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2021 Conference, DNA Track

DNA Track – Class Descriptions and Time Schedule (sorted by time slot)

All presentations in the DNA track are in Room 4.

All times are Mountain Daylight Time.


DNA: An Introduction to Genetic Genealogy (Beth Taylor), Wednesday August 11, 1:30 PM, Room 4

[Description will follow shortly]


DNA: I've Tested, Now What? (Beth Taylor), Wednesday August 11, 2:45 PM, Room 4

[Description will follow shortly]


The Long and Winding Road… the History of Antoni Przytula - How DNA and Databases Deliver Success (Ceil Jensen), Wednesday August 11, 4:00 PM, Room 4

The journey to find my grandfather's paternal birth family has taken decades. The careful pairing of DNA testing and online databases with parish and civil records have provided the long-sought connection. Learn how the research started with a vague family story and was solved with the use of autosomal testing and a Polish paper trail.