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BLITZ Genealogy Search Order Form

Note: BLITZ is a separate organization from FEEFHS. This page is provided for your information only. To submit a research request to BLITZ, print or copy this form and send it with the information required to BLITZ using their contact  information below.


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St. Petersburg Russia and California USA

BLITZ Testimonials From Clients

What Our Clients Say

A client since 1999 (written Sep 2004):
To Whom It May Concern:
I feel that I have an obligation to share my experiences with any future patrons of the genealogic research services available from Blitz and its primary research associate Elena Tsvetkova in St. Petersburg. I am doing this totally voluntarily as a token of my appreciation for the assistance provided for me.

Surnames Found by BLITZ in 2002

The list of surnames below is a compilation of surnames from the different research assignments which BLITZ worked on in 2002. During 2002, BLITZ fulfilled 389 investigations on various subjects while working with 98 different clients. The searches were carried out by BLITZ through professional researchers in various libraries and archives of the Former Soviet Union, including the following:

Surnames Found by BLITZ in 2003

The present list was compiled as a result different research works which BLITZ realized in 2003. That year BLITZ fulfilled 327 investigations on various subjects by orders received from 78 clients.

They were carried out by experienced researchers in libraries and various CIS archives which include the following.

Persistence Pays Off

Often people apply to Blitz Information Center - BLITZ with very little initial information about their relatives. During the Preliminary Search, we try to find the family using various directories published in the pre-revolutionary Russian Empire (before 1917). This helps us build a base on which to research more specific family information.

First Russian Aviators

The Emperor's All-Russian Air-Club

Copyright © 1998-2017 Blitz, all rights reserved

Background: The following list has been prepared on the basis of a document kept in the Russian State Historic Archives (Fond 90 - Russian Technical Society, inventory 1, file 1013.) It is the list of members of the Russian Air-Club for the years 1910-1911.