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Class Descriptions, Jilline Maynes

Following are the class descriptions for classes taught by Jilline Maynes.


Census Records for Czechia

Want to learn more about your Czech ancestors? Come and discover them through census records. Many of these records for are digitized and available online to enhance your research and understanding of your ancestors’ lives. Learn when they were created, their content, and how to access them.


German Civil Registration Records

Discover why civil registration records are among the top sources for German research. These records are vital to expanding your family history and many are conveniently available online. Come and develop your knowledge of these records, including their content, availability, accessibility, and how to incorporate them into your research.


Online German-Language Newspapers

Bring your German-speaking ancestors to life through newspapers. Digitization and Fraktur-reading software have brought historic German-language newspapers into the spotlight. Expand your understanding of this record group – and your ancestors – by learning what countries created them and how to access them online.