Announcing the 2021 FEEFHS conference

The decision has been made: the 2021 FEEFHS conference will be online.

The conference with (probably) 66 different classes will be on August 11-13, 2021 (Wednesday-Friday). Planned are four different classes simultaneously.

And here is the good news. In the past you had to choose which of the classes to attend and which to miss. In 2021 you don't have to miss one single class since all sessions will be recorded and posted on our website for a time to all conference attendees (lock-in will be required).

We are still working on the schedule and the speaker setup. The following tracks will be available (in alphabetical order):

  • Austro-Hungarian track
  • DNA track
  • German track
  • Germans from Russia track
  • Jewish track
  • Polish track
  • Resources track
  • Russian track

As soon as the schedule is set in stone, it will go online. Registration is planned to open early next year. Please look for updates.