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Some material on some news sites does not meet the FEEFHS standard for diversity, harmony and unit. We have made an attempt to block stories that would not be appropriate for this site.

Be warned that not everything here will be relevant - for every interesting story there might be 10 that are little more than ads for local events. We expect, however, that this summary will usually contain a few nuggets to make it worth coming back.

Vancouver Sun

Doctor says family masterpieces stolen in 1933 among Nazi loot
Vancouver Sun
But Hulton said that they were breaking the spirit of the 1998 Washington accords when Germany and other countries agreed to speedy restitution of Nazi-plundered works. "The German bureaucratic language carries a very nasty taste for those of us who ...

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Readers share their tales of the First World War
The two men had been serving in the York and Lancaster Regiment in the Salonika Campaign in the Balkans, where Allied forces had been sent, initially to support Serbia against the combined attack by Germany, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria. By the time ...

Ilie Wacs And Deborah Strobin, Holocaust Survivors, Search For SS Officer ...
Huffington Post
Alois alerted the Wachs of the upcoming pogrom, and urged them to leave Austria before August 31, 1939, which was the day before Germany invaded Poland and World War II broke out. Ilie Wacs, who was eleven at the time, recalls how Alois' protection ...

Lawrason and d'Amato's take on Vintages, Nov. 9 release
National Post
And by the way; he had no family history in the region, making it easier to test drive new ideas. Ratti's Marcenasco has been my go-to Barolo for a while now (love the aromatics). ... Not uncommonly aged in large Slovenia oak casks for a more delicate ...

Sacrifice and service
Republican Eagle
The artifacts of his family history, as well as hundreds of other pieces from World War II, will be on display to the public this weekend at Cockriel's newly opened Cannon Falls Military History Museum at his home off County Road 24. A labor of love ...

When a Piece of History Washed Ashore, Facebook Helped Me Get It Home
He became one of the first Army officers to take parachute training, and shortly after the invasion of Normandy, he parachuted with the 82nd Airborne Division into Southern France where he joined the Allied forces in their defeat of Nazi Germany. After ...

Tributes for Nov. 9
Greeley Tribune
His studies inspired an appreciation for other cultures and led him to travels throughout the United States, Europe, Russia and Mexico. Rod appreciated culture, art, and .... Inez enjoyed word puzzles, traveling and genealogy. She volunteered many ...

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The Guardian

US Eagles set for tough test against Maori All Blacks in Philadelphia
The Guardian
... a challenge thrown down to the opposing team. All New Zealand teams perform a haka but the Maori All Blacks - branded to identify with the world-famous national team but a separate entity, selected on genealogical grounds - perform a haka ...

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Picturing a Family's History: Hanover Woman Uncovers Relatives' Plight in ...
Valley News
At her home in Hanover, N.H., on Nov. 7, 2013 Dena Rueb Romero looks over family photographs. Romero has worked with a German woman to piece together the history behind family photos that were brought over from Germany when some of Romero's ...

Son of Prairie veterans recounts family history of military service
Columbia Valley Pioneer
Jim's father, Colin Allan, along with one of Jim's three uncles, Colin's brother Donald Allan, was a part of the South Saskatchewan regiment from 1939 to 1945. Between his posts in Italy, France, Germany and Libya, Colin achieved the rank of Staff ...

Local Organization Celebrates 10th Anniversary
The Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society (AAHGS), a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization, was founded in 1977 in Washington, D.C., by a group of historians and genealogists. ... Henriette E. Cain received the Marsha M. Greenlee, AAHGS History ...

Thirty Bucks and a Dream - The True Story of an American Immigrant Family- a ...
WebWire (press release)
A sixteen year old Jewish boy from Romania leaves his homeland and travels to America, only dreaming of the possibilities that await him. Thirty Bucks and ... Fifty years of family history and historical events come alive in the saga of Thirty Bucks ...

When The Dragonflies Come Out
Yet people believe Japan will ultimately go the way of Germany, which has now decommissioned all its nuclear plants. Opinion ... Another regular at the Friday protests is Prof Oguma Eiji, author of the quite brilliant work, A Genealogy of Japanese Self ...

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'Night of Broken Glass' worth remembering - and retelling - 75 years later
Chicago Sun-Times
Before the orchestrated outburst in Germany and Austria ended the next day, at least 91 Jews were killed, hundreds of synagogues destroyed and 7,500 Jewish-owned businesses trashed and looted. Sunday marks the 75th ... He seemed embarrassed to admit he ...

Kennedy assassination, legacy fills TV screens, memory
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Part one focuses on Kennedy family history, PT-109, his courtship of Jackie and how his father's accommodationist views shape JFK's more hawkish positions. Part two concerns the presidency and looks at Russia, the Bay of Pigs, civil rights and ...

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Secrets and prayers
Pueblo Chieftain
A foray into family history inspired this Puebloan's novel about German immigrants who settled in North Dakota. What makes "Whispered Secrets Whispered Prayers" by Donna Mack more than just a coming-to-America saga is the fact these Germans' ancestors ...

Inspired By History, A Novelist Writes Of Jewish South Africa
Together they dream of moving to a house in a better suburb - one that will have room for the sisters she still hopes, despite the passage of time and anti-Jewish immigration laws, to rescue from Lithuania. Spurred by her blind faith, Isaac leaves ...

Genealogical Society to hear letters from WWII veteran
Keyser Mineral Daily News Tribune
These letters reveal events and experiences during the time he served our country and was serving in southern Germany and France. This is a glimpse into World War II, experienced by one our our Mineral County citizens--his impression and his wartime ...

Gottfried Wagner on the Holocaust opera 'Lost Childhood'
Baltimore Sun
Those young and old Germans who are really interested in this topic and understand the connection between German and family history will see it positively. Janice and I experienced that during our lectures about the opera-in-progress in Germany several ...

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Author Robert K. Massie's battles lead to triumph in literary field
The Tennessean
Massie's Pulitzer Prize-winning exploration of the Russian Romanov dynasty includes works on Nicholas and Alexandra, Peter the Great and the fall of Imperial Russia. His most .... Entrenched in the family history, Massie then uncovered the life of ...

Don't forget to thank a veteran
Thomaston Times
There is a long line of veterans on both sides of my family, with ancestors serving back as far as the Revolutionary War, however I admittedly do not know much more about my family's history than that. I do know that both of my grandfathers were in the ...

MANVILLE: Padgett family bleeds red, white and blue
Packet Online
The Padgett family - both men and women - of Manville has a proud family history of serving the country in the military. Resident Floyd ... Dayne was taught to be a Russian linguist and was sent to Lindsey Air Station in Wiesbaden, Germany. He was ...

Event briefs
Kenosha News
KENOSHA - Elsie Mae's Canning and Pies, 5507 Sixth Ave., will host the next Meet the Farmer event from 3 to 5:45 today. Tim and Lois Fulton from Old Corbett Road Apiary in Somers will offer tastes of local honey, free cookie and coffee for visiting ...

In Their Life: Mary Bennett, Savanna House Restaurant
Suburban Life Publications
Patrons at Savanna House, Mary Bennett's homestyle restaurant in Wadsworth, can see goldfinches eating at feeders just outside the windows of the veranda room, with the Lake County prairie as the backdrop while they dine on home-made corn muffins and ...

PR Web (press release)

AncestorEbooks Announces the 14th Annual Czechoslovak Genealogical ...
PR Web (press release)
There are two sessions that are geared directly to the Czechoslovakian research, T2: 'Language Handbook for Traveling and Genealogy Research in Slovakia.' scheduled for Thursday Morning, and Transportation and T6: 'Language Handbook for Traveling ...

The Baylor Lariat

Stitched memories: Johnston's quilts tell her story
The Baylor Lariat
"They're also related to me and my experiences there and also my family history. I grew up in the ... Johnston's quilts have been shown in numerous solo exhibitions around the world from Germany to New Zealand and now Waco. She has also written four ...

Daily Mail

With Britain's population set to grow by 10 million... The dangerous liberal ...
Daily Mail
A photo of my grandfather sits in front of me: he came here from Germany in search of a better life, married an English girl, had six young children and yet still faced anti-immigrant racism during World War I as a 'Hun'. His name was included on a ...

Jewish Daily Forward (blog)

Masha Leon Remembers Chana Mlotek
Jewish Daily Forward (blog)
With my husband Yosl Mlotek I tried to continue work of former deceased collectors and researchers in Eastern Europe and the United States... We resurrected ... Each song represents an individual's genealogy we tried to trace." There is a saying that ...

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'Between Shades of Gray' chosen for Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Reads 2014
The Ann Arbor News - MLive.com
"Between Shades of Gray," her first novel, was inspired by her family's history in Lithuania and is published in 40 countries. Her new novel, "Out of the Easy," is set in the French Quarter of New Orleans in 1950. A historical tale of secrets and lies ...

Progress Index

Library archivist brings city history to life
Progress Index
Langford started working for the library in 1996, at the circulation desk. In 2001, her interest in Hopewell history piqued when she decided, for genealogy purposes, to archive obituaries from The Progress-Index to be preserved on micro-film. She ...

Huffington Post UK

Genealogy Efforts Beyond Your Family: Consider Expanding
Huffington Post UK
My first step in this direction was when I came across the long-lost works of Hugo Chotek, the Czech-American newspaperman and author who wrote about the earliest Czech immigrants to Cleveland, Ohio. It took well over a year and a half, but my firm, ...

In Soviet Russia, Art Make You!: Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here
The L Magazine
The Kabakovs are not your typical artist couple. First of all, they're related: during a family-history excursion in Russia, we visit the courtyard that was once shared by Ilya Kabakov's father and Emilia Kabakov's grandmother, who were either cousins ...

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College celebrates present through the past
Port Huron Times Herald
Saundra Gullett and Peggy Perkins of the Grand Blanc Family History Center will lead the workshops. There also will be a meet and greet from ... "SC4 currently has students from Canada, Yemen, Germany and Nigeria. And the high school students are from ...

FrontPage Magazine

Defying Evil: Albert Camus and His Century
FrontPage Magazine
Nobody diagnosed as precisely as the author of The Plague the genealogy and the consequences of twentieth century demonic nihilism. In her book Camus: A Romance (Grove Press, 2009), Elizabeth Hawes ... That year, 1960, news from Romania were even worse ...

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Norton Vietnam veteran urges others to tell families of their service
Norton Mirror
Slattery said this generation does not know what a Communist state is and even when he visited Russia 10 years ago, Slattery said he was surprised by how intrusive the government was. "I know people sacrificed their family life for two or three years ...

Act II Previews for November 2013
Spirit Newspapers
Premiere number 1 marks the return of Gabrielle Lamb with "STATIONS OF MERCURY" based on explorations of ancestry, family ghosts and Gabrielle's interest in her own family's genealogy. These family oriented ideas shape the design of her ballet. Adam ...

Lives Lived: Gene Assad, 59
The Globe and Mail
This family history may explain why Gene arrived three days late. ... They travelled Europe together, getting lost in Amsterdam and Germany's Black Forest and in the driving rain of the mountains while attempting - not always succeeding - to pitch a tent.

The River Cities Sunday Tribune

From Oklahoma to North Pole: Highland Lakes veteran recounts history
The River Cities Sunday Tribune
Kelln, a first-generation American of German immigrants, has traced his family's history back several generations. His family members were among those who settled in Russia before eventually immigrating to the United States, where they mostly found ...

HILLIS: Ancestries blurred, we are simply 'American'
Marquette Tribune
At some point before graduating high school we were likely asked to write a report on our family history. Where our ancestors emigrated from, how long they have been in the United States, in what ways that history influences our families' traditions ...

Library program this evening will offer Jewish history lesson
Tarboro Daily Southerner
"It will educate people on the Jewish population here," said Pam Edmondson, local history and genealogical specialist at the library. "I'm looking forward to it; I'm very excited." This evening's program is free, and is part of ... The University Halle ...

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