Lecture descriptions Joe Everett, FEEFHS 2021

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Introduction to Russian Research (Russian track)

The Russian track includes research in countries that were formerly part of the Russian Empire or U.S.S.R. This class will provide an overview of genealogy research in the region.


Russian Birth, Marriage, and Death Records (Russian track)

Learn about Russian birth, marriage, and death records, including religious and civil records. We will also discuss confession lists, which were compiled based on these records.


Russian Census, Revision, and Conscription Lists (Russian track)

Among the most important record types in Russia are various lists, included census, revision lists (census-like poll tax list), and lists used for military conscription.


Russia Archives and Online Sources Part 1 (Russian track)

Learn about how records are organized in Russian archives, methods of accessing them offline as well as online.


Russia Archives and Online Sources Part 2 (Russian track)

Learn about more examples of records from Russian archives that are accessible online on major genealogical sites and archive sites.


Russian Maps & Gazetteers (Russian track)

Learn how to use maps and gazetteers to help understand the places Russian ancestors came from.