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Galizien German Descendants Issues 25-36

Past Issues of the Galizien German Descendants Newsletter

GGD Newsletter #25 - January 2001
Das Kolonisationswerk Josef II in Galizien - First half of Chapter 14
Critical Opinions of the Colonization, Ludwig Schneider's work, film 1256477, translated by Daniella Martin and Leona and Fred Rosenmeier. pages 1-3
Finding Former German Localities Now in Poland by Raymond S. Wright III, Ph.D., A.G. pages 3-7 formerly published in FEEFHS Quarterly Vol. VI, #1-4 1998

Galizien German Descendants Issues 1-12

Past Issues of the Galizien German Descendants Newsletter

GGD Newletter #1, January 1995

Beginning Research Methodology
Determine Places of Origin Using Maps & Gazetteers Interested in Writing your Family Records in Book Format?
Mennonite Christmas and New Years
Recipe - Portzilkas
A History of Galicia
Sharing Our Heritage (Members Surnames/Villages) Messages from Members
Can You Help?
For the Computer Dis-Advantaged
Books to Share With Members

Galizien German Descendants Newsletter

© copyright 1996-2003 by GGD; all rights reserved

The newsletter is dedicated to family history research of the German descendants from the Austrian province of Galicia.

We welcome all to become members. You may send us your surnames and villages for inclusion in our newsletter without membership. We started in October 1994 with two members and had almost one hundred members in early April 1996. Our group shares research and assists one another with search problems. We have begun translating articles from German into English and are printing them in our newsletters.

Galizien German Surnames - Steinau Village

Surnames from Steinau (Nisko) Galicia from circa 1780 to early 1800's
Copyright © 1998 by Dolores Schick and FEEFHS; all rights reserved


Dolores Schick is the Village Coordinator for Steinau, and a member of Galizien German Descendants. She sent Galizien German Descendants the following information: "I would like to share the surnames I have found who lived in Steinau (Administrative district: Nisko) from the 1780's and into the early 20th century.

Austrian Census Returns 1869-1890

Austrian Census Returns 1869-1890 with Emphasis on Galicia

By Johnathan Shea, A.G.

Reprinted from the Journal of the Polish Genealogical Society of the NorthEast", Vol 7, No. 1 (1990) with the full authorization of the copyright owner.

© copyright 1997, Polish Genealogical Society of the Northwest and Jonathan Shea, all rights reserved