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Carpatho-Ukraine Database

Theresientaler Heimatbund / Bernreuther Karpatho-Ukraine Database of Austrian Immigrants

© copyright 1996 by Romeo Bernreuther (died in 2021); all rights reserved

In June 1996 FEEFHS contacted Romeo, who provided us with the following copyrighted information:

The Karpatho-Ukraine Database has been prepared by Romeo Bernreuther and the Theresientaler Heimatbund. "This database was established using Brothers Keeper for WIN software. Thus it can be exported in GEDCOM-format. Also an ASCII list can be created of the persons with date of birth, marriage, death and the appropriate parents"

Romeo does this work together with the President of the Theresientaler Heimatbund. "The database can not be accessed via mail or online, because there we have no way to integrate it in our BBS-software."

See also the Theresientaler Heimatbund society HomePage.

Facts about the Karpatho-Ukraine Database:

  • It contains "More than 800 Personen born between 1750-1996".
  • All are "immigrants from Austria (Salzkammergut) and their descendants".
  • Karpathen-Ukraine Villages: "Our database now contains over 800 persons from the following villages in the Karpathen-Ukraine (names german / hungarian)":
    • Deutsch Mokra (Nemet Mokra)
    • Russisch Mokra (Orosz Mokra)
    • Koenigsfeld (Kiralymeszoe), Ust-Corna
    • Dombo (Dubove)
    • Gross-Tarna (Nagy-Tarna)
    • Brustura
  • Location: "They are all east of Munkatsch (Muncazs / Munkacevo). To locate them on the map look for the actual names Dubove (=Dombo) or Ust-Corna (=Koenigsfeld) in South-Ukraine near the border to Hungary or Romania."
  • Germanic Surnames: The most common surnames are:
    • DAZER
    • HOFFER
    • HORBAS
    • KAIS
    • KUBIK
    • KUCHAR
    • KOERN
    • PILZ
    • REIS
    • STERZL
    • URBAN
    • ZAUNER
    • ZILLER

Note from Romeo: "In the documents, the names may vary because they were written by Hungarian-speeking priests. p.e. (i.e): DACZER for DACER or CZEPECZAUER for ZEPEZAUER. We use only the German spelling. We have documents of about 200 more persons. They will be entered in July."

"We would (plan to) write some information about the history, the Austrian immigrants from 1775 and maybe some geographical information. Maybe some maps too. And the database or a person list."


Comment from FEEFHS: Our foundation does not have access to this database.