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ON AN FHL Microform

(mf = microfilm = mf or fiche = microfiche)

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Latest Update: 1 March 2000

Frequently Asked Question:

Can you please tell me what information is on the microform (microfilm or microfiche). I have found (blah-bla-bla) listed on FHL # (7 digit number)

Can you help, or if not, I would appreciate knowing who can help. Thank you for your consideration.


Webmaster's Frequent Answer:

Six steps (with no omissions, please):

1) Look up the address and telephone number of your nearest LDS FHC (Family History Center) in your telephone book.

(clue #1) - When in doubt, look under "Church of Jesus Christ (of LDS)", then under FHC.

(Clue #2) - AS of 1999 there are over 3,200 of them in 60 countries, including all US states and all Canadian provinces. They are growing at about 200 a year, so you should be able to find one nearby, unless you live in the desert or the wilds of Alaska or maybe the Canadian Yukon or Ruusian Siberia ... (See East European list below)

2) Call them and determine when it is open. Establish their visiting days and evenings and hours.

3) Visit a FHC when it is open.

4) Bring along that microform # and anything else you know about it.

5) Order the film or fiche out from Salt Lake City to the FHC for a few US dollars or the equivalent in your national currency.

6) Return to the FHC in a few weeks after it has arrived and find out what there is to find ...

Clue #3) No, you can't take the film home or out of the FHC - it can only be viewed at the FHC where you ordered it.

Clue #4) No, the books at the FHL (Family History Library) do NOT circulate ... don't even ask.

See the latest Continental Europe "Country FHC List" below:

Continental Europe "Country FHC List" - Street Name (when known, as of April 1998:

Austria Belgium Denmark Finland European Area Family History Service Center France Germany American Servicemen Centers in Germany Hungary Italy Netherlands Norway: (4) Portugal: (11)
  • Including Lisboa - Ave. Almirante Gago Countinho Scandinavia Family History Service Center Spain: (14) Sweden Switzerland: Webmaster's Note: