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FEEFHS provides, on request, web links for related organizations and societies.
We also provide web space for a society site if requested.
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Alberta Kashubian Association
My Kashubian Heritage by Hans - Peter Wendelin von Pazatka Lipinsky.

Allen County Public Library
Renowned collection in Fort Wayne, Indiana, includes more than 350,000 printed volumes and 513,000 items of microfilm and microfiche.

American Historical Society of Germans from Russia
The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia is an international organization that promotes genealogy, historical research and cultural heritage for those with Germanic ancestry in all regions of the former Russian Empire. The Society maintains a headquarters, museum and research library in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Avotaynu, Inc.
Avotaynu, Inc. is the leading publisher of products of interest to persons who are researching Jewish genealogy, Jewish family trees or Jewish roots.

BLITZ (Russian - Baltic)
BLITZ works with archives in St. Petersburg and Moscow to make genealogical information available.
(Hosted on this site)

Brigham Young University -- Harold B. Lee Library
Library at Brigham Young University has a substantial genealogical collection.

Bukovina Society of the Americas
For descendants of the Germans who settled in the easternmost area of the Austrian empire.
FEEFHS information about the society.

Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International
Promotes Czechoslovak genealogical research and interest among people with ancestry in the Czechoslovak region as it was in 1918.

Czech and Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois
Formed to help people with roots in Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, Silesia, or Ruthenia.

Dave Obee's Family History Page
Personal page with information on books and speaking engagements.

East European Genealogical Society
Non-profit organization identifies and marshals genealogical resources for East European research.

Family History Library, Salt Lake City
Many resources on FamilySearch, with more added almost every day.

Galizien German Descendants
For descendants of the German-speaking people of the Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia.

Genealogical Society of Utah
Gathering genealogical records for more than 100 years.

Genealogy of Halychyna / Eastern Galicia
Matthew Bielawa's notable HalGal site.

Genealogy Unlimited
Retailer with maps and books relating to Eastern European family history.

German Genealogical Digest
One of the most important publications for German researchers.

German Research Association
Based in San Diego, and dealing primarily with German-speaking arrivals to America.
FEEFHS information about the society.

Germanic Genealogy Society
Based in Minnesota, and helping anyone with German ancestry.
FEEFHS information about the society.

Gottscheer Heritage & Genealogy Association
Preserves the culture, history, and genealogical records of Gottscheers and Gottschee, in today's Slovenia.
FEEFHS information about the society.

Greek Genealogy and Family History
Lica H. Catsakis's site featuring a variety of aids to Greek research.
FEEFHS information about the organization.

Immigrant Genealogical Society
Helps Americans trace their roots, particularly to German areas of Europe.

Jewish Genealogical Society of Michigan
A leader in education, research, information exchange forums and resources for Jewish genealogy.

This website ties in to the book Descendents of Joannes Kohel and Related Families (Auclair, Ferguson, Grube, Hörz and Panzer). The family is from village of Praporište in the Domažlice-Klatovy Region of Böhmen (present-day Czech Republic).

Lisa Alzo
A genealogical writer, lecturer, instructor and researcher.

Michigan Polonia
Michigan's Polish community, compiled by Ceil Wendt Jensen, Certified Genealogist.

Milwaukee County Genealogical Society
For anyone in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin with an interest in genealogy.

Moravian Heritage Society
Promotes the history and culture of Moravia among descendants throughout the world.
FEEFHS information about the society.

North Star Chapter
In Minnesota. Affiliated with the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia and the Germans from Russia Heritage Society.

Onyschuk family site
Onyschuks hail from Ukraine, and live today in Canada, the United States, Brazil, France, Poland -- and Ukraine.

Polish Genealogical Society of America
Large organization devoted to researching roots in Poland.
FEEFHS information about the society.

Polish Genealogical Society of California
Based in Los Angeles and helping Polish descendants throughout the state.
FEEFHS information about the society.

Polish Genealogical Society of Greater Cleveland
Organization has extracted information on Polish Americans from a variety of sources.
FEEFHS information about the society.

Die Pommerscher Verein Freistadt
Founded in 1978 to preserve Pomeranian heritage through the study of its history, culture and language.
FEEFHS information about the society.

Santa Clara County Historical and Genealogical Society
A wide variety of resources are available on the society's website.

Slovakia Genealogy Research Strategies
These pages by Bill Tarkulich provide strategy assistance to English-speaking researchers of immigrants from the regions of present-day Slovak Republic (Slovakia).

Slovak Heritage and Folklore Society International
Includes a listing of more than 25,000 ancestral surnames from Slovakia and neighboring regions such as Spis and Orava, Poland, and Sub-Carpatho Rus.
FEEFHS information about the society.

Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe
Dealing with Germans from Congress Poland and Volhynia.

United Romanian Society
Founded in 1978, and dealing with ancestry in Romania.
(Hosted on this site)

Dedicated to the past and future of the northwest corner of Ukraine.

Western Australian Genealogical Society
Formed in 1979 with the aim to promote, encourage and foster the study, science and knowledge of genealogy.

Zichydorf Village Association
Set up to gather, share, and preserve information about Zichydorf and the immediately surrounding area and the families whose history is associated.
(Hosted on this site)

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