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Lecture descriptions Aleksandra Kacprzak, FEEFHS 2021

Polish Online Research Part 1 - Introduction and Russian Partition (Polish track)

Polish Online Research Part 2 - Prussian and Austro-Hungarian Partitions (Polish track)

New times, new possibilities and new challenges! This lecture will help you to not get lost in the net and do effective research on Polish websites. Genealogical research in Poland is extremely interesting because of its complexity. There were three partitions and in each of them the administration system, language, religions and type of available documents are different. It’s important to know how the Polish State Archive and Church Archive systems work. Where to look for on line recourses concerning administration affiliation of your town, family members that fought in wars, indexes of grave stones, maps and much more. Polish genealogical websites are run by State Archives, genealogical societies and private people passionate about genealogy. This lecture will show not only links to specific websites but also explain about all the possibilities that they offer. There are some websites that cover the whole territory of Poland and are useful for all partitions. There are also special on line projects that are dedicated to each partition that are less known but worth exploring. This lecture will cover general on-line resources and Russian partition. The second part of the lecture will concentrate on the Prussian and Austro-Hungarian partitions.