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2021 Conference, closing session

Closing Session Presentation – Description and Time Schedule

In Mountain Daylight Time.


Coral Beads and Poppy Seeds (Ceil Jensen), Friday August 13, 4:00 PM, Room 1

Ceil Węta Jensen will read from her new novel, Coral Beads and Poppy Seeds, a tale of four Polish women who meet on their voyage to America in 1890 and whose lives become entwined beyond their youthful imaginings. Anna from Russian Poland, Julia from West Prussia, Marianna from Posen, and Agata from Galicia navigate their way in Detroit, a thriving hub of commerce and industry. As they find jobs and husbands in the ethnic community, birth their babies, and bury loved ones, they straddle the mores and prejudices of the old and new worlds, facing myriad challenges with faith, hope, and courage.