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Germanic Lineage Register Volumes 25 and 26

German Research Association website

As published in The German Connection, Volume 25 No. 3, 4 (2001) and Volume 26 Nos. 2, 4 (2002), a copyrighted publication of the German Research Association, Inc., PO Box 711600, San Diego CA, 92171-1600.

Each of the following listings shows the direct ancestral lineage through the male line of one individual with a Germanic surname. Each direct line is of the format: Surname, [submitter number], (1) given name, (birth-death dates), place of birth, marriage, death or residence (as indicated by b,m,d, or res), surname of wife; (2) given name of father of (1), (birth-death dates), place of b, m, d, or res, surname of spouse; (3) given name of father of (2). . . etc. If the wife has a Germanic surname it may be followed as a separate direct line. An asterisk (*) indicates an immigrant. A question mark (?) indicates information not known. Surnames are not repeated within one direct line unless there is a spelling or name change. Submitters would like to correspond with those sharing their lines or those who would like more information.

When the listings were printed in The German Connection, umlauts were used. For web use all place names and surnames appear in triplicate, once as the plain vowel (a, o or u); once as the vowel plus "e" (ae, oe, or ue) and once as the umlaut equivalents ä, ö, or ü. Additionally, any eszett appears as "ss" and "ß." To find a name with any search program, you must spell it exactly as spelled in this file.

For those who have access to The German Connection, held by a number of large city libraries and genealogical societies, the submissions appeared in the following issues:

1009, 1189-1196: Volume 25 No. 3, Third Quarter 2001, pp. 69-70

1197: Volume 25 No. 4, Fourth Quarter 2001, p. 87

1198-1200:Volume 26 No. 2, Second Quarter 2002, pp. 146-47

1201-1203: Volume 26 No. 4, Fourth Quarter 2002, pg. 88

Names and addresses of submitters will be found in the issue the listing appeared in. All information which appeared in the periodical appears in this listing. The German Research Association holds no other information on these listings. Additional information needs to be requested directly from the submitter.

If you wish to correspond with a submitter and do not have access toThe German Connection, please inquire by e-mail to jcohendavis99@earthlink.netwith the subject Lineage Register. Alternatively you may send an SASE to Germanic Lineage Register, German Research Association, P.O. Box 711600, San Diego, CA 92171-1600, indicating the submitter number, and you will be sent the name and latest address that we have.

Bagans [1192] Helena Augusta (1886-1961), b Little Falls, NY, sp Bishton; Bagans(z) *Heinrich Adolf (1864-1948) b Berlin, Germany, wf Glowatzski; von Gottschalk Baganz (?-?), wf ?. 12/00

Bishton [1192] Robert Arthur (1922- ) b Ilion, NY, wf Plitt; Frederick (?-?), wf Bagans. 12/00

Block [1009] *Friderike A. (1827-1899) b Ilvese, Westfalen, wf Drover; *Johan "Frederick" Wilhelm (1790-1846) d Ft. Wayne, Allen Co, IN, wf Schr”der; Johann Hinrich (?-?) res Ilvese, Westfalen, wf Huxol. ?/01

Bowman [1009] Cecelius Bantz (1852-1916) b Williamsport, Lycoming Co, PA, wf Binyon; Thomas (1817-1914) b Briar Creek, Columbia Co, PA, wf Hartman; John (1786-1843), b Mt. Bethel, Northampton Co, PA, wf Brittain; Thomas (1760-1823) b Bucks Co, PA, wf Freas; Baumann *Georg "Christoph" (1733-1805) b Mehlbach, Hesse-Nassau, wf *Banks. ?/01

Brandt [1200] Wilhelmina (1881-1964) b Detroit, MI, sp Mahrley; *Karl (1842-1916) b Riesenwalde, Germany, wf Bonk; Ferdinand (?-?) wf? 1/2002

Buerger [1199] Carl Henry (1894-1980), b Chicago, IL wf Schmehl; *Bürger, Heinrich Ernst (1855-1925) b Peterswaldau, Silesia, wf Schönbaum; Johann Karl (1820-1888) b Genitz, Silesia wf Oberle; Johann Gottfried (?-?) b same, wf Friedrich. 12/2001

Drover [1009] Wilhelmina Cath. "Elisabetha" (1854-1892) b New Haven, Allen Co, IN, sp Brommer; *"Henry" Frederick [born Herman Heinrich Philipp Drawe] 1815-1880] b Meierberg, Lippe-Detmold, Westfalen, wf Block; Drawe Johann "Christopf" (fl 1796), m same, wf Middelegge. ?/01

Geipel [1194] Emilie Auguste (1856-1940) b Theuma, Plauen, Saxony, sp Müller; Georg Friederich (1810-1861) b Mechelgrn, Plauen, Saxony, sp Klaus; Johann Gottfried (?-?), b Germany, wf Meyer. 2/01

Heiner [1193] *Anna Katherine (abt 1843-1926) res K&uukml;nigswald, Rotenburg, Hessen, sp Mark; Johann (?-?) res same, wf Vernan?. 2/01

Herbst; Fred (?-?) Wf B; Fredrich Hermann (?-?) res Haberberg, Königsberg Stadt, Ostpreussen, wf Neuhoff 3/02

Kipf [1200] Anna Maria (1858-1938) b Monroe, MI sp Mahrley; *Frederich Traugott (1825-1888) b Baden-Biern, Germany, wf Schookenmeyer. 1/2002

Klotz [1191] Albert (1894-1964) d Williamsport, PA, wf Sonder; Frederick (1861-1938) d Reading, Pennsylvania, wf Ansorg. 12/00

Knorr [1202] Harry (1884-1947) b Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA wf Morcher; *Paul (1854-1893) b Germany, wf Reager 9/02

Kruse [1190] Emil Hermann (1895-1954) b Kiel, Germany, wf Hammer; Hermann (1860-?) b Langendau / Franzburg; wf Ewert. 11/00

Kurtz [1205] Alfred Peterson (1900-1975) b Tacony, Philadelphia, PA, wf Watters; Charles Markland (1859-1935) b same, wf Peterson; Edward Montgomery (1829-1893) b Philadelphia, PA wf Brown; Richard Montgomery (1802-1865) b same wf Jackson; Johan Peter (1782-1813) b same, wf Polhemus;* Johan Peter (1739-1816) b Worms, Germany wf Young; *Johann Ernst (1701-1764) b same wf Weigand; Johann Peter (1675-1734) b Germany wf Marsteller. 1/03

Littman [1204] George Walter (1885-1965) b Philadelphia, PA wf Hoffman; *Friedrich Rudolph (1858-1938) b Breslau, Lower Silesia, wf Konetzky; David (?-?); probably same, wf Palavsky. 12/02

Mahrley [1200] Esther Elizabeth (1903-1997) b Detroit, MI sp Rechlin; Gustav Heinrich (1880-1967) b Monroe, MI wf Brandt; John George (1848-1897) b Monroe, MI, wf Kipf; *Mohrle, Johann Andreas (abt 1809-?) b Biern, Germany, wf Torschner. 1/2002

Mark [1193] *Sophia Katherine (abt1866-1943) b Germany, sp Sheldon; *Adam (abt 1840-abt 1872) b same, wf Heisner. 2/01

Marquardt [1196] Otto Emil (1895-1976) b Camden, NJ, wf Peters; *Adolph (1854-1936) d same, wf Speaker; * Adolph (1827-1906) d Marysville, KS, wf Martins; Gustav Adolph (?-?) B Königsberg (or Soldau) East Prusssia, wf Klohn. 8/01

Miedreich [1009] *Catharina "Elisabetha" (1824-1895) b Rockenhausen, R-Pfalz, sp *Hipskind; Heinrich (ca 1796-1838) b same, wf Wittemer; Joh. "Nicholas" (?-1819) d same, wf Rohm; Joh. Nicholas (?-1752) b Hachenbach, R-Pfalz, wf Kelbel [Kelbert]; Michaelis (?-?) res same. ?/01

Morcher [1202] Edna (1895-1948) b Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA sp Knorr; George (1866-1928) b same, wf Matthews; * William (184-?) b Berlin, Germany, wf Caroline? 9/02

Muller [1194] *Max Otto (1892-1965) b Theuma, Plauen, Saxony, Germany, wf Werner; Müller; Carl Friederich (1850-?) b same, wf Geipel; Christian Friederich (1825-1864) b same, wf Wunderlich; Johann Andreas (1778-1861) b Wurlitz, Bavaria, wf Masson; Johann Adam (1745-1820) b same, wf Winnerling; Georg (?-?) b Bavaria, wf Schertzer. 2/01

Munch [1203] *Carl Albert (1865-?) b Wilgartswiesen, Germany, wf Buck; Muench, Johannes Adam (1839-?) b Niederauerbach, Pfalz, wf Dewein; Johann Nicolas (1809-1865) b same, wf Nickel; Johann Georg (1780-1850) d same, wf Reinhard; Mathias (-1798) d Oberauerbach, same, wf Moser. 7/02

Neuhoff [1201] *Arthur Walter (1907-1985) b Feddderan, Kr. Heiligenbeil, Ostpreussen, wf (1) Muchie, (2) Cooke; *August (1885- 1964) res Köln, Germany, w (1) Cohn, (2) Cohen, (3) Rahn [1189] Edward (1871-1964) b Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, wf Walther; *Justus (1810-1894) b Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, wf (3) Goodman/Gutman; John (1778-abt1813) d Germany, wf

Rechlin [1200] Elmer August (1901-1992) b Dearborn Township, MI, wf Mahrley; Louis Friederick (1859-1932) b Taylor Township, MI, wf Sylvester; *George Friederick (1829-1915) d Dearborn Township, MI, wf Smith; Frederick (?-?) 1/2002

Requarth [1198] Herman George Louie (1862-1943) b. West Baltimore, OH; wf Sonneman; *Requardt, Hans Heinrich (John Henry Requarth in USA) (1796-1880), b Exten, Germany, wf (1) R”hmeier (2) Stock; Requardt, Carl Heinrich (?-?) b. same, wf Schnüll. 12/01

Saam [1009] *Maria "Christina" (1810-1882) b Adelsheim, Baden, sp Gr„f; Johann "Adam" III (1762-1831) b Uiffingen, Baden, wf Heinzelmann; Johann "Adam" II (1731-1779) b same, wf Wild; Johann "Adam" I (1697-1769) b same, wf ?; Hans Wolff (ca1640-1710) b same, wf ?. ?/01 Schröder [1009] *Marie Luise "Dorothea" (1783-1846) b Klein Leese, Minden, Westfalen, sp Block; Joh. Gerd "Christian" (ca 1752-aft 1782) m same, wf Tonsing. ?/01

Schottke [1200] *Wilhelmine Fredericke (1850-1921) b Zimmerbude, East Prussia, sp Sylvester; Gottfried (abt 1822 -?) m Medenau, East Prussia, wf Oltersdorf. 1/2002

Schroeder [1202] Milton (1907-1950) b Okarche, Kingfisher, OK wf Schroeder; Henry (1878-1964) b Arcadia, Carroll, IA, wf Maass; *Heinrich Wilhelm (1852-1920) b Germany, wf Jahnke; Ludwig (abt 1821-?) b same, wf Hillman. 9/02

Steinberger [1195] Harold (1911-1992) b Manhattan, NY, wf Philbin; Henry Charles (1870-1919) b Quakertown, PA, wf McClusky; John (1821-1906) b Germany, wf Miller. 2/01

Sylvester [1200] Martha Auguste (1882-1955) b Detroit, MI, sp Rechlin; *August Friederick (1844-1923) b Loebz, West Prussia, wf Schottke; Frederick Heinrich (1815-1862) b Loebz- Putzig, West Prussia, wf Wedell. 1/2002

Tonsing [1009] Elias (?-?) b Klein Heerse, Minden, Westfalen, wf Hollweden; Reineke (jr.) (?-?) m same, wf Lindmeyer; Reineke (sr.); res same, wf ?. ?/01

Werner [1194] *Albine Helene (1895-1977) b Bergen / Vogtland, Saxony, Germany, sp Muller; Theodor Woldemar (1873-1899) b Thoßfell (Thossfell), Plauen, Saxony, wf Blechschmidt; Christian Friederich (1840-1920) b Altensalz, Saxony, wf Gruber; Carl Friederich (1790-1861) b Chrieschwitz, Saxony, wf Harrer; Johann David (1753-?) b Thoáfell, Saxony, wf Huhn; Hans [or Johann] (?-1795) d Chrieschwitz, Saxony,wf Reinhold. 2/01

Wiendahl [1197] Anna Marie (1883-1923) m. New Orleans, LA, sp Innes; Adolph Conrad (1834-1906) b. St. John the Baptist Parish, LA, w Becnel; *Adolphus Gustavus (von Bartolo?) (1785-1866) b. Dsseldorf, Germany, m. Herkimer NY, w Weber. 10/01

Winnerling [1194] Anna (1747-1814) b Wurlitz, Bavaria, sp Mller; Wunderlich [Winnerling] Johann Georg (1714-1759), b Bavaria, wf Boohrer; Winderling [Wunderlich] Georg (1675-1715) b Bavaria, wf Räthlin [Raithel]; Wunderling [Wunderlich] Hans (1637-1659) d Kautendorf, Bavaria, wf Schedner; Heinrich (1600-1645) d Wurlitz, Bavaria, wf ?. 2/01

Wunderlich [1194] Marie (ca 1830-?) m Theuma, Plauen, Saxony, sp Mller; Johann Gottlieb (ca 1804-?) res Germany, wf ?. 2/01

Yentes [1009] *Carl (1828-1892) b Erzweiler, Baumholder, R-Pfalz, wf Gr&aunl;f; Jentes Johan "Michael" (1788-?) b same, wf Fuhrmann; Jent(h)es Joh. "Nickel" (fl 1786) m same, wf Bauer(?) [widow of Philip Neumann]. ?/01

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