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Banat Passenger Ship Records - Background

Banat Home Page

By David Dreyer
San Francisco, California

© copyright 1996 by David Dreyer; all rights reserved

Background: Immigration from the Banat to North Dakota occurred in three main waves centered around the years 1892 - 1893, 1897 - 1898 and 1903. All immigrants in this list departed from Bremen unless otherwise indicated. The earlier ship records often did not give the last residence. After about 1896 the last residence was almost always given in the record.

The fact that many Banater immigrants traveled in groups aided in their identification in the records. Nevertheless, the usual problems of illegable handwriting, faded records as well as the failure to indicate ND (North Dakota) as the destination certainly led to many entries being overlooked.

Search of the Port of New York records beyond 1897 has not been undertaken and would require a massive effort.

For background and settlement patterns of the North Dakota Banaters see: Michels, John M. "North Dakota Pioneers from the Banat", 1992, Bismarck, North Dakota. Copies of this publication can be ordered from; University of Mary Press, 7500 University Drive, Bismarck, North Dakota 58504

Banat Ship Passenger List

Copies of the original records from which this database was created can be obtained by writing to:

David Dreyer,
2325 Donegal Street,
South San Francisco, California 94080-

Additions and corrections to this database can also be made at this address. Because the later passenger ship records sometimes indicated relatives of the immigrant at the destination, it is possible in a number of cases to deduce the wife's maiden name. These are indicated in the following notes.

1. Brother of Josef Duckhorn.
2. Wife of Anton Kajan.
3. Brother of Franz Flohr.
4. Brother of Georg Dassinger.
5. Brother-in-law of Josef Gaertner.
6. Brother-in-law of Peter Weber.
7. Niece of Elis. Roth.
8. Brother of Josef Schneider.
9. Wife of Josef Stecher.
10. Wife of Johann Rettinger.
11. Brother-in-law of Johann Grundhauser.
12. Franz Beyer is an uncle.
13. Brother of Johann Reiner.
14. Stefen Stricker is an uncle.
15. Brother-in-law of Georg Sigl.
16. Wife of Josef Kipp.
17. Brother of Josef Kipp.
18. Sister of Josef Kipp.
19. Wife of Mathias Furneis.
20. Brother of Michael Lampl.
21. Brother of Karl Vogel.
22. Brother-in-law to Hermann Lefor.
23. Anton Focht is the father-in-law.
24. Father is Stefen Duckhorn.
25. Father is Michael Lampl.
26. Father-in-law is Jakob Bruck.
27. Brother-in-law is Bernard Martin.
28. Wife of Josef Kocher.
29 Wife of Karl Gaertner.
30. Going to join son, Johann Focht.
31. Wife of Jakob Bruck.
32. Brother-in-law is Peter Tormanske.
33. Brother is Michael Hess.
34. Brother-in-law of Adam Lefor.
35. Brother is Nickolaus Reiner.
36. Father is Johann Scholz.
37. Brother is Adam Streitmatter.
38. Step-father is Frank Bayer.
39. Son-in-law is Johann Klem.

Banat Ship Passenger List

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