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Germanic Lineage Register Volumes 23 and 24 A-K

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As published in The German Connection, Volume 23 Nos. 1-3 (1999) and Volume 24 Nos. 1, 3, 4 (2000), a copyrighted publication of the German Research Association, Inc., PO Box 711600, San Diego CA, 92171-1600.

Each of the following listings shows the direct ancestral lineage through the male line of one individual with a Germanic surname. Each direct line is of the format: Surname, [submitter number], (1) given name, (birth-death dates), place of birth, marriage, death or residence (as indicated by b,m,d, or res), surname of wife; (2) given name of father of (1), (birth-death dates), place of b, m, d, or res, surname of spouse; (3) given name of father of (2). . . etc. If the wife has a Germanic surname it may be followed as a separate direct line. An asterisk (*) indicates an immigrant. A question mark (?) indicates information not known. Surnames are not repeated within one direct line unless there is a spelling or name change. Submitters would like to correspond with those sharing their lines or those who would like more information.

When the listings were printed in The German Connection, umlauts were used. For web use all place names and surnames appear in triplicate, once as the plain vowel (a, o or u); once as the vowel plus "e" (ae, oe, or ue) and once as the umlaut equivalents ä, ö, or ü. Additionally, any eszett appears as "ss" and "ß." To find a name with any search program, you must spell it exactly as spelled in this file.

For those who have access to The German Connection, held by a number of large city libraries and genealogical societies, the submissions appeared in the following issues:

1123, 1154-1160: Volume 23 No. 1, First Quarter 1999, pp. 21-22
1123, 1160-1167: Volume 23 No. 2, Second Quarter 1999, pp. 45-46
1123, 1166-1170: Volume 23 No. 3 Third Quarter 1999, pp. 69-70
1171-1178:Volume 24 No. 1, First Quarter 2000, pp. 19-21
1179-1185:Volume 24 No.3, Third Quarter 2000, pp. 70-71
1157, 1186-1189: Volume 24 No. 4, Fourth Quarter 2000, pg. 98

Names and addresses of submitters will be found in the issue the listing appeared in. All information which appeared in the periodical appears in this listing. The German Research Association holds no other information on these listings. Additional information needs to be requested directly from the submitter.

If you wish to correspond with a submitter and do not have access to The German Connection, please inquire by e-mail to jcohendavis99@earthlink.netwith the subject Lineage Register. Alternatively you may send an SASE to Germanic Lineage Register, German Research Association, P.O. Box 711600, San Diego, CA 92171-1600, indicating the submitter number, and you will be sent the name and latest address that we have.

Alt [1184] Elisabeth (1770-1804) b Wallendorf (Speisser-Vlachy), Zips, Slovakia, sp Harichovszky; Andreas (1740-?) b same, wf ?; Georg (ca 1720-?) b ?Olasz/Vlachy, Zips, Slovakia, wf ?. 6/00

Arras [1123] Anna (1621-1669) b Niederhusen, Hesse-Darmstadt, sp Schwebel; Philip (1603-?) b same, wf Gayer; Jacob (m1584) m same, wf Schuchmann. 8/97

Atz [1173] Bertha Rose (1888-1961) b Bremen, Germany, sp Lippman; William Christophe (1854-1904) b same, wf Baring; 10/99

Beal [1154] Frank Wm. (1870-1957) b Elyria, Lorain Co, OH, wf Barth; Samuel A. (1845-1901) b same, wf Epply; *Beals Philip (1789-1866) b Prussia, wf Smith. 9/98

B(e)aumert/Baumgart [1159] *Augusta (1836-1905) d Appleton, Outagamie, WI, sp Zachow; John (?-?), b S. Prussis, wf Bertha. 12/98

Beck [1175] Catherine (ca1811-1861) d Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, sp Gross; William (1786-1851) b same, wf Fritchman; Leonard (1760-1831) b Northampton Co., Pennsylvania, wf Deeter; John William (1721-1777) b Alsace Lorraine, wf?; Johann Heinrich (ca1691-1766) d Moore twp, Northampton, Pennsylvania, wf?. 9/99

Beery [1170] Mary (1775-1844) b Rockingham Co., VA, sp Stemen; Nicholas (1739-1811) b Adams Co., PA, wf Keller; Nicholas (1707-?) b Switzerland, wf Miller; Bieri, John b Canton Bern, Switzerland. 6/99

Behling [1181] George Carl (1908-1987) d Minneapolis, MN, wf Stevens; Carl William (1883-1942) d same, wf Mumm; Henry F. (?-1909) d same, wf *Kolls; Fredrich? (?-?) b ?, wf *Waldohon. 4/00

Beltz [1178] *John Albert (1839-1901) b Darmstadt - Frankfurt, Germany, wf Arnold; *John Albert (1813-?) res Germany, wf Nye/Naye. 12/99

Berger [1178] Stephen Adam (1885-1963) b Lucas Co, Ohio, wf Magsig; Jacob Martin (1851-1935) b Eichirdetten, Baden, Germany, wf Joehlin; Jacob Fredrich (?-?) res same, wf Fry. 12/99

Bernhard [1157] Hortense Bernice (1905-1970) d Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Co, CA, sp Blum; Joseph Charles (1876-?) d Des Moines, Polk Co, IA, wf Robinson; William (1825-1902) d Short Creek, Harrison Co, OH, wf(2) Johnson; Joseph (1785-1853) b Chester, PA, wf Wood; *Matthais (1760-1817) b Germany, wf Rachael. 11/98

Bischoff [1171] Catharine Margarete (1812-?) d Osterscheps, Ammerland, Oldenburg, sp Gehrels; Johann (1775-1840) b Edewecht, Ammerland, Oldenburg, wf Oltmanns; Gerd (1749-1802) b same, wf von Aschwege; Gerdes-Bischoff (Harmen (1703-1785) b same, wf Janssen-Oellien; Harmen-Bischoff Gerd (?-?) m same, wf Reil. 10/99

Blum [1157] Ivon B. (1934-living), b La Canada, Los Angeles Co, CA wf Krause; Julius Everett (1906-1969) b Louma, Terrebonne Co, LA, wf Bernhard; Julius (1879-?) d Los Angeles, CA, wf Green; *Abraham (1850-1916) b Alsace-Lorraine, France, wf *Kahn. 11/98

Blust [1155] Franz Xaver (1779-1853) d Furschenbach, wf Feistin (1 & 2); Nicholas (1827-1903) b same, wf Coleman. 10/98

Boeck [1123] Margretha (?-1685) d Brensbach, Hesse-Darmstadt, sp Goetz; Johannes (?-?) b?, wf?. 8/97

Boehm [1172] *Caroline Amelia (1848-1903) b Paglau, Konitz, Germany, sp Kukuk; Carl (ca 1825-?) m same, wf Gilgosez. 10/99

Boelts [1171] *Helene (1860-1933) b Osterscheps, Ammerland, Oldenburg, Germany, sp Harmdierks; Friederich (1825-1900) b Westerscheps, Ammerland, Oldenburg, wf Meinen; Brun (1787-1864) b same, wf Deeken; Johann (1730-1821) b same, wf Jacobs. 10/99

Braun [1168] August (1932-liv) b Chicago, IL, wf Casale; August (1890-1969) d same, wf Tirmenstein; *Herman August (1877-1943) b Rüganwalda, (Rueganwalda / Ruganwalda) Germany, wf Schroeter. 3/99

Braun/Brown [1178] Katherine (1841-1920) res Crawford Co., Ohio, sp Edinger; Caleb (1810?-1902?) d Fort Recovery, Mercer, Ohio, wf Stonoleter. 12/99

Brinkmeyer [1168] Luise Margaretha (1841-?) m St. Louis, MO, sp Lange; Ernest Heinrich (1810-1897) d same, wf Bergsieker. 3/99

Bronder [1184] Maria (1852-?) b Münchhausen, (Muenchhausen / Munchhausen) Silesia, Germany, sp Czaja; Simon (ca 1829-?) b Tübingen (Tuebingen / Tubingen) vicinity, Germany, wf Mendel. 6/00

Buffington [1166] Blanche (1869-1937) b Momance, IL, sp Stewart; Lafayette (1894-1918) m Momance, IL, wf Benjamin; Lewis (1811-?) m Georgetown, KY, wf Shroyer. 12/98

Burger [1157] Alice Louise (1883-1985) b Winfield, Cowley Co, KS, sp Krause; Josephus (1857-1932) b Cassville, Barry Co, MO, wf Pennington; Jacob Jr. (1825-1896) b Warren Co, TN, wf Barnes; Jacob I.. (ca1786-?) b North Carolina, wf?. 11/98

Christmueller [1123] Margaretha (1649-1717) b Reichelsheim, Hesse-Darmstadt, sp Erhard; Johannes (?-aft1682) b?, wf? Margaretha. 8/97

Dickhout [1158] ? (ca1845-ca1876) d PA?, wf Schultz. 11/98

Dintelmann [1123] Gertrude (1686-1731) b Semd, Hesse-Darmstadt, sp Goetz; Dietrich (1652-1676) b same, wf Menges; Casper (1626-1693) d same, wf? Anna; Heinrich (?-bef1682) d Hesse-Darmstadt; wf? Anna. 8/97

Dobbs [1183] John (1759-1832) b Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, New York, wf Weist; Dob David (1729-?) m same, wf Ostrander; *Dobb Johannes (1694-1734) m Kingston, Ulster Co, New York, wf Eckhardt; *Dopp Hans Peter (1666-?) b Medard, Pfalz, Germany, wf Bernhardt; Hans Peter (1630-?) b same, wf ?; 4/00

Dörries (Doerries / Dorries)[1168] Dorothea Fried‘ (1835-?) m St. Louis, MO, sp Tirmenstein; Ernst Friedrich August (?-?), d same, wf Hecht. 3/99

Draheim [1160] *Johanna Wilhelmine (1855-1918) b Sandow, Kr. Pyritz, Pommern, sp Schwartz; *Johanne Friederich (1819-1883) b Messin-?, Kr. Pyritz, Pommern, wf Brandt. 12/98

Dziuk [1123] Anna (ca1580-?) b?, sp Niebel; Philip (?-aft 1600), wf?. 8/97

Edinger [1778] Ella Matilda (1862-1918) res New Washington, Crawford, Ohio, sp Magsig; Jacob (1835-1921) res same, wf Braun/Brown. 12/99

Engel [1174] Friedrich (1867-1910) b Grafton, McHenry, Illinois, wf Lemke; *Louis (1841-1893) b Pommern, wf Radloff. 9/99

Fakler [1177] Robert Harry (1914-1999) b Rochester, Minnesota, wf Hein; Alphonse (1881-1958) b same, wf *Morton; *Meinrad (1843-1927) d Rochester, Minnesota, wf Ginther; Willebold (1805-?) res Illerbachen, Wuerttemberg, Germany, wf Mueller; David (1760-?) res Berkheim, Wuerttemberg, wf Riederin. 11/99

Fehring [1188] Wilhelmina (1868-1957) res Minonk, Woodford Co., Illinois, sp Louis; *John George (1832-1924) res same, wf Schulze; Johannes (1799-1833) b Eissen, Germany, wf Dierkes; Anton Joseph (1754-?) b Ossendorf, Germany, wf Emmering; Anton Joseph (1727-?) b same, wf Nolten. 8/00

Freitag [1160] Emma Amelia (1874-1966) res Kenosha, Kenosha Co, WI, sp Schnell; *Wilhelm Friedrich (1846-1927) b Batzloff, Kr. Cumin (Cammin?), Pommern, wf Kreuscher; *Wilhelm "Carl" (1819-1885) b Stuchor, same, wf Schwanz. 12/98

Freundt [1174] Dellawina (1889-1941) b Chicago, Cook, Illinois, sp Wacker; *Hans (1849-1909) b Meggerdorf, Schleswig, wf?; Claus (1807?-?) b Königshügel (Koenigshuegel / Konigshugel), Schleswig, wf Greve. 9/99

Frey [1175] Charlotte Kathryn (1922-1970) b Scotia, Schenectady, New York, sp LaMonte; George Harvey (1894-1950) b Scottdale, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, wf Price; *George Peter (1858-1898) b Diedesheim, Baden, Germany, wf Findley; *George Michael (1828-1878) d Leechburg, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, wf Emmert; *Johann Georg (ca1803-aft1864) d Pennsylvania, wf Geggus in; Heinrich (?-?), wf Grotz. 9/99

Froeder [1163] Rudolph Henry (1929-liv) res Tenafly, NJ, wf Staude; *Karl (Charles) (1900-1982) b Gau-Heppenheim, Rheinhessen, Germany, wf Tamm; Simon (1875-1953) d same, wf Schenkel; Fröder (Froeder, Froder) Philipp (1837-?) b Framersheim, Rheinhessen, wf Heiser; Philipp Leonard (1816-?) b Gau-Odernheim, Rheinhessen, wf Gutjahr; Christian (1777-1860) b same, wf Schick; Froeter Johann Jacob (1751-?) b same, wf Hering; Fröder (Froeder, Froder) Johann Peter (1718-1782) b same, wf Georg; Freder Johannes (1677-1739) b same, wf Hering; Freter Johan Jacob (1650-1695) b same, wf Anna Catharina Margaretha ?. 12/98

Funck [1123] Anna (1550-aft1592) b Hesse-Darmstadt, sp Schuchmann; Philip (1521-1603) d Gross-Bieberau, Hesse-Darmstadt, wf? Margaretha; Cuntz (Conrad) (ca1495-?) b Hesse-Darmstadt, wf? Agnes. 8/97

Funk [1170] Susannah (1775-?) b Montgomery Co., PA, sp Beery; Henry (?-1786) d Rockingham, Co., VA, wf Showalter; Funck, Henry (Bishop) (abt 1697-1760) b Pfalz, wf Meyer. 6/00

Gehrels [1171] *Dietrich (1885-1979) b Nord-Edewecht, Ammerland, Oldenburg, Germany, wf Harmdierks; Dietrich (1849-1884) b same, wf Schroeder; Johann Dietrich (1813-1862) b Edewecht, Ammerland, Oldenburg, wf Bischoff; Johann Oltmann (1773-1851) d Osterscheps, Ammerland, Oldenburg, wf Dierk-Haukje; Meyer or Janssen-Gehrels Oltmann (1746-1814) d Edewecht, Ammerland, Oldenburg, wf Gehrels; Meyer Oltmann (1719-1775) b same, wf Ehben; Oltmann (1682-1724) b Zwischenahn, Oldenburg, wf Kobrink. 10/99

Gehrels [1171] Anne Margrete (1747-1828) b Westerscheps, Ammerland, Oldenburg, sp Meyer or Janssen-Gehrels; Johann (1714-1781) b Edewecht, Ammerland, Oldenburg, wf Helmers; Gerdt (1676-1715) b Osterscheps, Ammerland, Oldenburg, wf Hulsmann; Oltmann (644-1721) b same, wf Bruggemann; Gerdt (1605-1681) b same, wf Reil(en); Oltmann (1567-1653) b same, wf Brunken; Gerd (?-1588) d same, wf?. 10/99

Gehrels [1171] Edwin G. "Pete" (1907-liv) b Shiner, Lavaca, Texas, wf Ledbetter; Edward W. (1877-1933) b Breslau, Lavaca, Texas, wf Stein; Friederich (1840-1915) b Ammerland, Oldenburg, Germany, wf Ummelmann; *Cornelius Johann (1810-1868) d Industry, Austin, Texas, wf Bottleman. 10/99

Geib [1161] Frieda (1877-1929) b Oberweiler im Tal, Rheinpfalz, sp Maurer; Geib Daniel (1844-1900) b same, wf Gilcher; Daniel (1816-1845) b same, wf Ulrich; Daniel (?-?) m same, wf Altemus. 12/98

Gerbich [1123] Margaretha (1676-1746) b Erlenbach, Hesse-Darmstadt, sp Giebenhain; Hans Balthazer (1646-1713) b same, wf Edelman; Hans (?-bef 1661) d Hesse-Darmstadt, wf?. 8/97

Gilcher Louisa (1841-1922) b Oberweiler im Tal, Rheinpfalz, sp Geib; Gilcher Daniel (1822-?) b same, wf?; Johannes (?-?) b same?, wf?. 12/98

Groos [1164] *Frederick Wilhelm Carl (1827-1912) b Strass-Ebersbach, Germany, wf Rodriquez; Karl Wilhelm Apollo (1794-1882) b Arfeld, Germany, wf Martin; Philipp Frederich Carl (1764-1844) b Weidenhausen, Germany, wf Kneip. 12/98

Gross [1175] Sarah (1847-1877) b Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania, sp Findley; David (1811-1851) b same, wf Beck; Jesse (1772-1829) b Lower Sacon Twp, Northampton, Pennsylvania, wf ?; Christian (?-bef 1793) d Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania, wf ?. 9/99

Haarmann [1164] *Carl Wilhelm (1855-1898) b Holzminden, Germany, wf Groos; Heinrich Wilhelm (1802-1884) b?, wf Seulcke; Johana Christopher (1762-1842) b?, wf Klingemann. 12/98

Hallstein [1123] Eva (1621-1696) b Zell, Hesse-Darmstadt, sp Mueller; Leonard (ca1573-1699) d same, wf?. 8/97

Hamma [1189] Henry Lester (1888-1966) d Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, wf Rahn; Christian (1857-1901) b Sonora Twp., Hancock, Illinois, wf Ronner; *Christian (1827-1910) b Germany, wf Houghton/Houton.. 9/00

Harmdierks [1171] Helena (1883-1962) b Clinton, Iowa, sp Gehrels; *Johann (1853-1922) b Sudedewecht, Ammerland, Oldenburg, Germany, wf Boelts; Diedrich (1819-1875) b Edewecht, Ammerland, Oldenburg, wf Brase; Johann (1781-1841) b same, wf Meinen; Gerd (1746-1790) b same, wf von Aschwege. 10/99

Heim [1176] Bertha C. (1865-1894) b Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sp Zenger; Johann Georg (1833-1905) b Stepfershausen, Thuringia, wf Baerner; Georg Adam (?-?) b Thuringia, wf Losser. 6/99

Hein [1160] *Caroline "Auguste" (1851-1931) b Jacobsdorf, Kr. Saatzig, Pommern, sp Zuehlsdorf; Frederick Wilhelm (1818-bef 1880), mar same, wf Luckow. 12/98

Heindl [1162] Michael (1870-1936) d St. Marys, Elk Co., PA, wf Stebich; *Haindl Johann Baptist (1841-1913) b Johanasbrunn, Bavaria, wf Lion; *Michael (1812-1876) b Radlkofen, Bavaria, wf *Bleibrunner. 12/1998

Herbstritt [1162] Peter (1840-1902) d St. Marys, Elk Co., PA, wf Wortman; *Herbstrith Charles (1811-1863) b Ettenheimweiler, Baden, wf *Paul; *Johann (1774-1840) b same, *Wetter; Franz (1741-1806) b same, wf Hammer; Franz (1700-?) b same, wf Muller. 12/98

Herrscher [1165] William Arthur (1922-liv) b Detroit, MI, wf Stadler; William Frederick (1895-1975) b Grand Rapids, MI, wf Dietz; George Michael (1858-1935) d Germany, wf Bardtka (Bartka?); John (?-?) res Langenburg, Gerabronn, Germany, wf Rosina ?. 1/99

Hinck [1164] Helmuth Henry Christopher (1887-1953) b New York City, wf Haarmann; Henry John (1861-1934) b Brooklyn, New York, wf Hinck; *Christopher Andrew (1831-1916) b Kehdingbruch, Germany, wf Fliedner. 12/98

Holzberger [1184] Anna (1837-1903) b Deutsch-Mokra, Hungary, sp Zauner; Johann (1798-1877) b same, wf Roth; Michael (ca 1770-?) b Langbath am Gmundner See, Austria, wf Reissenbüchler (Reissenbuechler / Reissenbuchler). 6/00

Hoy [1180] Grace Evelyn (1881-1939) b Mt. Pulaski, Illinois, sp McVey; Lewis J. (1838-1909) b Schuylkill Co, PA, wf Tilbury; William (1812-1864) d Orwigsburg, PA, wf Stichter; Phillip (1765-1844) d Schuykill Co, PA, wf Gilbert; Heu Albrecht (1737-1809) b Germany, wf Snavely; Johan Carle (1709/10-1780) b same, wf Schaurer. 3/00

Huppke [1172] Caroline (1860-1950) res Kir Spil Lauken, Labiau, Germany, sp Mattke; Andreas (ca1840-?) res Germany, wf Marie ?. 10/99

Jahnke [1176] Emilia Caroline (1863-1922) b Maine?, sp Redman; August (1833-1919) res Ossawa, Prussia, wf Domjahn; Karl (?-?) res West Prussia, wf Schwonke. 6/99

Joehlin [1178] *Mary Katherine (1856-1941) b Eichirdetten, Baden, Germany, sp Berger; *George Jacob (1828-1904) res Oregon, Ohio, wf Schmidt; Matthias (?-?) res Germany, wf Schumacher. 12/99

Kais [1184] Sidonia (1835-1884) b Königsthal / Dombo (Koenigsthal / Dombo, Konigsthal / Dombo), Hungary, sp Müller (Mueller / Muller); Peter (ca 1815-?) b Deutsch-Mokra, Hungary, wf Ilausky / Ilavsky; ? (ca 1790-?) b same, wf?; Kälß (Kaelss / Kalss) Mathias (1753-?) b Ischl, Austria, wf Lindemayr. 6/00

Kaseman [1179] Marlin Wesley (1904-1958) b Shamokin, PA, wf Middleton; George F. (1874-1955) d same, wf Moser; Joseph P. (1837-1920) d same ?, wf Startzel; Joseph (1811-1853) d Ohio?, wf Haas; *Kaseman / Kaeszmann Friedrich Wilhelm (1760-1867) b Nassau, Dilbourne (Dillenburg), Germany, wf Huntzinger (Huner) 2/00

Kesler [1170] Rachel (1857-1858) b Lima, Allen Co., OH, sp Taylor; Josiah (1833-1865) b Elida same, wf Stemen; Abraham (1809-1891) b same, wf Shupe; Peter (1783-1862) b Lancaster Co., PA wf Bowman; Johann Mattheus (1757-abt 1818), wf ? 6/99

Klemmer [1172] Bertha (1850-1944) b Frankfurt, Germany, sp Klotz; Gottlieb (ca1828-?) res Bachorz, Germany, wf?. 10/99

Klemmer [1172] Caroline Henrietta (1846-1917) b Bachorz, Germany, sp Koehn; Gottlieb (ca1820-?) res same, wf ?. 10/99

Kobler [1174] Mary (1870-1922) b Chicago, Cook, Illinois, sp Spuck; *Johann Jacob Albert (1834-1900) b Ruthi, Switzerland, wf Allgeier; Jacob (1811-1869) b same, wf Büchel (Buechel / Buchel). 9/99

Koehn (Kane) [1172] *Bertha Caroline (1870-1952) m Morristown, Edford, Henry, Illinois, sp Kukuk; *Frederick August (1843-1931) b Zandersdorf, Konitz, Germany, wf Klemmer; Erdmann (1820?-?) m same, wf Zoddel. 10/99

Krause [1157] Carl Christian Frederick (1817-1887) b Eisenberg, Thurin., Germany, wf Zimmerman; Johann Michael (?-?) res same, wf Kreiss; Johann Frederick Gotthard ((?-?), wf Bohm. 8/00

Krause [1157] Albert Herman (1875-1942) d Inglewood, Los Angeles Co, CA, wf Burger; Herman Agustus (1854-1928) b Bloomington, McLean, IL, wf(1) Fletcher, (2) Leak; Carl Christian Frederick (1817-1987) b Eisenberg, Thuringia, wf *Zimmerman; Johann Michael (?-?) b same wf Kress; Johann Frederick Gotthard (?-?) b Germany wf ?. 11/98

Kreuscher [1160] *Philipena (1853-1939) b Lollbach, Hesse Homberg, sp Freitag; *Karl (1818-1901) res Paris, Kenosha, WI, wf Herz; Johannes (1776-1857) d Lollbach, Hesse Homberg, wf Schwenk; Johann "Jacob" (1748-1821) b same, wf Allenbacher; Johann Phillip (1719-?) b same, wf Fritz; Johann Christian (1689-1761) b same, wf Herrman; Adolf Ludwig (1650-1705) b same, wf Anna Margaretha; Nicolaus (ca1596-1682) d same, wf Margaretha. 12/98

Krichbaum [1184] Martha (1792-?) b Deutsch-Mokra, Hungary, sp Reisenbüchler (Reisenbuechler / Reisenbuchler); Kriechbaum Johann (ca 1735-?) b Ischl, Austria, wf Reiss. 6/00

Krohn [1187] Augusta Matilda (1857-1945) b?, sp Wiese; Christian d?, wf Westphal. 7/00

Krüdener (Kruedener / Krudener) [1174] *Dorothee (1851-1917) b Königsmark (Koenigsmark / Konigsmark), Sachsen, Germany, sp Wacker; Georg Christian (1785?-1856) d same, wf Kosbau; Friedrich, wf Fischer. 9/99

Kukuk [1172] Charles Fred (1895-1974) d Huron, Beadle, South Dakota, wf Lutter, Mattke; *Albert Franz (1871-1946) m Morristown, Edford, Henry, Illinois, wf Koehn; *Friedrich Wilhelm (1842-1922) b Konitz, Germany, wf Boehm, Ristau. 10/99

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