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Past Conference - 2001 Milwaukee

Ramada Inn South Airport, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Friday 5 October - Sunday 7 October, 2001



OCT 5, FRI, 8:30-9:30
Finding Places in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova / Mehr
German Naming Patterns: What is Known and Area for Further Study / Eakle
Canadian Immigration Records / Obee
Using the Internet for Genealogy: Sites, Tools and Netiquette / Jensen

OCT 5, FRI, 9:45-10:45
Bukovina/Galicia Panel / Ellingson, Zoglauer, Mehr
Northern German Genealogy / Wolfert
Using U.S. Census Records to Identify and Trace Immigrant Ancestors / Eakle
Catholic Immigration from Germany to Washington County, Wisconsin / Von Haden

OCT 5, FRI, 11:00-12:00
Croatian Research / Edlund
Using Archives and Libraries for Pomeranian Research / Wehrmann
Overcoming Obstacles in Tracing the 20th Century European Immigrant / Valasek
Internet for Beginners in Czech Republic and Slovakia Research / Herrick

OCT 5, FRI, 2:00-3:00
Regarding Volhynian History / Janke
Southern German Genealogy / Wolfert
Jewish Research in Eastern Europe / Edlund
Scanning Documents for Genealogy: Photos, Documents and Maps / Jensen

OCT 5, FRI, 3:15-4:15
Austria-Hungary for Genealogists: Sources, History, Geography / Gardiner
Where Pomeranians Came From and Why They Left / Boehlke
Locating Jewish Records in the Family History Library Catalog / Goodstein-Hilton
Polish Army in France during World War I / Valasek

OCT 5, FRI, 4:30-5:30
Bukovina Networking / Ellingson
Immigrant Genealogical Society Pommern SIG Workshop #1 / Wehrmann
Lutheran German-Russian Refugees of Harbin, China / Less
Internet for Beginners in Polish Research / Herrick

OCT 5, FRI, 6:30-8:30
Serendipity in East European Research / Smolenyak


OCT 6, SAT, 8:30-9:30
Using Maps and Gazetteers in Your Research / Obee
Borders on Wheels: German Boundary Changes / Wolfert
The Lutheran Church in Russia / Edlund
Internet Sites for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova / Mehr

OCT 6, SAT, 9:45-10:45
Imperial Russian Research / Edlund
How to Find 19th Century Polish Language Records & Unlock Their Secrets / Frazin
Galicia: Multi-Ethnic History Overview and Resources / Ellingson
Milwaukee Genealogical Resources / Bookstaff
German Genealogical Research / Movius

OCT 6, SAT, 11:00-12:00
Central Index of the German People / Edlund
A General Guide to Researching Germans from Russia / Obee
Building a Village-Based Community / Smolenyak
American Geographical Society Collection / Ristic

OCT 6, SAT, 12:15-1:30
Ramblings in Southern Ukraine / Mehr

OCT 6, SAT, 2:00-3:00
German Galizien Descendants Presentation and Panel / Stroud, Wray, Ellingson
East and West Prussia: History, Repositories, Inventories, Basic Records / Brandt
New Immigration Indexes: How to Access and Use Them / Eakle
Brick Wall Solutions Using the Internet and Family History Library / Jensen

OCT 6, SAT, 3:15-4:15
Czech and Slovak Genealogy / Gardiner
East and West Prussia: Less Common Sources and Publications / Brandt
Immigrant Steamships, 1890-1950 / Valasek
Immigrants in Northern Minnesota / Sher

OCT 6, SAT, 4:30-5:30
Things Kashubian Panel / Krbechek, Sopa, Kasuboski, Stachowicz-Cebula, Cieslewicz
Pommerscher Verein Freistadt Workshop / Gustad, Christensen
The Berlin Document Center EWZ Records / Obee
Minnesota's 1918 Alien Registration Records / Sher

OCT 6, SAT, 6:30-8:30
My Dad the Cop & Other Relatives Hanging-Out on the Family Tree / Miskimen


OCT 7, SUN, 8:30-9:30
Research in German, Russian and Austrian Poland / Schlyter
German Customs and Traditions / Wolfert
How I Found My Jewish Ancestral Names in the FHL / Goodstein-Hilton
Internet for Beginners in German Research / Herrick

OCT 7, SUN, 9:45-10:45
Slovak Parish Records: A Practicum in Reading Them on LDS Microfilms / Gardiner
What's New in German and East European Research / Movius
Genealogical Information Found on Jewish Headstones / Sher
Maximize Your Luck with the Internet / Tiwara

OCT 7, SUN, 11:00-12:00
Czech Parish Records: History and Detailed Reading / Gardiner
Researching your Jewish Ancestry in the Austro-Hungarian Empire / Schlyter
Records of the German Emigrant / Wolfert
Wisconsin Resources for Pommern Researchers Panel / Gustad

OCT 7, SUN, 2:00-3:00
Jump-Starting Your Rusyn Genealogical Research / Smolenyak
German Script can be Read in Church Records / Herrick
European Exit Documents and Migration Patterns / Eakle
World War I Draft Registration / Sher

OCT 7, SUN, 3:15-4:15
New Family History Publications in Slovenia / Klasinc
Polish Genealogy: Demonstrating the Process Through a Case Study / Schlyter
Is Your Prussian Genealogy Already Compiled? / Eakle
Lithuanian Jewish Vital Records / Mehr

OCT 7, SUN, 4:30-5:30
Baltic Genealogical Profile (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) / Mehr
Immigrant Genealogical Society Pommern SIG Workshop #2 / Wehrmann
1857--Beginning of Wisconsin's Oldest Polish Rural Settlement / Sopa