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Theresientaler Heimatbund / Bernreuther Karpatho-Ukraine Database of Austrian Immigrants

© copyright 1996-2004 by Romeo Bernreuther; all rights reserved

Summary: This database is based on Austrian emigrants to what is now the Ukrainian part of the Carpathian Rusyn / Rusin / Ruthenia area. The first 800 names were posted on 8 July. An updated list of 1,248 were posted on 27 September 1996. The 8 February list had over 4,000 names.

While the complete database now has 5,500 names, only 1,639 names are posted on this website version. All those listed below either were born prior to 1900 or have agreed to have their names listed on this list, according to Romeo Bernreuther. This is so that Romeo, the list owner, and FEEFHS can strictly comply with both the letter and the spirit of the existing German privacy law. You are encouraged to contact Romeo if you feel the possibility exists that you have ancestors or relatives in this database but are not listed here.

Surname Index:
Codes used in the database:
    Code = English = Deutsch
  • CA = about = circa
  • AFT = on or after = Fruehestens
  • BEF = on or before = Spaetestens
  • unk. = unknown = unbekannt
  • ? = uncertain = Unsicher

Karpatho-Ukraine Database - Background: In early 1996 the society "Theresientaler Heimatbund" in Gaildorf, Germany was contacted by Romeo Bernreuther of Weinstadt, a very active genealogist with a fidonet genealogy bulletin board (BBS). Romeo had researched his ancestors back to the Theresientaler villages of Deutsch-Mokra and Koenigsfelde. President Vinzenz Holzberger is also a genealogy record searcher. They combined their efforts and it was only a short step to create and build this special database of Austrian immigrants and their descendants.

Vinzenz has been particularly successful in collecting copies of birth-records and other information, which has been the basis for this fast growing database. As of September 1996 the database contained about 2200 persons from the five villages. Of these, 1,248 qualified to be posted (being in conformance with the German privacy law affecting personal informaton since 1920).

In early February 1997 an expande list of about 4,000 names were posted as his "KP9701 database. Romeo had determined these postings are either pre-1920 or are from persons who permit this posting.

Database Questions?: For questions concerning the database please contact:
Romeo Bernreuther
Leintelstrasse 43
D-71409 Schwaikheim, Germany
Telephone: +49-7195-966930
FAX: +49-7195-966929

Theresientaler Heimatbund questions? For questions concerning the Theresientaler Heimatbund, please contact:
Vinzenz Holzberger
Hofwiesenstr. 16
D - 74405 Gaildorf, Germany

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