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Germanic Genealogy Society


Postal address:
Germanic Genealogy Society (GGS)
P. O. Box 16312
St. Paul, Minnesota 55116-0312, USA
eMail address: info@ggsmn.org

The Germanic Genealogy Society (GGS) is an independent non-profit organization that was established in 1979 as the German Interest Group. The current name of the organization was adopted in 1992. GGS is one of the most active genealogical societies in the Midwest having over 700 members nationwide.
The society is an independent affiliate (and former branch) of the Minnesota Genealogical Society (MGS).

Our Mission Statement:
• To provide a national association of those interested in German/Germanic Genealogy
• To provide opportunities for the exchange of genealogy ideas and information
• To hold regular meetings for the instruction and interest of members
• To encourage interest in German genealogy
• To publish a quality genealogical journal
• To collect and publish genealogical, biographical, and historical material relating to German genealogy worldwide
• To encourage the establishment of Germanic genealogical resources in libraries

• Four meetings a year including a weekend Spring Conference with presentations by a nationally recognized expert in Germanic family history research.
• Two workshops a year to help beginners with their research, help them locate information in the GGS library collection at Concordia University, and help break down brick walls they have come up against.

Member Benefits:
• A 32-page quarterly Germanic Genealogy Journal, monthly E-News of events, regular meetings and workshops, access to experienced Germanic researchers
• Access to past editions of our Germanic Genealogy Journal, surname database, research handouts and reference aids
• Access to 2,600 volumes in Germanic Genealogy Library Collection in St. Paul, MN and to Minnesota Genealogical Society Library in South Saint Paul, MN


Germanic Genealogy: A Guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns, 3rd Edition
by Edward R, Brandt, Ph.D., Mary Sutter Bellingham, Kent Cutkomp, Kermit Frye, Patricia Adams Lowe, and Paul Sternberg.

Widely-respected, comprehensive 660-page handbook and reference for Germanic family history researchers was written and published by GGS. You will find resources for every historical region of Germany plus articles on Germanic resources in over 90 countries. This book contains thorough research tips, many maps and chapters on history, geography and religion. It has a large annotated bibliography and an extensive index. Table of contents listed on GGS website. ISBN 978-0-9644337-4-8

Beginner's Guide to Germanic Genealogy, 2nd Edition
by Lois H. Edwards

This how-to book provides you a clear research path to identify your Germanic immigrant ancestors and to find their place of origin. The 100-page hands-on, step-by-step guide for beginning and intermediate Germanic genealogy research includes clear goals, six worksheets to guide your research, and easy to read essays on 39 essential topics. Using these strategies will organize and focus your search process. Table of contents listed on GGS website. ISBN 978-0-9644337-6-2

Germanic Genealogy Journal

Our highly regarded, 32-page quarterly journal, the Germanic Genealogy Journal (GGJ) contains articles written by GGS members. Articles typically focus on research strategies, summaries of GGS presentations, reports on genealogical travel, book reviews, historical information, and members’ success stories. Sample journal may be found on GGS website.

GGS E-News
Monthly news of upcoming events sent via email to GGS members.

For more information and a membership form, visit the Germanic Genealogy Society Website

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