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BLITZ Genealogy Search Order Form

Note: BLITZ is a separate organization from FEEFHS. This page is provided for your information only. To submit a research request to BLITZ, print or copy this form and send it with the information required to BLITZ using their contact  information below.


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St. Petersburg Russia and California USA

The Russian archives in St. Petersburg and Moscow contain many of the records of the former Russian Empire. Included in the archives are records of the Russian and Polish nobility, government service records, church records, German records, Jewish records, etc. BLITZ also works with local / regional archives located throughout the Former Soviet Union.

BLITZ will make a preliminary search of the archival records for your family in the Russian archives for the non-refundable price of US$80.00. In this preliminary search, the researcher will spend five hours of time researching the surname you are looking for in the Russian archives. At the conclusion of this preliminary search, we will be able to give you our assessment as to the existence of records of your family and the direction of further research.

We will also recommend lines of further research and if there are some documents which you may want to order. On the other hand, if we believe that further research will be unproductive, we will let you know along with our reasons. Although we cannot guarantee results, our researchers are very experienced and we have had good success for many of our clients. Continued research is US$20.00 per hour. Document reproduction costs are separate and Blitz will inform you of any charges for this service which is done thru individual archives.

The success of the preliminary genealogy search will be dependent on the initial information a client is able to provide. It is very important to know the exact names of your ancestors, vital dates and where they lived. If you would like to have your family history searched, please type or handwrite clearly the questionnaire below and any additional information you have. (Copies of passports, documents, letters in Russian, etc. are especially helpful.) Please mail this form, together with payment of US$80.00 to the address below:

907 Mission Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901 - USA

Ancestor Name(s)



Vital Dates

Occupation (military rank, etc...)




QUESTIONS I would like researched:

Please attach not more than two pages of any family history, charts or additional information that may be helpful to the research.

Research Requested by:





eMail address:___________________________________________________

Make check payable to BLITZ Information Center
Address: 907 Mission Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901
Telephone: 415-453-3579
FAX: 415-453-0343

We also take Mastercard and Visa.