Preliminary Conference Schedule 2020

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conference 2020 tentive schedule

We are excited to give you a sneak-preview of our 2020 conference, held in Salt Lake City from August 3rd – 7th. This year we will offer four simultaneous classes.

Our conference will also include several new speakers, including speakers that haven’t presented for several years, such as Prof. Roger Minert, Kory Meyerink, Janette Silverman, Daniel Horowitz, and Ceil Jensen. The complete list of speakers in alphabetical order is listed at the bottom of this page.

The full schedule (with times and room assignments) will be published very soon. 



As in past years, the first two days are taught as hands-on workshops. As of now, we have confirmed the following workshops:

Mapping Your Ancestors: How to Personalize Vintage Maps – Migration, Emigration, and Immigration

Tracing Immigrant Origins

Working with Various German Documents


Main Conference

So far, we have chosen the following classes:


Russian track

Russian (Soviet) WWI and WWII Military Records Online and in Archives

Russian Church Record

Russian Government Records

Russian Maps & Gazetteers

Russian Research Case Study

Russia Online Sources

Baltic States Research


Germans from Russia / Russo-German tracks

Germans from Russia: An Overview

Germans from Russia: Revision Lists

Germans from Russia: Locating the Town with Websites and Gazetteers

Coming from the East: Little Known Resources for Tracing Germans from Russia

Russian resources for Russo-German research


Polish track

Introduction to Polish Research

Polish Historical Geography

Genealogy Societies - A Survey Genealogy Societies in North America and Poland

Advanced Polish Genealogy - Sto Lat: A Modern Guide to Polish Genealogy

Polish Online Research Part 1 - Introduction and Russian Partition

Polish Online Research Part 2 - Prussian and Austro-Hungarian Partitions

The Blue Army, Grey Samaritans, & the White Cross: Polish Americans in France, 1917-1920—A Genealogical Toolbox

Finding Polish Records

Reading Polish Records


Austro-Hungarian track

I have a place name! Now what? Identifying Place Names in the lands of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire

Introduction to Hungarian research

Austrian Family History Research

Austro-Hungarian Empire Geography

Austrian Military Research

You think FamilySearch has everything? Think twice. Offline sources for Croatian genealogy.

Online and offline sources for Slovenian genealogy.


Jewish track

Challenges in Jewish Ancestral Research

When Gravestones Lie

Crossing the Ocean: Finding Your European History

Immigration History: Laws, Documents and the Story Within

Reuniting Holocaust Survivors

Introduction to Reading Hebrew Handwriting: Circumcision & Burial Records

Jewish Research in Hungary

Basics of Jewish Genealogy


German track

Early German Immigration—Where they came from, where they settled, and when they migrated

Has it Already Been Done? German Compiled Records

Introduction to German Phonetics as it Applies to the Spelling of Personal Names (or: “How can Tiefendörfer and Diependerper be the same family?”) Even better than 

Essential Resources for Research in Pomerania,

Essential Resources for Research in East and West Prussia

An overview of, online sources, connections and more. Beginning German Research

German Geography

Meyers Gazetteer now Online: Indexed and fully Searchable

German Internet - Some Very Useful Websites

Using Historical newspapers learn more about your German Ancestor

Strategies for solving German research problems

Find Your German Ancestor Now!

Silesia or Schlesien? Which is it? It’s BOTH!

Facebook or FamilySearch Communities? Stumped on how social media may be a benefit to your German research?

German Census Records & Civil Registration Records

German Church Records & Beyond: Deepening Research With Town Records


Resources track

Working in Records Containing Mixed Languages

What Were You Thinking?

Using My Heritage Search Engine for Eastern Europe Research

Plan Your Roots Trip to Eastern Europe Efficiently

Hiring a Local Genealogist in Eastern Europe


DNA track

[Classes not confirmed yet]


Speakers for the 2020 conference in alphabetical order (by family name):

Adam, Edie                         Jensen, Ceil                                       Levine, Lindsay                  Sambunjak, Lidija

Adams, Annette                 Johnson, Baerbel                             Meyerink, Kory                 Sher, Joanne M.

Andrus, Camille                 Jones, Daniel                                    Meynes, Jilline                   Silverman, Janette

Edlund, Thom                    Juengling, Fritz                                 Minert, Roger P.                 Trotter, Suzanne M.

Everett, Joe                        Kacprzak, Aleksandra                      Nagy, Valentyna                 Vance, Ellie

Horlacher, Gary                 Kaiser, Taieno                                   Nelson, Greg                       Weinberg, Susan

Horowitz, Daniel               Learman, Hal                                    Pohontsch, Milan