Annette Unrau

Annette Unrau
Annette Unrau
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Presenter, Media contact
As a native German from Hamburg,  Annette takes immense interest in German genealogy, emigration and consulting others in discovering their heritage.  Annette i

New FEEFHS president announced

Submitted by milanct on Thu, 08/04/2022 - 07:46

Thom Edlund has stepped down after 14 years as the president of FEEFHS, the Foundation for East European Family History Studies. Under his leadership, FEEFHS was transformed from a federation of societies to an organization dedicated to indexing and other record discovery projects.


Guide to Assisting Your Genealogy Passion & Reducing Taxes

Submitted by milanct on Thu, 03/23/2017 - 08:52

(by Walter R. Knepper CPA)

1040 tax form

Making the decision to support charitable organizations can be complex. You must consider your overall wealth management strategy and seek assistance from your CPA or financial planner. You also need to consider your overall current income goals and how you’d like to see your contribution benefit the organization.



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