Palatine Index - A

The 147-page genealogy reference book, Pal-Index (Palatine Index 1727-1775), containing a 129-page index of about 6,500 Palatines, was self-published by the author, Charles M. Hall, in 1979. He also published two copyright editions of the Palatine Pamphlet, which contains a list of the sources used in the Pal-Index as well as a short list of other Palatine-related indices.

History of Alsace and Lorraine

By Sue Clarkson

copyright © 1997-2017 by Sue Clarkson; all rights reserved.

Notes from: Ruth Putnam. "Alsace and Lorraine from Caesar to Kaiser: 58 B.C. - 1871 A.D." New York and London: G.P Putnam's and Sons, 1915.

The histories of Alsace and Lorraine, while similar, are not identical. The following shows changes in the regions over the time period 843 - 1871.