Guide to Assisting Your Genealogy Passion & Reducing Taxes

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(by Walter R. Knepper CPA)

1040 tax form

Making the decision to support charitable organizations can be complex. You must consider your overall wealth management strategy and seek assistance from your CPA or financial planner. You also need to consider your overall current income goals and how you’d like to see your contribution benefit the organization.


Slovenian Research

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The basic sources for Slovenian ancestry are church registers back to the 17th century. Historically, Slovenia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the early 1780s, Emperor Joseph II restructured the parishes, creating new parishes and moving some villages from one parish to another. He wished to limit the time required to get to the parish church and reduce the size of larger parishes. A tabular format for the registers was adopted in 1770 and modified in 1784. The earliest registers are Roman Catholic. Evangelical registers were mandated in 1782, Jewish in 1779, Orthodox in 1864, Old Catholic in 1877, Baptist in 1905, and Muslim in 1927.


What is FEEFHS?

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FEEFHS, or the Foundation of East European Family History Studies, understands itself as a portal to research in Eastern and Southern Europe, including the German territories that are no longer part of the German Empire.


Why Attend a FEEFHS Conference?

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Why attend a FEEFHS conference is not a difficult question to answer. To start with, the core conference is a 3-day workshop, filled with three parallel tracks of classes. In addition to that, there are 2-day pre-conference workshops with the goal of enhancing specific research skills.

The presenters are researchers who know what they are talking about since many of them have been performing genealogical research for decades at an advanced level.