSIC, Josephine; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
TOMSIC, Joze; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
TOMSIC, Maria; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
TOMSICH, Robert; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
TONAC, Mack; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
TONEJEC, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
TOPORISIC, Joze; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
TOPOROSIC, Joze; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
TORKAR, Rado; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
TORKAR, Vivenne; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
TORNESS, Harold; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
TORNIC, Marija; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
TORNIC, Marija; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
TORP; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
TORUSIE, Mary; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
TRAMTE, Joseph; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
TRATNIK, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
TRAUN, Gertrude; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
TRAUTMAN, Angela; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
TRENC-FRELIH, Irena; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
TRIMMER, Marion K.; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
TRIMMER, Marion K.; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
TRIMMER, Marion Kutchever; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
TRINKAUS, Frank Sr.; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
TRINKAUS, Frank; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
TRINKAUS, Gertrude; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
TRINKAUS, John Q.; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
TRINKAUS, John; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
TROCH; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
TROHA, Bob; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
TROJAR, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
TRUDEN; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
TRUNK, J.M.; V1; I3; 1-Jul-1987
TRUNK, J.M.; V2; I1; 1-Jan-1988
TRUNKO; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
TSCHERNE, Francesco; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
TURK, Edmund; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
TURKMAN, Josephine; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
TURKMANIS, Josephine; V8; I4; 1-Oct-1994
TURVEY, Mary H.; V2; I3; 1-Jul-1988
TURVEY, Mary; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
TURVEY, Mary; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
TURVEY, Mary; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
TWEEDIE, Martin; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
TWEEDIE, Shirley; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
UJCIC, Al; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
UJCIC, Dovorka; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
UJCIC, Lucijan; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
UJCIC, Marija; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
UJCIC, Natasa; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
UJCIC, Rosina; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
UJCIC, Ureka; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
ULE; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ULYON, Dianne; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
UNETICH, Florence; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
URBAN, Mary Ann; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
URBAN, Mary; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
URBANCICH, John; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
URBAS, Sandra; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
USA, Frank; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
USENISNIK, John; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
USENISNIK, Tom; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
VADIS; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
VAH, Frank; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
VALENCHECK, Mary; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
VALENCIC, Karen; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
VALVASOR, Janez; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
VALVASOR, Johann Weichard; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
VALVASOR, Vajkard; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
VALVASOR; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
van KREVEL, Frank; V12; I1; 1-Jan-1998
van KREVEL, Frank; V9; I2; 1-Apr-1995
van KREVEL, Frank; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
VANCUS; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
VANDERLOOS, Elizabeth; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
VANIK, Charles A.; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
VEALE, Kylie; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
VEDIC/VIDIC, Anna; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
VEDIC/VIDIC, Frank; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
VEDIC/VIDIC, Helena; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
VEHAR, Gordon; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
VERBOUT, Bernie; V18; I4; 1-Oct-2004
VERGINELLA, Marta; V9; I2; 1-Apr-1995
VERIN, Mathias; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN Mathias; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN,  Georg; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VERTIN, ; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
VERTIN, Agnes; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Albert; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Ana; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Ana; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VERTIN, Anna B.; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Anna; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Anna; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Bishop; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
VERTIN, Catharina; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Catharina; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VERTIN, Catharina; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Clara; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Frances; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Franciska; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Frank; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Franz; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Georg; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Georg; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, George; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Georges; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Janez; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Janeza; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Joannes (Lucia); V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Joannes Baptista; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Joannes Baptista; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VERTIN, Joannes Baptista; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Joannes Vertin; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Joannes; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VERTIN, Johan Franc; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Johan P. ; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Johan; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Johan; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VERTIN, Johan; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Johann M.; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Johann; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, John Vertin; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Josef D.; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Josef Mathias; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Josef Vertin; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Josef; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Josef; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Joseph; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Joseph; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Joze; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Kate; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Katharina; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VERTIN, Katharina; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Katherina; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Lena KRAKAR; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
VERTIN, Lucija; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Maggie; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VERTIN, Mamie; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VERTIN, Margaret; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Margareta; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Margareth; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Margaretha; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Margaretha; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Maria; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Maria; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Mary; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Mathias B.; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Mathias Jr.; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Mathias; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Matt; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
VERTIN, Matthias; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Michael; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Michael; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Minnie; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Peter Vertin; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VERTIN, Peter; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Petrus; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VERTIN, Rudolph; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN, Stefan; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VERTIN,Johan; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
VETAZHIZH, Maria; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VETSERA, Mary; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
VIDALIC, T.; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
VIDIC, Lojze; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
VIDMAR, David; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003STAUFFER, Dee
VIDMAR, John Charles; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
VIDMAR, John; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1990
VIDMAR, Michael; V1; I1; 1-Jan-1987
VIDMAR, Michael; V6; I3; 1-Jul-1992
VIDMAR, Mike; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
VIDMAR, Mike; V4; I4; 1-Oct-1990
VIDMAR, Mike; V8; I4; 1-Oct-1994
VIDMAR, Peter; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
VILAR, Pepi; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
VILAR, Stefan; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
VILLARREAL, Pat; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
VINTAR, John; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
VITOROVIC, Nada; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
VODNIK; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
VODOVNIK, Barbara; V1; I2; 1-Apr-1987
VODOVNIK, Barbara; V10; I1; 1-Jan-1996
VODOVNIK, Barbara; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
VODOVNIK, Barbara; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
VOELK, Gene; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
VOELK, Gene; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
VOELK, Mary Ann; V17; I1; 1-Jan-2003
VOELK, Mary Lou; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
VOELK, Mary Lou; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
VOELK, Mary Lou; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
VOELK, Mary Lou; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
VOELK, Mary Lou; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
VOELK, Mary Lou; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
VOELK, Mary Lou; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
VOELK, Mary Lou; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
VOELK, Mary Lou; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
VOELK, Mary; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
VOELK, Matt; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
VOELK, Nick; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
VOGRIN, Jozef; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
VOGRIN-KAMETZ, Emma; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
VOINOVICH, George; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
VOKAS, Jerome; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
VOKAS, Leona; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
VOLK, Franc; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
von VALVASOR, Johann Weickhart Freiherr; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
VONCINA, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
VOZEL, ; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
VRECER, Natalija; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
VRLINIC, Rado; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
VRSIC, Franjo; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
VRSIC, Franjo; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
VRTIN, Janez; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
VUKAJANEC,Johann; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
VULETICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
WAGNER, F. Joseph; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
WAGNER, James; V10; I4; 1-Oct-1996
WALETICH, ; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
WALSH, Pat; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
WALSH, Pat; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
WALSH, Patricia; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
WARD, Delores; V3; I1; 1-Jan-1989
WATERS, Kathy; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
WATERS, Kathy; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
WATERS, Kathy; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
WATERS, Kathy; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
WEAVER, Patricia; V19; I1; 1-Jan-2005
WEAVER, Patricia; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
WEICKHART von VALVASOR, Johann; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
WEIS, George Jr.; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
WEIS, George; V3; I4; 1-Oct-1989
WEIS, George; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
WEIS, John; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
WEIS, Katherina; V3; I4; 1-Oct-1989
WEIS, Katherine; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
WEIS, Mathias; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
WEIS, Michael; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
WEIS, Nicholas; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
WENZEL, Zita B.; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
WEST, Rebecca; V7; I3; 1-Jul-1993
WHALEY, Marion; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
WHITE, Susan; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
WHITEMAN, Joette; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
WHYTE, David; V18; I1; 1-Jan-2004
WILLMAN (VILMAN), ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
WITINE, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
WOKOJANCE, Katii; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
WYANT, Sophia Stalzer; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
WYANTT, Trix; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
YAKOVITCH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
YANKOVIC, Frank; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
YANKOVIC, Frankie; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
YARC/JARTZ, Andrew; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
YARC/JARTZ, Joseph; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
YARC/JARTZ, Margaret; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
YARC/JARTZ, Peter; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
YEMC, ; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
YOUNG, Johnny; V16; I4; 1-Oct-2002
YUKETICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
ZAGAR, Joe; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
ZAGAR, John; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
ZAGAR, Maria; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002 
ZAGAR, Tricia; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
ZAGAR; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ZAITZ, Frank; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
ZAITZ, Frank; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
ZAJAC, Marilea DIXON; V1; I3; 1-Jul-1987
ZAKRAJASEK, John; V8; I1; 1-Jan-1994
ZAKRAJSEK, Albin; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
ZAKRAJSEK, Anton; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
ZAKRAJSEK, Anton; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
ZAKRAJSEK, Leo; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
ZAKRAJSEK, Mira; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
ZAKRAJSEK, Pavla; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
ZAKRAJSEK, Pavla; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
ZAKRAJSEK; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ZAKRAVSEK, John; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
ZALAKAR, ; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
ZALAR, Richard W. Dr; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004.
ZALDKAR, Lynn; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
ZALER, John; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ZALER, Joseph; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ZALOZBA, Drava; V13; I1; 1-Jan-1999
ZANOSKAR, Demetrius; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
ZANOSKAR, Kristjan; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
ZAPLOTNIK, John Leo; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
ZARNICK, Ron; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003
ZARNICK, Ron; V18; I3; 1-Jul-2004
ZAVEC, Barbara; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
ZAVERTNIK, Joze; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
ZAVERTNIK, Joze; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992
ZAVERTNIK, Joze; V7; I1; 1-Jan-1993
ZAVERTNIK, Joze; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
ZELE, Silvia; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
ZELE, Silvia; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
ZELE, Silvia; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
ZELE, Zdravko; V19; I3; 1-Jul-2005
ZELENZ, Joe; V13; I3; 1-Jul-1999
ZELICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
ZENAROLA, Ivonne Pastore; V14; I2; 1-Apr-2000
ZEROVC, Janez; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ZEROVC, Janez; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
ZEROVC, Janez; V6; I3; 1-Jul-1992
ZEVOZOVY, Josef; V6; I2; 1-Apr-1992
ZGANJAR, Joe; V5; I4; 1-Oct-1991
ZGONC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ZICKER, Steve; V20; I1; 1-Jan-2006
ZIDAR, Ales; V16; I1; 1-Jan-2002
ZIMA, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
ZIRBS, Angeline KRAKAR; V6; I1; 1-Jan-1992
ZIST, Franc; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
ZLATOPER, Ronald; V19; I4; 1-Oct-2005
ZLOGAR, Joze; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
ZMRZEL, Gregor; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
ZMRZEL, Louis; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
ZMRZEL, Srecho; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
ZMRZEL, Susan PETERS; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
ZMRZEL, Yazez; V10; I2; 1-Apr-1996
ZNIDARSIC, Agnes; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
ZNIDARSIC, Fr. Albin; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
ZNIDARSIC, Sr. Fani; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
ZNIDARSIC; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ZNIDERSIC-VIDEM, MariAnna; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
ZOBEC, Anton; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
ZOBEK; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
ZOKIJA, Stanley; V12; I3; 1-Jul-1998
ZONTAR, ; V1; I2; 1-Apr-1987
ZORAN, Michael; V19; I2; 1-Apr-2005
ZORICH; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
ZORN, Ludvik; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
ZOVANIC, V.; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
ZUGELJ, Tone; V13; I2; 1-Apr-1999
ZULICH, John; V11; I1; 1-Jan-1997
ZUNIC, Katarina; V16; I3; 1-Jul-2002
ZUPAN, ; V7; I2; 1-Apr-1993
ZUPAN, Gojko; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
ZUPANCIC, Ann; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
ZUPANCIC, Anna; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
ZUPANCIC, Francis; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
ZUPANCIC, Frank; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
ZUPANCIC, Janez; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
ZUPANCIC, John; V4; I2; 1-Apr-1990
ZUPANCIC, Louis; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
ZUPANCIC, Marija; V15; I1; 1-Jan-2001
ZUPANCIC, Marija; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
ZUPANCIC, Mary MACHEK; V9; I1; 1-Jan-1995
ZUPANCIC, Mary; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
ZUPANCIC, Nancy; V10; I3; 1-Jul-1996
ZUPANCIC/SUPAN; V12; I4; 1-Oct-1998
ZUPANCIC; V11; I3; 1-Jul-1997
ZUPANCICH; V17; I2; 1-Apr-2003
ZUPERT; V11; I2; 1-Apr-1997
ZUPON, ; V6; I4; 1-Oct-1992

Archduke Karl; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
Bishop Frederic Baraga; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
Bishop Baraga; V14; I3; 1-Jul-2000
Bishop Baraga; V14; I4; 1-Oct-2000
Bishop Baraga; V15; I3; 1-Jul-2001
Bishop Baraga; V16; I2; 1-Apr-2002
Bishop Baraga; V18; I2; 1-Apr-2004
Burggrafen von Lienz, Nikolai; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
Count Eric; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
Count Ivan Filip Kobenzl; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
Count Ivan Gaspar Kobenzl; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
Count Lichtenberg; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
Count Michael Coronini; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
Duke Borut; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
Duke Gorazd; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
Duke Hotimir; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
Duke Kotsel; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
Duke Pribina; V9; I4; 1-Oct-1995
Duke Weriand Windischgratz; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
Emperor Frederick; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
Emperor Joseph II; V15; I2; 1-Apr-2001
Frederick of Menges; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
Jerry; V5; I3; 1-Jul-1991
Josef; V3; I2; 1-Apr-1989
King Matja; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
King Tassilo; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
Konrad burgravis di jama; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
Marshall Pappenheim; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
Mlekuz; V5; I2; 1-Apr-1991
Patriarch Berthold; V12; I2; 1-Apr-1998
President Tito; V15; I4; 1-Oct-2001
Prince Anton Viktor Schonberg-Waldenburg; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
Prince George Schonberg-Waldenburg; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
Prince Herman Schonberg-Waldenburg; V11; I4; 1-Oct-1997
Prince Valjun; V9; I3; 1-Jul-1995
Rudi; V4; I3; 1-Jul-1990
Rudolph; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994
Stephanie; V8; I2; 1-Apr-1994

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