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2017 Eastern European Family History Conference

Joe Everett provides consultation to a participant at a previous conference.
Please Join Us:

July 17-21, 2017
Plaza Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah

The 2017 conference information will be posted in early Spring at the link below:
Conference Information and Registration

FEEFHS - Name and Focus

Thom Edlund, President of FEEFHS, receives award for 20 years of service in 2013.
Under the direction of Thom Edlund, President, FEEFHS changed its name to the Foundation for East European Family History Studies in 2014. Formerly called the Federation of East European Family History Societies, FEEFHS was organized in 1992 as an umbrella organization for many organizations that focused their research efforts on areas of East Europe and Transcaucasia. The Federation provided a Web portal and published a journal distributed to members. As technology evolved and member societies grew, these services became less relevant, and FEEFHS discontinued the journal and membership fees in 2009.

With this change, Edlund will "direct the energies of the organization toward indexing and other record discovery projects," expanding the offerings of the FEEFHS Web site as a resource to all East European researchers. As a Foundation, the organization will be able to "coordinate and collaborate its efforts with others wishing to participate with or fund such projects." FEEFHS will continue to place a high level of emphasis on providing educational opportunities to researchers.

We invite you to peruse our resource directory, map library, journals archive, event calendar, conference information, and join our e-lists and Facebook chats.

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For the full list, go to our Resource directory.

Please note that FEEFHS does not undertake research for individuals.
This website is a resource to help you get started.
In addition, we encourage you to contact societies specializing in your area. Also, check the Wiki at FamilySearch for possible sources. You could also try mailing lists, the forums which help genealogists share their problems and solutions.

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