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Germanic Lineage Register (1996)

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Germanic Lineage Register, Volume 20 Nos. 1-4 (1996)
-- German Research Association --

As published in The German Connection, Volume 20 Nos. 1-4 (1996), a copyrighted publication of the German Research Association, Inc., PO Box 711600, San Diego CA, 92171-1600.

Each of the following listings shows the direct ancestral lineage through the male line of one individual with a Germanic surname. Each direct line is of the format: Surname, [submitter number], (1) given name, (birth-death dates), place of birth, marriage, death or residence (as indicated by b,m,d, or res), surname of wife; (2) given name of father of (1), (birth-death dates), place of b, m, d, or res, surname of spouse; (3) given name of father of (2). . . etc. If the wife has a Germanic surname it may be followed as a separate direct line. An asterisk (*) indicates an immigrant. A question mark (?) indicates information not known. Surnames are not repeated within one direct line unless there is a spelling or name change. Submitters would like to correspond with those sharing their lines or those who would like more information.

When the listings were printed in The German Connection, umlauts were used. For web use all umlauted vowels have been changed to the vowel plus "e." Umlauted "a" as "ae"; umlauted "o" as "oe"; and umlauted "u" as "ue." Additionally, any eszett appears as "ss." To find a name with any search program, you must spell it exactly as spelled in this file.

For those who have access to The German Connection, held by a number of large city libraries and genealogical societies, the submissions appeared in the following issues:

1045 to 1058 and 1018 and 1089: Volume 20 No. 1, First Quarter 1996, pp. 20-22
1059-1056: Volume 20 No. 2, Second Quarter 1995, pp. 44-47
1077-1093: Volume 20 No. 3 Third Quarter 1995, pp. 69-70
1094-1111: Volume 20 No. 4, Fourth Quarter 1995, pp. 91-93.

Names and addresses of submitters will be found in the issue the listing appeared in. All information which appeared in the periodical appears in this listing. The German Research Association holds no other information on these listings. Additional information needs to be requested directly from the submitter.

If you wish to correspond with a submitter and do not have access to The German Connection, please send an SASE to Germanic Lineage Register, German Research Association, P.O. Box 711600, San Diego, CA 92171-1600, indicating the submitter number, and you will be sent the name and latest address that we have. Some submitters have made additional submissions which have not yet been published.

Albers [1094] *Friedrich Wilhelm (1827-1908) b Brockhausen, Germany, wf Schriever; Johann Friedrich (?-?) res ?, wf Meyer 2/96

Bahn [1086] Rosine Catherina (1808-1888) b Mettelbach, Wrtt., sp Wahl; George Michael (1782-1831) b Fornsbach, same, wf Setzer; Johann Georg (?-?) res same, wf Wurst 10/95

Bartscher [1103] Rose (1893-1973) b Eganville, Ontario, Canada, sp Tiegs; *Arnold (1860-1923) b Westpreussen, wf Kant; Theodore (?-1877) res same, wf Molkentine. 5/96

Becker [1049] Catharina Elisabeth (1833-1896) b Wildeshausen, Oldenburg, sp Stukenborg; Kayser/Becker Johann (?-?) wf Wilking 12/94

Bernhard/Bernhart [1067] *Franciska A. (1884-1966) b Konigsberg, Germany, sp Ritchey; Albert L. (1847-1896) b Prussia, wf Schlosarek; Antone?, b same, wf ? 4/95

Biddinger [1077] Fredericka C (1893-1993) b Mansfield, Richland Co OH, sp Frye; *Peter Adam (1867/8-1939) b Tawern, Saarburg, Rheinland-Pfalz, wf Weber; Bidinger Johann Peter (?-?) m same, wf Peiffer; Nicholaus (c1790-1864) m same, wf Fischer; Matthias (?-?) d Koenen, same 6/95

Bixler [1077] Basil Clarence (1895-1965) b Leetonia, Columbiana, OH, wf Burns; Daniel (1866-1900) b Mahoning Co Oh, wf Draper; John H. (1845-1866) res ?, wf Yoder; Joseph S. (1813-1895) res ?, wf Hunsicker; Bicksler Jacob (1791-1853) b York Co PA, wf Johnson; Joseph (?-1805) d Fayette Co, PA, wf Strickler; Christian (?-?) res ?, wf Sharer 6/95

Blaeser [1096] Joseph (1875-1936) b Springhill, Stearns Co MN, wf Krebsbach; *Joannes (1843-1927) b Trier, Rhineland, Prussia, wf Flesche/Fleschel 3/96

Blank [1018] *Barbara (1871-1957) b Plavna, Austria-Hungary, sp Helleis; Josef (1832-1914) b same, sp Pertl / Bertl; Johann (1801-1863) d Hodschag, Hungary, sp Wasmer; J. Michael (1776- aft 1828) d same, wf Guth; Johann (c1756-?) m same, wf Manz; 1/95

Block [1060] Peter (bef 1593-1649) b Rehwinkel, Pommern, Prussia, wf Ladwig; Antonius (c1562-?) b same, wf Hinz; Brosius (c1530-?) b same, wf ? 3/95

Bolz [1090] *Henry J (1904-1969) b Germany, wf Lammersfeld; Carl (?-?) b Germany 12/95

Booker [1106] Anna Wilhemina (1869-1926) d Pittsburgh, PA, sp Yentsch; Leonard J. (1847-1899) b Baltimore, MD, wf Reis; John (1821-?) res?, wf?. 7/96

Bovenmyer [1086] Sarah Uhrich (1858-1936) b Howard Twp, Tama Co, IA, sp Mericle; Samuel (1826-1891) b Cumberland Co PA, wf Hoffman; Philip (1788-1842) b W. Pennsbro, same, wf Goheen /Gohun; Bobenmeir Gabriel (1749-1817) b Upper Milford, Northampton, wf Walters; *Philip Stephen (1721-1790) b Massenbach, Baden, wf Thurrin; Poffenmajer Friderich (?-?) res Massenbach, Schwaigerin, Baden, wf ? 10/95

Brand [1078] *Eliza Friedericka Wilhelmina, b Wehren, Meinberg, L. Germany, sp Temme; Friedrich (1816-?) b same, wf Beerman 6/95

Braun [1068] Joseph (1915-?) b Jersey City, NJ, wf Heaney; *Anton (1885-1971) b Immendingen, Germany, wf Steidle; Karl (1856-1894) b same, wf Libermann; Konrad (c1820-?) b same, wf Gleichaulf 5/95

Breker [1045] *Franziska Christine (1828-1898) b Obermarsberg, Westfalen, sp Michel; Franz Ewald (1797-1832) d same, wf Trilling, Francus (1757-1841) b same, wf Everedes; Henricus (1720-?) wf Buer 12/94

Briedling [1111] *Mary Margaret (1842-1928) b Wittenberg, Germany, sp Taylor; *John George (1803-1881) d York, PA, wf ? 9/96

Bruebach [1066] Elizabeth (1842-1924) res Baltimore, MD, sp Gminder; *Joachim (1809-1892) b Hildesheim, Hannover, wf (?-?) 3/95

Bruggeman [1049] Anna Maria Elisabeth (1763-1821) b Bakum, Oldenburg, sp Stukenborg; Johan Herman (?-?) wf ? 12/94

Buchholz [1059] Karl Georg Friederich (1782-1824) b Bernburg, Anhalt, wf Rockmann; David Lebrecht (1738-1819) b same, wf ?; Georg Ernst (?-?) res ?, wf Kuntze; Georg Ernst (?-?) res Sandersleben/Anhalt wf ? 2/95

Buffehr [1052] Lenora Caroline (1864-1947) b Tonganoxie, Leavenworth Co, KS, sp Healy; *Jacob (1838-1913) d Eagle Co, CO, wf Hornung; Jacob (1808-?) m Queidersbach, Pfalz, Bavaria wf Glass; John Jacob (c1775-aft 1832) b same, wf Simmons 1/95

Bunke [1052] *Agnes Margaret (1843-1992) m Cincinnati, OH, sp Strotkamp; John Bernard (?-1870) res Bramhaar, Hanover, sp Bruemmer; 1/95

Crouse [1101] Salome Catharine (1836-1922) b nr Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN, sp Earl; David Hebeisen (1808-1884) b Ligonier, Westmoreland Co, PA; sp Gelwicks; Johann Henrich (Justin Henry) (1768-1836) b Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co, PA, wf Hebeisen; *Krausz Simon (1700-1799) b Gimbsheim/Konsheim, German Palatinate, wf Catharina ?. 6/96

Denys [1078] Lisetta Louise (1866-1936) b San Antonio, Bexar Co TX, sp Tessier; *Johann Heinrich (1815-1882) b Hamburg, Germany. wf Feyen 6/95

Diehm [1084] William Rightmeyer (1837-1916) b Urbana, Champaign Co OH, wf McCord; John (1798-?) res Reading PA, wf Rightmeyer, Wilhelm (1778-?) res ? wf Kloos; Johann Peter (1729-1793) b Kembach-Wertheim, Wrt, wf Bohn 9/95

Dietz [1106] John Wm. (1883-1968) b Monogahala, OH, wf Yentsch; John (1854-1919) d Cleveland, OH, wf Stuckwisch; Wm. (1819-1901) b Wittgenborn, Prussia, wf Kroth?. 7/96

Dinkheller [1050] *Heinrich (1844-1901) b Selm, Westfalen, Prussia, sp Reisch; Franz (1797-1860) b Borck, Prussia, wf Witte; Johann Bernard (1763-1836) b same, wf Schuerman; Johann Henrios (?-?) b Prussia, wf Holtz 12/94

Donnocker [1064] Roy Percival (1889-1972) b Lewiston, ME, wf Grace; Delbert George (1854-1939) b Cattaraugus Co NY, wf Mayberry; Dannacher *Johann Georg (1825-1897) d Boston, Erie Co NY, wf Willett; *Johann Georg (1799-1887) b Hauingen, Baden, wf Pipp; Simon (1754-1814) m same, wf Gamp; Joseph (1726-?) m Efringen in Kirchen, same, wf Neff; Simon (1680-1757) b Eimeldingen, same, wf Schmidlin; Simon (?-1697) d same, wf Buergin 3/95

Dumschat [1047] *Johanna Mary (1902-1984) b Schmallenken, East Prussia, sp Schwager; Johann Henry (?-?) res same, wf Turau 12/94

Ebbeler [1051] Donald Herman (1908-1972) d Lafayette, IN, wf Timmons; Herman Frederick (1880-1843) d same, wf Haynes; *Ernst Jacob (1845-1927) d same, wf Wahrenburg; Ernst Wilhelm (1815-1891) d Lienen, Westphalia, wf Henschen; Conrad Heinrich (1770-1840) d same, wf Brueseke; Johann Evert Hermann (1738-1798) d same, wf Hunsche; Johann Evert (?-1755) d same, wf Cruetsmann 1/95

Eicher [1048] Johann Heinrich (1800-1882) res Hirschhorn, Bavaria, wf Reich; Friedrich (1767-1828) m Bavaria, wf Spahn; Eiger Johannes (1730-1768) b same, wf Muller; Eycher Hans Adam (?-?) res same, wf Zimmerman 12/94

Ellinghausen [1069] John David (1818-1890) b Germany, wf Friedrich 5/95

Ertl [1018] Elisabeth (1837-aft 1866) d Bacs/Batsch, Austria-Hungary, sp Helleis; Lorenz Jr. (1814- aft 1857) b Hodschag, Hungary, wf Mayer; Lorenz Sr (c1794-?) wf Hammer 1/95

Euler [1101] *Maria Dorothea (1713-1785) res Schwarzenau?, Rheinland, sp *Gelwicks, Iller Conrad (ca 1690-1751) res Schwarzenau?, Rheinland, wf Margaret ?. 6/96

Falck [1083] Rudolph (1898-1975) b Morrison, Brown Co WI, wf Seefeldt; John Gottfried (1863-1959) b same, wf Lemke; *Philip (1818-1889) b Gundersheim, Hesse Darmstadt, wf Hangen; *Johann Georg (1783-1877/8) b Bechtolsheim, same, wf (1)Hahn, (2)(3)Mosler; Gabriel (1751-1798) b same, wf ? 8/95

Falk [1087] Isaac (1858-1926) b Singhofen, Germany, wf Joseph; Israel (1823-1908) b Meudt, Germany, wf Rosenfeld; Israel (?-?) b same, wf Falkenstein 12/95

Feldmeier [1070] Wilhelmina (1864-1929) b Kirtorf am Homburg, Hesse, sp Zabelberg/Savelberg; Nicholas (?-?) res? wf Den(c)k 5/95

Fickes [1111] John Silas (1894-1971) b York, PA sp Cowperthwiathe (wid McKay); John William (1867-1950) b Adams Co., PA wf Taylor; Silas Auker (1817-1896) d Straban, Adams Co, PA, wf Elliott; Abraham, Sr., (1763-1843) d same; wf Ocker; Jacob (1735?-?) res Adams Co., PA wf (1) ? (2) Paup 9/96

Fiegel [1097] Robert Newell Jr (1945-) b Opelousas, LA, wf Panepinto; Robert Newell (1919-1983) b Kingsville, TX, wf Sandoz; Newell (1892-1932) b Elm Bayou, LA, wf Lyons; William Adam (1858-1933) b New Orleans, LA, wf Newell; *Adam (1829-1907) b Alsace, wf Driller 3/96

Fleck [1053] *Sophia (1880-1972) d Mankato, MN, sp Wallesch; *Anton (1844-1914) b Triebendorf, Mahren, Austria (now Trebarov, Czech Rep), wf Steidl; Josef (1797-1861) b Reichenau (Rvchnov), same, sp Dworzak; Josephus (1757-?) b same, wf Brenner; Mathias (?-?) b same, wf Schnidtler 1/95

Flesch(e) [1096] Margaretha (1850-1929) b Fond du Lac, WI, sp Blaeser; *John L (1824-1891) b Trier, Rhineland, Prussia, wf Gau; Bernard (?-?) b Prussia, wf Hilden 3/96

Foeller [1111] Arthur John [aka Arthur John LaBare] (1894-1963) b Ashland, WI, w (2)Cosgrove; *Foeller Felix (Philix Anton) (1867-1958) b Alsace, Fr/Stanilsus, Germany wf Thompson (Cook); *Anton L. (c1832-1903) b Bischheim, Bas Rhin, France, wf ? 9/96

Franke [1065] Stanley W. (1926- ) b Oakland, CA, wf Haslemann; Rudolph C. (1882-1947) b same, wf Petty; *Rudolph (1850-1924) b Sangerhausen, Germany, wf Trautwein; Christian (1797-1880) d same, wf John 3/95

Friedrich/Fredrick [1072] Johanna (Hanna) (1865-1934) b Mendota, IL, sp Mowry; *Ferdinand (1833-1912) b Fechheim, Sachs.-Coburg-Gotha, Germany, wf Linder 5/95

Frye [1077] Jonathan Wright Geddes (1894-1986) b Bellville, Richland Co, OH, wf Biddinger; Fry Albert Gatton (1856-1924) m same, wf Geddes; Christopher C. (1829-1899) m Richland Co OH, wf Gatton; Daniel (c1795-1876) m PA, wf Bear; Jacob (?), (c1750-?) b Germany, wf Harker 6/95

Fuchs [1048] *Carl (1831-1904) b Sobernheim, Germany, wf Opperman; Johann Georg (1804-?) b same, wf Albohn; Andreas (1772-1836) d same, wf Dhonau; Daniel (1745-1769) m same, wf Anspach; Johann Andreas (?-?) wf Scheib 12/94

Galitz [1099] Willard (1901-1992) b Niles Center, Skokie, IL, wf Weber; William J. (1869-1956) b same, wf Baumann; *Ernst (1843-1905, b Pommern, Prussia, wf Eltman; *Johann Karl (1802-1883) b same, wf ? 2/96

Gall [1109] Robert William (1934-liv) b Holland, Lucas, Co, OH, wf Vickers; William Frederick (1902-1968) b Toledo, same, wf Ewing; *Reinhold Christian (1866-1932) b Germany wf Sibberson/Siberson. 7/96

Gamp [1064] Maria Dorothea (1763-1818) b Hauingen, Baden, sp Dannacher; Gemp Daniel (1724-1768) b Wittlingen, same, wf Suetterlin; Johann Jacob (1695-1774) b same, wf Sahler; Daniel (1673-1751) b same, wf Kromer; Anthoni ((?-1694) d same, wf Dueckelin 3/95

Gasparik [1100] M ria (1848-1921) b Jobb gyi, N˘gr d megye, Hungary, sp Palinkas; Gaspary Alajos (1810-1864) b same, wf Pinter; J˘zsef (ca 1786-1831) b res same, wf Oerdoeg (Eordogh). 6/96

Gau [1096] *Margaretha (1821-1893) b Holzmulheim, Rhineland, Prussia, sp Flesche; *Jean Joseph (1782-1864) d Johnsburg, WI, wf Weber; Jean (1740-1805) b Dollendorf, Rhineland, Prussia, wf Tringes 3/96

Gear [1100] Edward Clement (1902-1978) b Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH, wf Zillick; *Gier Joseph Wilhelm (1856-1926) b Dinklage, Oldenburg, wf Bueker; Franz Heinrich (1820-1858) b same, wf *Ortmann; Johann Hermann (1782-1852) b same, wf Bloemer; Johann (1739-1812) b same, wf Hinckslage; Johann (1698-?) b same, wf Kokenge; Johann (1668-1742) b same, wf Langhorst; Gyr Johann (ca 1627-?) b same, wf Hinckslage. 6/96

Gehlbach [1069] *Jacob (1823-1896) b Bavaria, wf (1) Rimmerman, (2) ?, (3) Eberle: Johann Philip (1795-1837) b Bavaria, wf Reiter; Johann Georg (?-1838) b Ixheim, Germany, wf Bauer 5/95

Gelwicks [1101] Rachel (1814-1845) b St. Thomas, Franklin Co, PA, sp Crouse; Johann Frederick (1765-1842) b Hanover, York Co, PA, wf Hebeisen; Johann Frederick (1734-1813) b Manheim Twp, York Co, PA, wf Grove (Graaf); *Frederich Heinrich (1712-1783) b German Palatinate, wf *Euler (Iller). 6/96

Gerhard(t) [1057] John Adam (1895-1983) b Warrick Co, IN, wf Winternheimer; Henry (1859-1946) b Vanderburgh Co IN, wf Schenk; *Johannes (1831-1870) b Bauerbach, Hesse, Germany, wf Happe; Johannes Heinrich (1801-1855) b same, wf Martel; Johannes Conrad (1768-1819) b Ginseldorf, same, wf Stuhl; Johannes (1744-?) b Eckartroth, same, wf Eucker; Johannes Georgius (1706-?) b same, wf Hillebrandin; Johannes Jacobus (1680-?) b Salmunster, same, wf Weber; Gorhardt Casparus (?-1708) b Hesse, wf Geigers 1/95

Gintz [1110] Mary Ann "Midge" (1899-1978) b Lebanon, MO, sp Mounts; Henry Christopher/Christian (1869-1944) b Cabool, MO, wf Rector; *Johann Christian, III, (1844-1915) b Finckenbach, Bavaria, wf Newbold; Johann Christian, II, (1819-1890/1) b same, wf Bernhardt; Johann Christian, I, (1798-1874) b same; wf Meyer (Maurer); Johann Ludwig, Sr., (1753-1811/1830) b Obermoschel, same, wf Haage; Johann Philipp, Sr., (1722-1792) b Oderheim, same, wf Hoffmann; Christianus (1686-?) b Germany, wf Rauchin; Johann Peter (1654-1731) b Germany, wf Donau/Dhonau; Abraham (1624-1707) b Soberheim, Bavaria, wf ? 9-96

Gminder [1066] Albert Jacob (1861-1956) res Baltimore, MD, wf Mills; *Johann Jacob (1835-1898) b Reutlingen, Germany, wf Bruebach; Johannes (?-?) b same, wf Seeger; Johann Konrad, (?-?) res same, wf ? 3/95

Gohlke [1054] Wilhelm Adolf (1831-1870) b Friedebergsbusch, Neumark, Germany, wf Spenst 1/95

Grave [1049] Elisabeth (1795-1828) d Wildeshausen, Oldenburg, sp Stukenborg; Henrich (1765-1824) d same, wf Hoffmeyer 12/94

Grossoehme [1048] *Ernst Fuerchtegott (1853-1937) m Dresden, Germany, wf Tuerke; Groáohme Heinrich Fuerchtegott (c 1830-?) res Kattnitz, Dobeln, Saxony, wf? 12/94

Hahn [1076] Marjorie Anna (1910- ) res Morristown, NJ, sp Collins; Allen I. (1885-1948) b Weissport, PA, wf Schumacher; Charles (1860-1927) res Franklin Twp., PA, wf Buck; Benjamin (1824-1880) res same, wf Neff; George (1792-1847) res Plainfield Twp., PA, wf Sewitz; Jacob (1752-1815) d Bushkill Twp., PA, sp Bender; *Peter Philip (1715-1800) res Plainfield Twp., PA. wf Hausmann/Engel 6/95

Hamel [1089] Elizabeth) 1900-1970) b Philadelphia, PA, sp Barth; *Paul (1876-1963) b Wrttemberg, wf Derr; Christian (c1853-?) b Germany, wf Blank 1/95

Handt [1073] *Friedrich August (1843-1902) b Schwesso, Hinterpommern, wf Borchardt; Christian Friedrich August (?-?) b same, wf Votz 5/95

Handtke [1073] *William (1829-?) b Prussia, wf (1) Vollgreeht (Falbarch), (2) Kehn; Karl (?-?) b Germany, wf Rademacher 5/95

Hapeman [1095] Frederick Lawrence (1906-1994) b Penn Yan, NY, wf Logan; Edward (1859-1936) b South Creek, Ridgebury, PA, wf Mitchell; Jeremiah (1806-1883) b Columbia Co, NY, wf Richey; Hebmann Petrus (1770-?) b Dutchess Co NY, wf Neifer; Hepman Johannes (c1738-1795) d same, wf Stockelin 2/96

Haug [1059] Julius August (1882-1960) b San Francisco, CA, wf Collis; *Julius (1850-1916) m Alameda, CA, wf Roemer; Johann Michael (?-?) res Neuenburg, Wrtt., sp Ulmer 2/95

Hauser/Heuser [1070] *Wilhelm Johannes (1821-?) b Enkheim, Bergen, Hesse, wf Stefan Stephan; Heusser, Frederich Christian (1787-1884) b same, wf Lutz; Hausser, Christian (1764-?) b same, wf Bohm(?); Johannes (1735-?) b same, wf Mauhan; Johann Christian (?-?) b same 5/95

Hauser [1091] Margaret Madeline (1918-) res Wynantskill, NY, sp Walker; Emil John (1893-1971) d Schenectady, NY, wf Schilling; *Charles Frederick (1862-1940) d same, wf Boink; Xavior (?-1910) d Mecklenburg, Germany, wf ? 8/95

Haynes [1051] Parthenia Ellen (1878-1973) d Oxford, IN, sp Ebbeler; George William (1846-1881) d Kanawha Co WV, sp Ray; James (1811-?) b same, wf Koontz; Jasper (1779-1851) d same, wf ? Heine; *Isaac (1734-?) res Monroe Co WV wf ? 1/95

Hebeisen [1101] Salome (1766-1834) b York / Adams Co, PA, sp Crouse; *Johann Philip (ca 1735-1792) b German Palatinate, wf *Anna Margarethe ?. 6/96

Hemmann [1088] *Johann Gottfried (1791-1864) b Paitsdorf, Saxe-Altenburg, wf Bachmann; Johann (1744-?) b Poessneck, same, wf Klauge; Paul (1723-1774) b ?, wf Vielers; Michel (c1700-?) res ?, wf Gerold 12/95

Hendsch [1107] Gregory (1969-liv) m Lake Tahoe, CA, wf Spain; David (1935-liv) res Oakland, CA, wf Evans; Charles (1903-1958) d Fresno, CA, wf Williams; Charles (1863-1929) d Bakersfield, CA, wf O'Brien; Charles (1819-1872) d Knight's Ferry, CA, wf Erdmann. 7/96

Hermann [1058] Nicholas Frederick (1873-1959) b St. Louis, MO, wf Schaettler; *Frederick (1845-?) b Wrttemberg, wf Zimmermann; Jacob (1812-1879) b same, wf ? 1/95

Hertel [1055] Edward Smith (1881-1972) b Chicago, IL, wf Proesch; Haertel *Gustav Listern (1844-1926) b Wolperndorf, Sachs-Altenburg, Germany, wf Ward; Michael (1807-1850) d same, wf *Geringswald 1/95

Heyl [1060] Juergen III (1654-?) b Seehausen, Brandenburg, Prussia, wf Grote; Michael (1600-1638) b Spandau, same, wf Winkler; Juergen II (c1572-?) wf Buschler; Juergen (c1542-?) res same, wf ? 3/95

Hildisch [1063] Johann Heinrich Friedrich (1801-1878) b Neustadt/Orla, Sa-Weimar-Eis, Thringen, sp Franke; Johann Christoph Friedrich (1766-1834) b same, wf Weiss; Johann Tobias (1731-1800) b Gera, Reuss-Jngere-Linie, same, wf Freund; Christian (1700-1781) b same, wf Gruner; Tobias (1668-1732) b same, wf Schaefer; Friedlieb (1637-1708) b same, wf Schreiber; Christoph (1608-1685) b Bischofswerda, Dresden, Sachen, wf Sips; Hilitzsch, Christoph (1533-1618) b Dresden, same, wf Richter; Christian (c1522-aft1553) d same, wf ? 3/95

Holz [1100] Anna Maria Catharina (1799-1847) b Dinklage, Oldenburg, sp Ortmann; Holze Christopher (1769-1846) b Lutgenrode nr Norten, Hannover, wf Rackhorst; Christopher (?-?) res same, wf Eleonora ?. 6/96

Hoerlein [1065] Elisabetha (1819-1887) b Flonheim, Rheinhessen, sp Trautwein; Johann Christoph (c1792-aft1842) res Stetten, same, wf K(G)reiselmaier 3/96

Hubert [1075] *Ella Gertrude (1907-1992) b Berlin, Germany, sp Beattie; *Friedrick Wilhelm Gottfried (1865-1953) b Wroclaw (Breslau), Stad, Schlesien, Prussia, wf *Waetzold; Eduardt (1832-?) b? wf Heinze 6/95

Huch [1051] Johanna Auguste Marie (1821-1904) res Lafayette, IN, sp Wahrenburg; *Johann Gottfried Christoph (1794-1878) b Pfitzdorf, Anhalt, wf Falke; Johann Gottfried (1771-?) b Reppichau, same, wf Fuchs; Johann Friedrich Martin (?-?) res same, wf Bornemann 1/95

Huelsman [1080] *George (1867-1945) b Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany, wf Wilp; Henry (c1835-?) m same, wf Oetker 7/95

Hunger [1094] *Anna Marie Ilsebein (1859-1936) b Ostkilver, Germany, sp Siek; Wilhelm Casper Heinrich (1813-1873) b same, wf Hotfilter; Rudolph Heinrich (1780-?) m Roedinghausen, Germany, wf Kemner 2/96

Hunzinger [1046] Caroline Sophia (1873-1920) b Iowa City, IA, sp Slaughter; *Gottlieb (1825-1879) b Windenreute, Baden, wf Mentzer; Gottlieb (1780-1848) m Emmendingen, Baden, wf Ecklin; Wilhelm (1744-?) b same, wf Kern; Jonathon (?-?) m same, wf Fischer 12/94

Jaehnike [1088] *Beate Frederica Christiane (1804-1863) b Meseritz, Posen, Prussia, sp Sievers; Gottfried (c1749-1809) b same, wf Elsner; Gottfried (?-1787) d same, wf ? 12/95

Jaeschke [1061] *Oscar (1870-1936) b Grottkau, Silesia, wf Schultze; Jaeschke Joseph (?-?) res same, wf Pohler 3/95

Kading [1072] Raymond Emil (1913-1987) b Adair Co IA, wf Conley; Robert Wilhelm Henri Johannas (1883-1964) b same, wf Mowry; *Albert Carl Lebrect (1857-1925) b Germany, wf Schmeling; Ka(e)ding *William Frederick (1829-1907) b Prussia, wf Kohlr/Cole 5/95

Kant [1103] *Helene (1867-1946) b Konitz, Westpreussen, sp Bartscher; *Ferdinand (1838-1895) d Eganville, Ontario, Canada, wf Beyer; Michael (?-?) res Konitz, Westpreussen, wf?. 5/96

Keber [1053] *Elizabeth (1835-1930) d Mankato, MN, sp Leonard/Lennartz; Michael (1807-1879) d Merxheim, Kreuznach, Germany, wf Dagit; Peter (1758-?) d Braumweiler, same, wf Wilhelm; Michael Johann res Germany, wf ? 1/95

Knack [1070] Elizabeth Eva (1803-?) b Seckbach, Hesse, sp Stephan; Johann Conrad (1762-?), b same, wf Emol/Emmol; Johann Conrad (1725-?) b same, wf (1) Koch, (2) Schurnn; Johannes (1695-?) b same, wf Mann; Johannes Peter (1660-?) res ? wf Emmol 3/95

Knobloch [1082] *Ernestine (1862-1925) b Russheim, Baden, sp Schwaderer; Ludwig Adolph (1830-1876) b same, wf Raber; Johannes (1788-1837) b same, wf Mueller; Christoph (1753-1789) b same, wf Werner; Johann Daniel (1722-1789) b Eggenstein, Baden, wf Elser; Johann Daniel (1699-1757) d same, wf Hermann; Caspar (1660-1734) d same, wf ? 8/95

Krebs [1054] Marten (1842-1923) b Althaferwiese, Neumark, Brandenburg, sp Spenst; Friederich Wilhelm (1820-?) b same, wf Klemstein 1/95

Krebsbach [1096] *Joannes Joseph (1843-1906) b Herresbach, Rhineland, Prussia, wf Sturm; Mathias (1792-1843) b same, wf Thelen; Joannes (1759-1828) b same, wf Schmitz; Joannes (?-?) m Wanderath, same, wf Schmidt 3/96

Krippes [1053] Katharine (1833-1888) b Mettendorf, Bitburg, Germany, sp Wallesch; Nikolaus (1796-1833) d Wettlingen, same, wf Pelzer; Christoph (?-1816) d Niederweis, same, wf Schmitz; Sebastian (?-?) b Germany, wf Haus 1/95

Ladner [1096] *Nancy Fanning (1827-1893) b Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, sp Cameron; Edmund Fanning (1800-1843) b same, wf MacDougall; *Andrew (1757-1836) b Oberstdorf ?, Bavaria, wf Hobbs 3/96

Lahusen [1062] *Johanna Helene (1844-1893) b Lienen, Oldenburg, sp Schmaedeke; Johann Berend (1802-?) b Neuenfelde, same, wf Schwanewedel; Berend (1762-1820) b Funfausen, same, wf Kehmen; Johann (1723-1798) d Neuenfelde, same, wf Cloppenburg; Berend (1662-1756) res ?, wf Nienabers 3/95

Lammersfeld [1090] Barbara (1910-1967) b ? sp Bolz; *Jacob (?-1956) res Romania, wf Dorner 12/95

Landl [1088] *Gottlieb (1836-1927) b Haus Steiermark, Austria, wf Lettner Josef (?-1819) d Ramsau, same, wf Schrempf 12/95

Lemke [1083] Johann Friedrich (1834-1923) b Schnittrige, Germany, wf Schultz; *Philip Gottlieb (1801-1884) b same, wf Glamm; Christian (?-?) b Germany, wf Kaempfert 8/95

Lessing [1105] Caroline (1867-1935] b Magolia, Pike Co, MS, sp Reich; *Charles William Fredrick (?-1875) b Leipzig, Saxony, wf *Schellenberger. 6/96

Lettner [1088] Andreas (1803-1853) b Pichl, Steiermark, Austria, wf Mayrhofer; George (1752-1822) b Steiermark, same, wf Stocker; Jakob (1716-1799) b Austria, wf Royer; Johann (c 1680-?) b Steiermark, same, wf Erlbacher 12/95

Lewerenz [1054] Karl Wilhelm Julius (1860-1939) b Clausdorf, Soldin, Neumark, wf Gohlke; Karl August (1828-1909) d Vietz a.d. Ostbahn, Neumark, wf Monthel 1/95

Leyrer [1104] Margarethe (1837-1911) b Holzheim, Wrtt., sp Straehle; Johann (1810-1878) b same, wf Lipp; Andreas (1784-1851) b same, wf Maier; Andreas (1755-1814) b same, wf Bidlingmajer; Jerg (ca. 1725-?) b same, wf Anna ?. 6/96

Lineberry [1048] Samuel (1789-1874) m Randolph Co, NC, wf Bond; *Jacob (1751-?) b Harz Mtns, Germany, wf Youngblood; Jacob (c1730-?) b same wf ? 12/94

Lischer [1080] Katharina (1826-1889) b Lachen, Pfalz, Germany, sp Postel; Christoph (c1800-?) b same, wf ? 7/95

Loskiel [1045] Mary (1860-1953) d St. Paul, Ramsey Co, MN, sp Michel; *Mathias (1821-1914) b Roehl, Rheinland, Prussia, wf Pauli; Loskyl Johann (1796-1863) b same, wf Bares; Mathias (1775-1814) b same, wf Klein; Peter (?-?) wf Palzer 12/94

Magel [1053] *Maximilliana (1845-1929) d Mankato, MN, sp Huettl; Magerl, Johann (?-?) b Rosshaupt, Bohmen, Austria, wf Fischer; Franz (?-?) b Dianaburg, same, wf Saecklin 1/95

Malinsky [1103] Ruth (1920- ) res Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, sp Tiegs; Frank Paul Edmund (1890-1984) b Iola, Clay Co, IL, wf Zieske; *William (1852-1932) b Schenkenberg, Germany, wf Rebow. 5/96

Mericle [1086] Roscoe Henry (1887-1969) b Toledo, Tama Co, IA w Currey; Emanuel (1857-1934) b Maxville, Perry Co OH, wf Bovenmyer; Emanuel (1810-1867) b Bremen, Fairfield Co OH, wf Harmon; John b (c 1775-1846) m Rockingham Co VA, wf Steele 10/95

Metz [1046] Stephan (1830-1890) d St. Peters, IN, wf Pistner; *Johann Georg (1793-1872) b Wenigumstadt, Bavaria, wf Geis; Johann Georg (1754-?) b same, wf Proper; Andreas (1711-?) b same, wf Ritter; Phillip (1650-1741) b same, wf ? 12/94

Metz [1045] Catherine (1783-?) b Ehrang, Trier, Germany, sp Pauly; Metzen Peter (1757-?) b same, wf Schue; Johann (1728-?) b same, wf Pellingen; Christoph (1698-?) b same, wf Ensch; Adam (?-?) wf ? 12/94

Michel [1045] Georg (1859-1927) b St. Paul, Ramsey Co MN, wf Loskiel; *Bernard (1832-1902) b NiederMarsburg, Westphalia, Prussia, wf Breker; Johann (1793-1853) d same, wf Kettelhake 12/94

Mielhke [1066] *Bertha T (1872-1935) m Manistee, MI, sp Derby; August (?-?) res Leipsig, Germany, wf Schultz 3/95

Mowry [1072] Caroline Christine (1890-1919) b Prussia Twp, Adair Co, IA, sp Kading; John Christopher (1864-1933) b Illinois, wf Friedrich; *John D. (1823-1873) b Germany, wf Kurtz 5/95

Mueller [1083] *Adolph (1852-1908) b Hanover, Germany wf Jung; Friedrich, (?-?) b Germany, wf Usering 8/95

Neff [1064] Elisabeth (1715-1765) b Kirchen, Baden, sp Dannacher; Fridlin (1685-1737) b Efringen in Kirchen, same, wf Winter; Naef Fridlin (?-1710) d same, Keller; Oswald (?-?) b Weil, same, wf ? 3/95

Nickstadt [1081] Karoline Luise (1860-1921) b Pendrinnen, Ostpreussen, sp Pehle; Mathes (1827-1891) b Neuhof, same, wf Lunau; Nyksztuks, Kristus (1790-?) b Kraupischkehmen, same, wf Balzerin; Dawid (?-?) b Insterburg, same, wf Smelkinene 8/95

Oeltjenbruns [1092] *Herman (1825-1901) b Aschhausen, Oldenburg, Germany, wf Carstens; Johann (1794-1836) b Aschhauserfeld, wf Bochers; Johann (1764-?) b same, wf Oltmanns; Johann (1734-1777) b same, wf Oltmanns; Gerd (1698-1753) b same, wf Bohlen; Gerdt (1657-1728) b Halfstede, wf Ficken; Oeltjen Gerdt (1614-1696) b same, wf Hotes; Oltken Johann (c1580-1631) d same, wf Zur Brugge; Gerd (c1550-1616) d same, wf Gesche 1/96

Oldenburg [1060] (Altenburg) Hans Friedrich (1656-1720) b Wilsnack, Brandenburg, Prussia, wf Heyl; Joachim Friedrich (c1631-?) res same, wf ? 3/95

Ortmann [1100] *Bernardina Sophia (1825-1904) b Dinklage, Oldenburg, sp Gier; Tobias (1795-ca 1847) b same, wf Holz; Johann Herman Heinrich (ca 1742-1826) b Essen, Oldenburg, wf Averwater. 6/96

Palinkas [1100] *Julianna (1882-1954) b Sziksz˘, Abauj-Torna megye, Hungary, sp Zillich; Palinkas Gyoergy (1843-1910) b Kakucs/ jharty n, Pesti megye, Hungary, wf Gasparik; Imre J˘zsef (1818-?) b same, wf Bartuszek; J nos (ca 1795-?) res same, wf Balogh. 6/96

Pattmann [1056] Edward Friederick (1901-1979) b Cincinnati, OH, wf McConnaha; Frierick Wilhelm (1874-1953) b same, wf Kiewitt; *Pottman Friederick Wilhelm (1844-1921) b Rehden Amt Diepholz, Hannover, wf (1)Nackenhorst (2) Brockmeyer; Portmann Friederick Wilhelm (?-?) res same, wf ? 1/95

Pauli [1045] *Katharina (1822-1904) d St. Paul, Ramsey Co, MN, sp Loskiel; Pauly Gerard (1778-?) b Ehrang, Trier, Prussia, wf Metz; Johann (1739-1816) b Kordel, Germany, wf Paltzer; Nicolaus (?-1768) m same, wf Rodt; Adam (?-?) wf ? 12/94

Pehle [1081] *Wilhelm Leopold (1885-1970) b Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Germany, wf Mattson; *Friedrich Albert Eduard (1851-1923) b Alt Buchhorst, Niederbarnim, wf Nickstadt; Johann Carl Gottfried, ((1814-1859) d same, wf Kutzker 8/95

Peters [1048] Elizabeth (1843-1927) b Brookville, IN, sp Eicher; *Peter Johann Sebastian (1806-1872) b Hesse, Germany, wf Welcher; Johannes (1713-1849) b same, wf ? 12/94

Pietschmann [1088] Otto Bernard Emil (1856-1937) b Buffalo, NY, wf Linhardt; *Albert (1818-1891) b Bad Frankenhausen, Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, wf Sievers; Johann Anton (1783-1824) b Thomasdorf, Bohemia, wf Zimmer; Johann Jacob (?-?) res same, wf Hesse 11/95

Pipp [1064] *Magdalena (1803-1889) d Boston, Erie Co NY, sp Dannacher; Johann Georg (?-1823) m Hauingen, Baden, Germany, wf Rauser; Andreas (1727-1787) b Raitbach, same, wf Greiner; Friedlin (?-1754) d same, wf Wagner 3/95

Postel [1080] *Jacob (1863-1946) b Lachen, Pfalz, Germany, wf Keiber; Philipp (1825-1873) b same, wf Lischer; Philipp Jacob (1805-?) b same, wf Reif 7/95

Pressler[1085] Eugene Charles (1930-) b Philadelphia, PA, wf Farley; Eugene Charles (1905-1981) b same, wf Ziegenfuss; *Eugene Charles (1874-1907) b Riga, Prussia, wf Mueller; *John Henry (1843-1904) b same or Libau, wf (1)Swartz, (2)Gessell 9/95

Proesch [1055] *Adolph Oscar Augustus Heinrich (1851-1926) b Mecklenburg, Germany, wf Kuhlman/Kuhlmann; *Christoph Friedrich Leonhard (1826-1913) res Lehsen, Mecklenburg, wf Leverenz; Friedrich Wilhelm Christian (?-?) wf Haase 1/95

Raber [1082] Louise (1832-1904) b Russheim, Baden, wf Knobloch; Johann Adam (1806-?) b same, wf Loehlein; Johann Frederick (1778-1807) b same, wf Hager; Johann Christoph (1747-1815) b same, wf Roth; George Christoph (1723-1784) b Graben, same, wf Nees; Johann Michael (1695-1755) d same, wf Weick 8/95

Reich [1105] William (1869-1943) b New Orleans, LA, sp Lessing; *Frank (1833-1898) b Alsace, wf Schroeder. 6/96

Reif [1080] Anna Barbara (1803-?) b Lachen, Pfalz, Germany, sp Postel; Henrich (c2775-?) b same, wf ? 7/95

Reisch [1050] Peter (1821-1903), b Bavaria, wf Gilbert 12/94

Retzlaff [1060] Michael Friedrich (1838-1911) b Ball, Pommern, Prussia, wf Blank; Martin (1795-1853) b same, wf Wellnitz; Michael (1772-?) b Rehwinkel, same, wf Becker; Christian (1743-1793) b same, wf Wendt; Michael (1715-?) b same, wf Radcke; Christian (1687-?) b same, wf Rachut; Peter (1657-?) b same, wf Block; Andreas (1613-?) b same, wf Bartelt; Hans (bef 1583-1638) b Ball, same, wf Hintz; Hans (c1558-aft 1653) res same, wf ?; Barthomaus (c 1533-?) res same, wf ? 3/95

Reuter [1095] *Clara Pauline (1859-1920) b Solingen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, sp Voos; Antony (?-?) res Germany, wf Schmittert. 7/96

Riegel [1098] Johannes Jacob (1749-aft 1823) res Snyder Co, PA, wf Haal; George William (1706-1778) res Berks Co, PA, wf Plattner; *Johann Cornelius (1674-1750) res Lancaster Co PA, wf ?; Riegell J”st (1635-?) res Becherbach, Rheinland-Pfalz, wf Hoenen; Mattheis (c1610-1672) res Bad Mnster, Palatinate, wf Werner 4/96

Rieger [1093] Alfred (1890-1970) b Wichita, Sedgewick Co, KS, wf Mohr; *Ernest Gottlieb (1847-1914) b Tiefhartsmanndorf, Silesia, wf Schaupke; Rueger, William Gottlieb, (?-?) res same, wf Mannohen 2/96

Riemer [1103] Judith Anne (1947- ) res Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, sp Tiegs; *Karl (1925-1992) b Tekendorf, Siebenburgen (Transylvania), wf Schenk; *Karl (1894-1952) res same, wf Eckardt; Johann (?-?) res same, wf Rehner. 5/96

Ries [1066] Heinrich (1871-1951) b Brooklyn, NY, wf Timmerman; *Heinrich Friedrich Franz (1827-1875) b Bremen, Germany, wf Atkins; Von Ries/Riess Wolf Louis Christoph (1792-1868) b Marburg, Germany, wf Ruprecht; Franz Benjamin (1750-1823) b Kassel, Germany, wf Von Gehren; Johann Philipp (1693-1768) b same, wf ? 3/95

Ritchey [1067] Charles Harry (1878-1971) d Sacramento, CA, wf Bernhard(t); Wesley (1847-1935) d Canton, Fulton Co IL, wf Whitmore/Weitmore; Samuel E. (1813-1896) res Bedford Co PA, wf Kissell; Abraham (1781-1859) b Loudoun Co VA, wf Burkett ?; Ritschi Francis (1733-1805) b Switzerland? wf Deal (Diehl); Phillip (1700-?) b same 4/95

Roder [1073] *Charles (1831-?) b Prussia, wf Handke 5/95

Roemer [1059] Phil H Wilhelmina (1857-1939) b Ilberstedt, Anhalt, sp Haug; Friedrich August (1812-1896) d C”then, same, wf Buchholz; Johann Friedrich (?-?) res Brandenburg, wf Trahn 2/95

Ruprecht [1066] Amalie (1806-1835) b Kassel, Germany, sp Ries; Heinrich (1774?-1853) b Ziegenhain, Hesse, wf Sundheim 3/95

S(ch)navely [1074] Melvina (1894-1964) b Chase Co, KS, sp England; Christian (1822-1904) b Lebanon Co, PA, wf Copeland; Isaac (1797-1870) b same, wf Gingrich; Jacob (?-?) b PA, wf Hershey 5/95

Sabelberg [1070] John Joseph (1891-1974) b West Hoboken, NJ, wf Heiser; Zabelberg *Johann Ernst (1858-1910) b Mulheim am Koln, Rheinland, Preussen, wf Feldmeier; Peter Theodore (1824-1916) b same, wf Schilling; Matthias (1784-1865) b Oberdrees, same, wf Stummel; Johann Heinrich (1739-1819) b Wollersheim, same, wf Bollig/Pollig; Schmidt; Zuebelfel Johann (1705-1775) b Ahren, Nordrheinland, wf Bongartz; Zaulberghs Hubert (1675-?) b same, wf ?; Zabbelbergs Mathias (1650-1682) b same, wf Schorn; Savelbergh Francicus (1620-1691) b Eubach, same, wf? 5/95

Schaf [1104] *Caroline (1850-1929) b Munadelsheim, Wrtt., sp Walz; Johan (1812-?) b same, wf Mueller. 6/96

Schaub [1079] *Hieronymous (1825-1877) d Weingarten, Mo, wf Hogenmiller; Isidore (1786-1838) b Hofweier, Baden, wf Urich; Martin (1742-?) m same, wf Ehret; Michael Benedict (?-?) m same, wf Mayer; Joh. George (?-?) res ?, wf ? 7/95

Schimmel [1106] Wilhemine (1872-1960) res Falkenberg, Prussia, sp Barlau; Frederek (1832-1915) b same, wf Danne. 7/96

Schlinsog [1073] Herman Adolph (1873-1944) b Clark Co, WI, wf Handt; *Carl August, (1837-1938) b Katholisch Hyomer, Schlesson, Germany, wf Handtke 5/95

Schmaedeke [1062] *Wilhelm Diedrich Heinrich (1841-1897) b Heemsen, Hanover, wf Lahusen; Johann Heinrich Nicholas (1799-1873) b same, wf Schmaedeke; Johann Friedrich (1763-1832) b same, wf Alers; Johann Hinrich (1741-1806) b same, wf Thiess; Hans Jurgen (1698-1756) b same, wf Barckhausen 3/95

Schmeling [1072] *Mathilda Rose (1861-1938) b Tribus, Pomerania, sp Kading; Christian Gottlieb (1815-1881) b same, wf Bublitz 5/95

Schmidt [1106] Dorothea (1847-1926) d Young America, MN, sp Barlau. 7/96

Schnoebelen [1046] Agnes Elizabeth (1872-1930) b Riverside, IA, sp Strabala; Sigismund (1835-1915) b Soppe-Le Bas, Haut Rhin, Alsace, wf Smidl; *Joseph (1799-1867) b same, wf Bruckert; Henri (c1762-1825) b same, wf Heinrich 12/94

Schoenweiss/Shanewise [1108] *William (1848-1916) d Waverly, IA, wf Theissinger; Schoenweiss *Friedrich (1821-1891) b nr Karlsruhe, Baden, wf Baumann. 7/96

Schriever [1094] *Anna Marie Elisabeth (1830-1897) b Rabber, Germany, sp Albers; Johann Heinrich (?-?) res ?, wf Schlake 2/96

Schumacher [1076] Anna Emalina (1858-1921) res New York City, sp Meisel; *John/Johann (1829-1888) res Lehighton, PA, wf 1. Heller, 2. Klose; Johann Georg (1801-1831) res Gaiberg, Baden, wf Schaller; Stephan (?-?) res same, wf Himmelmann 6/95

Schwaderer [1082] Catherine Agnes (1890-1983) b Cresson, PA, sp Hahn; *George Jacob (1893-1917) b Schloss Harteneck, Wrt, wf Knobloch; George Jacob (1798-1869) b same, wf Huerthle; George Jacob (1769-1837) b Burgstal, same, wf Schwaderer; Johann Melchior (1740-1793) d Neckarweihingen, same, wf Hueber 8/95

Schwager [1047] Louis (1903-1987) b West Hartford, CT, wf Dumschat; *Janos (1866-1954) m Nagyesztergat, Hungary, wf Heblinger; Marton (?-?) res Hungary, wf Molnar 12/94

Schwan [1081] Marcella Elodia (1911-1978) b Chippewa Co MN, sp Pehle; Edward Herman (1879-1925) b Blue Earth Co MN, wf Bang; *Augustus (1842-1923) b Pommern, wf Schwarz /Schwartz; Schwahn *Carl Friedrich (1793-?) d Dodge Co WI, wf ? 8/95

Seefeldt [1083] August (1872-1963) b Morrison, Brown Co WI, wf Mueller; *Ludwig (1830-1901) b Pomerania, Germany, wf Strege; John Ludwig (?-?) b Germany, wf Strege 8/95

Setzer [1074] Emil Otto (1896-1978), b Red Bluff, Tehama Co, CA, wf England; *Friedrich Emil (1866-1914) b Leipzig, Germany, wf *Tonn; *Otto Friedrich (1838-1910) b same ?, wf Brinkman 5/95

Shuman [1058] Abraham Klace (1839-1928) d Harper Co OK, wf Evans; Isaiah (1814-1861) b Haines Twp, Columbia Co PA, wf Miller; Jacob (1770-1848) b Beaver Twp, same, wf Longenberger; *Rudolph (1748-1812) b Wrttemberg, wf ? 1/95

Sider [1095] Esther Susan (1858-1943) b Wainfleet, Ont, Canada, sp Logan; Peter (c1827-1897) b Bertie, Twp., same; wf Climenhaga; Martin (1801-?) b Stevensville, same, wf ?; Jacob (c1755-1825) Lancaster Co, PA, wf Wenger/Winger; *Georg (c1730-c1802) b Germany, wf ?. 7/96

Siek [1094] *Johann Heinrich (1863-1943) b Rabber, Germany, wf Hunger; Christoph Heinrich (1822-1907) d same, wf Ahrens; Christoph Heinrich (?-?) res ?, wf Goeken 2/96

Sievers [1088] *Anna Wilhelmine (1827-1890) b Meseritz, Posen, Prussia, sp Pietschmann; Joachim (1798-1857) b Bremen, Germany, wf Jaehnike; Joachim (?-bef 1823) res ?, wf ? 12/95

Spenst [1054] Johann Friederich (1815-?) b Friedebergsbusch, Neumark, Brandenburg, wf Bernaz 1/95

Steidl [1053] *Rosalia (1842-1920) d Mankato, MN, sp *Fleck; Franz (1795-?) b Triebendorf, Mahren, Austria, wf Pusch; Mathes (1769-?) b same, wf Winkler; Mathaus (?-?) b Austria, wf ? 1/95

Steidle [1068] Catherine Ann (1877-1954) b Jersey City, NJ, sp Braun; *Anselm (1846-1887) b Heinstetten, Germany, wf Braun; 5/95

Stephan [1070] Eva (1831-1880) b Seckbach, Hesse, sp Ha(e)user; Johannes (1801-1846) b same, wf Knack; Johanes Caspar (1771-1847) b same, wf Zaul; Johannes Hieronymous (1736-?) b same, wf Worner; Johannes Philippus (1707(?)-?) b same, wf Worner 5/95

Stoever [1049] Maria Elisabeth (1872-1965) b M”rsen, Hannover, sp Stukenborg; Johann Heinrich (?-?) wf Schloemer 12/94

Strabala [1046] Balthasar (1811-1891) d Richmond, IA, wf Mittelholz; *Stroebele Sebastian (1785-c1862) d Dungannon, OH, wf Stroebele; Christian (1733-1822) b Frommenhausen, Wrtt, wf Riegger; Konrad (?-1743) b same, wf Henle; Konrad (1639-1710) b same, wf ?; Streble Jakob (1601-?) b Hirrlingen, Wrtt, wf Renner, Koenig. 12/94

Straehle [1104] Andreas (1832-1891) b Holzheim, Wrtt., wf Leyrer; Johannes (1803-1889) b same, wf Kuehlkopf; Johannes (1769-1844) b same, wf Herzer; Johannes (1736-1788) b Sankt Gotthardt, Wuerttemberg., wf Schraag; Martin (ca. 1712-?) b same, wf Nagel. 6/96

Strotkamp [1052] Edward (1886-1968) b Burns, Marion Co, KA, sp Weber; *Bernard (1835-1911) b Osnabrck Bezirk, Hanover, wf Bunke; Benedict (?-?) res Hanover, wf ? 1/95

Stuckwisch [1106] Caroline (1856-1930) b Alleghany, PA, sp Dietz; Gerhard (1808-1902) b Hanover, Germany, wf Stroh; Johann Frederick (?-?), wf?. 7/96

Stukenborg [1049] *Maria Elisabetha (1800-1850) d USA, sp Sandmann; Wilhelm (?-1822) b Bakum, Oldenburg, wf Bruggeman 12/94

Stukenborg [1049] Diedrich Hieronymus Bernard (1868-1937) b Wildeshausen, Oldenburg, wf Stoever; Johann Heinrich Joseph (1827-1895) b same, wf Becker; Gerhard Henrich (1789-1832) b Bakum, same, wf Grave; Wilhelm (?-1822) d same, wf Bruggeman 12/94

Telle [1088] Martin Gotthilf (1894-1924) b Uniontown, MO, sp Landl; *Caspar Herman (1830-1906) b Beerwalde, Saxe-Altenburg, wf Hemmann; Andreas (1790-1869) b same, wf Fritsche; Christophe (1758-1837) b same, wf ? 12/95

Temme [1078] Fred William (1920-1994) b Jerome, AZ, wf Crane; Fred William (1874-1951) b St Louis MO, wf Tessier; *Frederick William (1850-1879) b Borgolzhausen, Westph, Prussia, wf Brand; Friedrich Wilhelm (1814-1862) b same, wf Wenker; Berend Heinrich (1775-?) b same, wf Hille 6/95

Theissinger [1108] *Christoph (1824-1882) b W”rsbach, Kaiserlautern, Rheinpfalz, wf Scheidt; Jakob (1792-?) res same, wf Mohr. 7/96

Tiegs [1103] Richard George (1946- ) res Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, wf Riemer; Wallace George (1920-1965) res same, wf Malinsky; George Rudolph (1889-1968) b Eganville, Ontario, Canada, wf Bartscher; *Gustav Emmanuel Albrecht (1843-1918) b Reinfeld, Kr. Belgard, Pommern, wf Virks; *Johann Martin (1813-1892) b Starmehl, Kr. Regenwald, Pommern, wf Rossow. 5/96

Tonn [1074] *Amaline (Lena) (1867-1936) b Germany, sp Setzer; *Ludwig (1835-1905) b "Prenfsen, Schwaben Colonie, Germany"(sic), wf Kietzman/Kitsman 5/95

Trautwein [1065] *Mathilde (1856-1886) b Lonsheim, Rheinhessen, sp Franke; Johannes III (1805-1895) b same, wf Hoerlein; Martin (1776-1858) m Bornheim, wf Zimmerman; Johann (c1740-aft 1802) b ? wf Feldmann 3/96

Trompeter [1045] Wilhelmine (1802-1863) b Rischenau, Lippe Demold, sp Weber; Johann Friedrich (1770-c1829) b same wf Jurgens; Johann Herman (c1737-1819) d same, wf Brenneker 12/94

Tuerke [1048] *Anna Amalie Therese (1858-1929) m Dresden, Sachsen, Germany, sp Grossoehme; Adolph T. (c1835-?) res same, wf ? 12/94

Uhlmansiek [1094] *Ernst Heinrich (?-1863) b Buer, Germany, wf Potting 2/96

Utzinger [1102] Lyle Chester (1894-1968) b Racine, Mower Co, WI, wf Schanke; Silas (1862-1935) b Brandon, Fond du LacCo, WI, wf Schroeder; *Peter (1827-1903) b Scharrof, Rheinpfalz, wf Burkhardt; Johann Adam (1795-1872) b same, wf Fehr; Johann Adam (1767-1828) b same, wf Kettenring. 5/96

Von Gehren [1066] Victoria Margarete (1753-1831) d Marburg, Germany, sp Ries; Reinhold Reinhard (?-?) res same, sp Kirchmaier 3/95

Voos [1095] *Adele (1882-1968) b Solingen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, sp Logan; *Otto (1851-1917) d Buffalo, NY, wf *Reuter; Wilhelm (?-?) res Germany, wf ? 7/96

Wahrenburg [1051] *Wilhelmine Emilie (1856-1939) d Lafayette, IN, sp Ebbeler; Karl August (1821-1871) b Altenplathow, Saxony, wf Huch; Johann Friedrich (1787-1836) d same, wf Kleye; Jacob (1747-1823) d Gsen, Saxony, wf Zierau; Joachim (1714-1779) d same, wf Wahrenburg; Hans (1684-1730) b same, wf Genrich; Hans (1650-?) res same, wf Betke; Peter (?-1697) d same, wf Gruetzmacher 1/95

Walz [1104] *Christian (1849-1912) b Talheim-am-Neckar, Wrtt., wf *Schaf; Jakob (1817-1860) b same, wf Hofsaes; Johann (1775-1845) res Kleinbottwar, Wrtt., wf Stelp; Johan (?-?) b same, wf Brem. 6/96

Weber [1052] Lucy Mary Rose (1895-1989) m Burns, Marion Co, KS, sp Strotkamp; Joseph H. (1870-1945) b East St. Louis, Clair Co IL, sp Wiechert; Pinkelman (changed from) *Herman Joseph (c1833-1878) b Prussia, wf Speckjohann 1/95

Weber [1045] Edward Matthew (1882-1957) d Seattle, King Co, WA, wf Michel; *Christian Christoph (1833-1916) d St. Paul, Ramsey Co, MN, wf Kotrch; Christoph Johann Arend (1802-1834) b Sabbenhausen, Lippe Detmold, wf Trompeter; Johann Christian (1756-1830) b Sabbenhausen, same, wf Radtmeyer; Herman Christoph (c1711-1768) d same wf Steinhagen 12/94

Weber [1077] *Johanna Christina (1871-1949) b Annweiler, Germany, sp Biddinger; Johann (?-?) res same, wf Dachsteiner 6/95

Wellnitz [1060] Michael (1776-1856) b Ball, Pommern, Prussia, wf Becker; Peter (1738-1814) same, wf Lobmann; Michael (c1694-?) b same, wf Becker; Willnitz Hans (1656-?) b same, wf Becker 3/95

Werth [1069] *Johan (1825-1908) b Sch”nhausen, Germany, wf Kraegenbring; *Johann Christian (1853-1907) b Germany, wf Ellinghausen 5/95

Whitmore [1067] Elnora E (1856-1881) d Canton, IL sp Ritchey; H. Jackson (1828-1852) b Buffalo Mills, PA, wf Suydam; Joseph B. (1807-1887) b Frederick Co MD, sp Harcleroad; Jonas (?-1845) b Md, sp Smith; Weitmore Benjamin (1734-1818) d Tom's Creek, MD, sp ?; Benjamin (1705-1769) b Lancaster, PA, wf ?; *Benjamin (c1690-1746) b Bern, Switzerland, wf ? 4/95

Wiechert [1052] *Catherine (1871-1964) m Burns, Marion, Co, KS, sp Weber; *John (1838-1933) m Schoneberg, West Prussia, wf Assmann; Paul (c1810-?) res West Prussia, wf Schmidt 1/95

Wilp [1080] Elizabeth (1869-1916) b Cincinnati, Hamilton Co OH, sp Postel; *Heinrick (1825-?) res Germany, wf Verkamp 7/95

Wine [1086] Catherine (1742/5-1814/23) d Rockingham Co VA, sp Steel; *Johann George (1715-1797) b Rittershoffen, Alsace, France, wf Horn; Johan Jacob (1680-1739) b Waltenheim, same, wf Suss; Wein Niclous (1650-1712) d same, wf Wagner; Albrecht (Harprecht) (?-?) res Alsace, Germany, wf? 10/95

Winkler [1051] Grace (1886-1967) d Lafayette, IN, sp Timmons; John Turner (1860-1949) d Otterbein, IN, wf Edwards; Andrew Jackson (1821-1890) d Estill Co, KY, wf Jones; William (1798-?) b Rowan Co NC, wf Noland Henry (1756-1836) b Easton, Northampton Co PA, wf Ross; *Ludwig (?-1799) d Rowan Co, NC, wf ? 1/95

Wintenberger [1071] *Francois Xavier (1836-1926) d Lamont, Buchanan Co IA, wf Burroughs; *Francois Joseph (1811-c1847) b Herbsheim, Bas-Rhin, France, wf Egermann; Francois-Joseph (1775-1827) b same, wf Adam; Joseph (1720-1780) b Rossfeld, same, wf Kientzel; Martin (1680-1713) b same, wf Far; Bernard (1655-?) m Kertzfeld, same, wf Metz 5/95

Witte [1050] *William b Quincy, IL, wf Dinkheller; Fredrich (1839-1916) b Bruntorf, Lippe Detmold, wf Schalk; Christoph (1808-1869) b Wahmbeckerheide, same, wf Stock; Johann Heinrich (?-?) wf Popendieks 12/94

Zinsmeister [1059] Ernestine Barbara (1876-1974) b Amorbach, Bayern, sp Collis; Franz Anton (1819-1901) b same, wf Kemmerer; Phillip Sebastian (1786-1853) b same, wf Fertig; Phillip (1746-1806) d same, wf Winter 2/95

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