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First Russian Aviators

The Emperor's All-Russian Air-Club

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Background: The following list has been prepared on the basis of a document kept in the Russian State Historic Archives (Fond 90 - Russian Technical Society, inventory 1, file 1013.) It is the list of members of the Russian Air-Club for the years 1910-1911.

The Emperor's All-Russian Air-Club was founded in St. Petersburg and Odessa in the year 1908, under the highest patronage of His Majesty, Emperor Nicholas II. The Administration (Council) of the Air-Club was located in St. Petersburg.

The goal of the Club was the development of technical, military and sportive aeronautics in Russia. The members could be adult men and women except officers of low military ranks and cadets.

The Club had its own planes but some of the pilots flew their own machines. (The planes were very expensive and only rich representatives of the gilded youth were able to afford this). The planes of the Club had to be in the disposition of the Military and Navy Departments in the case of war.

The persons listed below could participate in the following events which were arranged by the Air-Club for the period 1910-1911: The First All-Russian Festival of Aeronautics (year 1910); the flight from St. Petersburg to Moscow and the second International Aeronautic Week in the year 1911.

More Information Available: In addition to information provided in this list, the document contains the birth date and birthplace of the individual, dates they received their diploma, the air-clubs which issued it, as well as the type of air-plane flown by the listed people. Please contact the St. Peterburg office of BLITZ directly concerning your request - send your eMail to Elena at or write them at Dumskaya ulitsa, dom 3, 5 etazh, PEN-club, Sankt Petersburg Russia 191011.

I. Aviators [pilots of fixed wing aircraft]:

Dorozhinski, Stanislaw

Efimov, Mikhail
Eristov, Vladimir (prince)

Gorshkov, Georgy (lieutenant)
Griunberg, Artur

Kampo-Stsipio, Mikhail
Keburov, Vissarion
Komarov, Mikhail
Kostin, Nikolai
von-Krum, Anatoly
Kuzminski, Aleksandr
Kuznetsov, Pavel

de Lamber, Karl (count)
Lebedev, Vladimir
Levkovich, Ladis
Lipkovski, Henryk

Macyewicz, Lev
Malinski, Emannuil (count)
Maslennikov, Boris
Matyewicz-Macyewicz, Bronislaw

Petrovski, Aleksandr
Piotrovski, Grigory
Popov, Nikolai
Pshanovski, Vasili

Raigorodski, Abram
Rudnev, Evgeny (lieutenant)

Segno, Henrikh
Semeniuk, Ignati
Shionin, Vasili
Sredinski, Alexey
Studentski, Pavel

Ulianin, Sergey
Utochkin, Sergey

Vasiliev, Aleksandr

Zaikin, Ivan
Zelenski, Mikhail

2. Aeronauts [Persons who piloted balloons]

Kuznetsov, Vasili

Odintsov, Sergey

Rynin, Nikolai

Sredinski, Aleksandr