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Lecture descriptions Valentina Nagy, FEEFHS 2021

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Hiring a Local Genealogist in Eastern Europe (Resources track)

The purpose of this presentation is to provide general advise and practical tips on how to choose and hire a professional researcher in Eastern Europe. It will help understand when it is time to seek a local assistant, how to maximize your chances for a successful research, where to search for and how to choose and contract a local researcher in your ancestral country.

Topics included:

• When you need to hire a professional genealogist

• Homework before hiring a professional genealogist

• Where to find a local researcher in Eastern Europe

• How to choose a researcher the right researcher for your project

• Fees, Costs and Payment

• Coming to an agreement (formal or informal)


Russian (Soviet) WWI and WWII Military Records Online and in Archives (Russian track)

This presentation will focus on research in the military records of Russian (Soviet) officers and soldiers during First and Second World Wars, as a valuable source, covering a vast male population of Russian Empire and/or Soviet Union. It will present the biggest online databases of these records and provide tips on how to use them for those who do not speak Russian. It will also teach how to further extend the research of the war-related records in archives in Russia and other successor countries.

Topics included:

• Best online databases to research Russian WWI records (In the memory of the heroes of the Great War of 1914-1918, The First World War, 1914–1918, Officers of the Russian Imperial Army etc.)

• Best online databases to research Soviet WWII records (Memorial, Feat of the People, Memory of the People etc.)

• How to work with Russian databases for non-Russian speakers

• How to extend research in WWI and WWII records in local archives