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Class Descriptions, Thom Edlund

Following are the class descriptions for classes taught by Thom Edlund.


Russian Metrical Books and Revision Lists

This presentation is an introduction to the study of birth, marriage, divorce and death records created by faith based institutions in Imperial Russia. Topics addressed included record discovery, archival arrangements, record structure and Russian language keywords. Excepted learning outcomes for presentation attendees include strategies for identifying records for family history research and the ability to extract genealogical information such as dates, names, geographical place and vital events.


1897 Census of the Russian Empire

This presentation provides instruction for using the 1897 all-Russia census for genealogical purposes.  A brief background to census is followed by step-by-step instructions in how to locate census records for specific Russian communities and how to interpret census returns for families and persons. Expected learning outcomes include the ability to identify census returns for relevant individuals and discovery age, religion, native language, literacy, place of residence and status within a family unit.


Russian Research Methodology

This presentation is a genealogical case study.  For an individual identified in the 1897 census returns, an ancestry tree is created using Russian language metrical books and revision lists. Presentation will focus on 19th century documents and will introduce the attendee record identification and content extraction.


Germans from Russia

[Class description will follow]