Charlotte Noelle Champenois

Charlotte Noelle Champenois
Job Title
Professional Genealogist

Charlotte Noelle Champenois, originally from Allerød, Denmark, and a long-time resident of Utah, received her BA in genealogy (with an emphasis on German and Danish research) from Brigham Young University. She has previously lived in Germany for two years and in Austria for three months. She is a German Research Specialist at the Family History Library, where she gives webinars and helps guests with research and translation.

Charlotte also freelances, is a transcription and translation assistant for SK Translations, German-English Genealogy Translations, and is an Associate Records Analyst for the German Immigrants in American Church Records (GIACR) project; she has collaborated on eight published GIACR volumes (plus four volumes still in process), written articles on IAP and Matricula-Online, and coauthored a book on Austrian research.