Names from Kernei, Batschka, and Privlaka, Syrmien

Provided by Emmanuelle Gaertner of Mulhouse, France

The following full names are from the genealogy page of Emmanuelle Gaertner of Mulhouse France, in southern Alsace near Switzerland. Many of her ancestors lived at Kernei (Batschka) and Privlaka (Syrmien) from 1678 until about 1945.

They are listed with full names when known.

- Suzanna ADAMS - born GÄRTNER
- Jakob ADAMS

- Magdalena AMSTAD - born GÄRTNER
- Mathias AMSTAD

Banat: The Romanian GAP

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The Record and Archives for the Romanian Banat

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The Banat Middle Age archives [1], particularly those up to the 18th century, suffered significant damage over time. Fortunately, the post 1716 records regarding the history of the Banat, under the domination of the House of Habsburg, have survived in better condition.

Banat Primary Sources

Primary records are original records: birth certificates, death certificates, family bibles, parish records, census data, etc. Secondary sources are published genealogies, compilations of public records, data obtained from third parties, data obtained from electronic media, interviews with relatives, etc.

The principal form of primary data for the Banat (after you've interviewed Aunt Catharina and Uncle Mathias and rummaged through the old shoe box) are