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About Zichydorf Village Association

What Is the Zichydorf Village Association?

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PURPOSE: Gather, share, and preserve information about Zichydorf and the immediately surrounding area and the families whose history is associated.

A. Complete each individual member's family history.

B. Put these histories in context - pre-Zichydorf, Zichydorf, post-Zichydorf, relationships to other families, what became of those who stayed behind.

C. Create a legacy of information for future generations.

OBJECTIVES - methods of achieving goals:

1. Search out others with information about Zichydorf and families from Zichydorf.

...a. Internet - web pages, e-mail lists

...b. letter-writing

...c. awareness campaign - media, mail, telephone, attendance at genealogical events

2. Create database of what information is available and who has it to facilitate sharing and avoid duplication of effort.

...a. post to Internet

...b. make available on paper to those not connected

3. Accumulate physical resources.

...a. WHAT

------ Zichydorf church records on microfilm

------ books - Achtzener's and others, translations if possible

------ maps - spanning time and geography

------ family and local histories

...b. WHERE

------ Internet

------ Saskatchewan Genealogical Society library

ZVA Membership

We welcome all members, whether they pay dues or not. We value what each member can contribute to our common knowledge.

We hope, however, that you will also contribute financially. We suggest a one time contribution of $25 that goes to our library fund. We, in turn, contribute your donation to the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS) which purchases items we specify. You will receive a tax receipt from the SGS for your charitable contribution.

In addition we ask that you pay an annual $10 to help operate the association. The operating funds support our Internet web site, our attendance at the SGS Family History Fair, newsletter printing and mailing, and the cost of searching for new members and information by mail.

If you are an e-mail member you may think that a contribution is not warranted because we do not use postage to serve you directly. Remember though that there is a cost to maintain our web site and that, through the mail, we may find people or information that is invaluable to you. We will gladly do all the work, but we hope you will help us carry the financial load.

Please make cheques payable to: Zichydorf Village Association, 2274 Baldwin Bay, Regina, SK, Canada, S4V 1H2.

To register for our researcher list, please send the following information:

Your surname:

Surnames you are interested in or have info on:

Your address:




Postal code:




Computer program that you use:

Resources that you have that you could refer to for others (books, maps, family trees, etc.)