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German-Russian Holdings: Odessa State University

This list has been prepared and translated by Dr. Sergey P. Yelizarov, a University Professor and professional translator of Odessa Russia. Subject to the prior approval of the Odessa State University Scientific Library, he is prepared to extract, transcribe and translate any of these documents for his clients.


1. Abramovich A. Arrangement of Individual Peasant Homesteads on the State Lands of Bessarabian Government. Odessa, 1913.- 61 p.
2. Avgustinovich E. Settlements and Colonies in Novorossia//Transactions of Imperial Free Economical Society. 1882, V.3.- P.129-162, 295-315, 451-465.
3. Avdeeva K. Journey from Moscow to Odessa. Population and Economy of Odessa. Lifestyle and Customs of Jews and German Colonists.- Odessa, Spb, 1832.
4. Avdeeva K. Notes about Old and New Russian Mode of Life.- Odessa, SPb, 1842.- P.79-96.
- - -
6. American Journalist about German Colonies of Odessa Region//Evening News. 1927.
7. Archive of South-Western Russia. Part 7; V.2: Peopling of South-Western Russia Deeds.- Kiev, 1890//Kievskaya Starina.- 1892.- N10.- P.131-156.
8. Archive of South-Western Russia. Part 7; V.3: Peopling of South-Western Russia in XVI-XVIII cent. Deeds.- Kiev, 1905//Kievskaya Starina.- 1907. N4.- P.86-89.
9. Archive of South-Western Russia. Part 7; V.1: Peopling of South-Western Russia Deeds.- Kiev, 1886//Kievskaya Starina.- 1887.- N8.- P.752-757.
10. Bagaley D. Pepling of South Ukraine (Zaporozje and Novorossia Region) and First Sprouts of Its Cultural Development.- Kharkov: Sojuz, 1920. 110 p.
11. Bagaley D. Novorossia Region Colonization and Its First Cultural Moves: Historical Sketch.- Kiev, 1889.- 115 p. (Separate from "Kievskaja Starina").
12. Bagaley D. History of Colonization and Mode of Life of Steppe Ukraine: Sketches.- Moscow, 1887.- 571 p.
13. Bagaley D. Novorossia Region Colonization and Its First Cultural Moves//Kievskaja Starina.- 1889.- N4-7; Separate.- Kiev,1889.- 11 p.
14. Beler R. Our Homeland Holidays//Heinmat Buch.- Shtuttgart, 1955.
15. Belinski S. German Tringeld on Southern Russia Soil//Kievskaja Starina, 1885.- N1.- P.191-196.
16. Odessa Charitable Society for the Benefit of Germans//Novorossia Almanac, 1851.- Odessa, 1850.- P.319.
- - -
19. Bruk S., Kabuzan V. Russia Population Ethnic Composition (1719-1917)//Soviet Ethnography.- 1980.- N6.
- - -
21. Boyko Y. Pepling of Southern Ukraine (1860-1890): History-Economical Investigation.- Cherkasy: Siyach, 1993.- 256 p.
- - -
23. Brusilovski I. German Colonies//Northern Notes.- 1994.- XII.7.
24. Bugai M. Deportation in Ukraine in Years of 1930-40.- Kiev: Znannya, 1992. 48 p. (Set 7 "The Human Planet"; N1).
25. Budgak Germans//Kishinev Vedomosti.- 1895.- N12.- P.440-445.
26. Burtsov P. Looking at the Southern Bessarabia//Northern Archive.- 1826. Part 27.- P.290-311.
27. Butsenko A. Soviet Building and National Minorities in Ukraine.-1925. 49 p.
28. Walter E. Description of Molochan Colony Region/Transl. from German//Novorossia Almanac, 1851.- Odessa, 1850.- P.380-397.
29. Vasilenko V. Holidays and Traditions of German Colonists in Southern Ukraine (Odessa District)//Odessa Herald.- 1994.- December, 24 (N193).
30. Velitsin A. Foreign Colonization in Russia//Russian Herald.- 1889. -N2. P. 18-21.
31. Velitsin A. Germans in Russia: Historic Development Sketches and Present State of German Colonies in Southern and South-Eastern Russia.-Spb,1893.
32. Vinichenko V. Rebirth of Nations.- Kiev, 1990.- Part 2.- P.78-79 (German Colonies).
33. Vorotnjuk G., Kalinichenko I. Germans in Ukrainian Steppes//The Voice of Ukraine.- 1992.
34. German Charitable Society in Odessa. Odessa, 1912.
35. Gildenschtedt. Reizen durch Roussland//Notes of Odessa Society.- 1879. V.11.
36. Golovin K. Shortage of Arable Land and Peasant Resettlements//Russian Herald.- 1881.- N11.
37. Gordiyenko V. German Colonists in Ukraine (XVIII-XIX cc)//Herald of Lvov University. History Set.- 1992.- Issue 28.- P.51-57.
38. Grushevski M. Ukraine-Russia History.- V.1.- Kiev, 1991.- P.142-145 (German Colonization in Ukraine).
39. Gubar O. Colonists//Odessa University, 1991.- 14 Nov. (About the book written by Detleph Brandes "German Colonists and Trans-Denube Settlers Adopted by Tzar: 1751-1914").
- - -
41. Novorossia Region and Bessarabia Towns and Boroughs//Novorossia Almanac. 1872.- P.103-125; 1873.- P.85-108.
42. Gotalov-Gotlib A. Materials for National Education in Odessa. "Historiographic Sketch". Odessa, 1940.
43. Danilchenko O. South of Ukraine: Return to the Future: Territory Peopling and Colonization//Viche.- 1995.- N1.- C.143-153.
44. Population Movement in Odessa//Odessa Herald.- 1882.- N11 (15 Jan.).
45. Private Landowning Movement in Alexandria District of Kherson Government in 1865-1900.- Alexandria, 1900.
- - -
47. Demidov, 1853. Travels in South Russia and the Crimea through Hungary, Wallachia and Moldavia during the year 1837, 2 Vols., London, 1853.
48. Dmitriyenko M., Tabachnik D., Chirko E. Germans in Ukraine: History and Present Time//Viche.- 1992.- N5.- P.135-148.
49. Druzinina E. Zue Geschichte der Deutsche Colonien in Neurussland, Ost und West in der Geschichte des Denkens und der Kulturellen Bezichungen Festochrift fur Edward zum 70.- Lebinstag, Berlin.
50. Druzinina E. Northern Black Sea Region in 1775-1800. Moscow, 1959.-280p.
51. Druzinina E. Southern Ukraine in 1800-1825. M.:Science, 1970.- 382 p. Peopling of the Region.- P.69-172.
52. Yevtukh V., Suglobin S., Somborskaya Y. Germans in Ukraine: State, Ethnic and Emigratory Aspects (Sociological Research Results).- Kiev, 1993.
53. Katherina the Great about German Schools//Russian Archive.- 1908.- Vol.2. P.178.
54. Dzirmunski W. Ethnographic Work in German Colonies of Ukraine and Crimea//Ethnography.- 1927.- N1.- P.231-233.
55. Zabotkin N. Peaceful Conquest of Southern Bessarabia by Germans. Akkerman.
56. History of Colonization of Novorossia in XVIII Century//News of Odessa Bibliography Society.- 1913.- Vol.2, Issue 3.- P.103-118.
- - -
58. Zverzjanski. Historic Sketch of Trustees Committee: Foreign Settlements of Southern Region//Odessa Herald.- 1860.- (N23-24) 1, 3 March.
59. Zelenchuk W. Population of Bessarabia and Dniestr River Country in XIX Century: Ethnographic and Social- Demographic Processes.- Kishinev: Shteentsa, 1979.- 287 p.
60. Landowning of Germans-Former Colonists in Kherson Government//Collected Volumme of Kherson Zemstvo.- 1891.- N6.- P.1-49.
- - -
62. Ivanova Y., Chizjikova L. History of Southern Ukraine Peopling//Cultural and Life Processes in Southern Ukraine.- Moscow.,1979.- P.3-11.
- - -
64. History and Statistics of Foreign Settlements in Russia//State Property Department Magazine.- 1854.- Vol.7.
65. Colonization in the South of Russia//Land and Social Agriculture in Southern Russia.- 1866.- April.
66. Novorossia Peopling History//Kiyevskaya Starina.- 1892, June.- P.455.
67. Novorossia Peopling History//Kiyevskaya Starina.- 1885,March.-P.531-539.
68. Zagorovski E. Foreign Colonization of Russia in XVIII Century.- Odessa, 1913.- 16 p.
69. To the History of Novorossia Colonization (Letter of Znamensk Preacher Markianov as to Peopling in Elizabetgrad Province)//Kiyevskaya Starina. 1885.- N3.- P.531-538.
70. Kabuzan W. Peopling in Novorossia (Katherinoslav and Kherson Governments) in the XVIII-1st Half of XIX Cent. (1719-1858)/The Institute of USSR History.- Moscow: Science, 1976.- 307 p.
71. Kabuzan W. Peopling of BlackSea-Side (Novorossia) in 18 - 1st Half of 19 Cent. (1719-1858).- Moscow, 1969.
72. Kabuzan W. Peopling of Northern BlackSea-Side (Novorossia) in 18 Century (1719-1795)//Soviet Ethnography.- 1969.- N6.- P.30-41.
73. Kabuzan W. German Population in Russia in 18 - Beginning of 19 Century//History Problems.- 1989.- N12.- P.18-29.
- - -
75. Kaufman A. Resettlement and Colonization.- SPb, 1905.
76. Kennen P. History of Non-Russians in Europian Russia: Materials Chronological Guide.- SPb.- 510 p.
77. Kiyanitsin I. Population Natural Growth, Immigration and Emigration in Odessa Government for Last Years of 1883-1912.- Odessa.- 10 p.
- - -
78. Klaus A. Our Colonies: Historical and Statistical Expirience and Materials at Foreign Colonization in Russia.- SPb, 1869.- 670 p.
79. Klibakov A. Mennonites.- Moscow-Leningrad.- 1931.
80. Koval M., Medvedok P. Folksdeutsche in Ukraine (1941-1944)//Ukrainian Historic Magazine.- 1992.- N5.- P.15-28.
81. Colonist in the South and His Rights//Odessa Herald.- 1886.- 16 April (N81).
82. Klein-Libental Colony. Pocket Calendar, 1905.
- - -
85. Kravchenko W. German Colonies//Znannya.- 1927.- N9.
86. Brief Book of Reference for Odessa Government.- Odessa, 1924.- 256 p.
87. Kryzjanovski B., Preiger D. Return to the Homeland//Herald of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.- 1992.- N12.- P.14-20.
88. Krutikov B. Mining Bourgeoisie in Southern Ukraine and Russia-Germany Relations at the Beginning of 90-th of XIX Century//Problems of German History.- Dnepropetrovsk, 1982.- P.136-144.
89. Krutikov B. Russia-Germany Economic Relations in 70-th - 1st Half of 80-th of XIX and Southern Ukraine Mining Bourgeoisie//Problems of German History and Historiography.- 1975.- Issue 3.- P.97-107.
90. Krylov. Lustdorf: Monographic Description of Odessa.-Odessa,1865.-P.11.
91. Kudryachenko A. Ukrainian Germans: Past and Present//Building of State. 1994.- N5.- P.20-24.
92. Kudryachenko A. Ukrainian Germans Portion//Tribune.- 1993.- N6.- P.27-28.
93. Kulinich I. German Colonies in Ukraine (50-th of XVIII - 1917)//Ukrainian Historic Magazaine.- 1990.- N9.- P.18-20.
94. Cultural and Life Processes in Southern Ukraine: XIX-XX C.: Symposium. Moscow, 1979.- 191 p.
95. Lindemann k. Deutche Kolonisten in Russland. Ergebnisse einer Studienreise, 1919-1921. Stuttgard, 1924.
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97. Lerner I. Germans in Novorossia//Russian Archive.- 1908.- Vol.3.- P.33.
98. Lerner O. German Colonies in Novorossia Region//Odessa Government Newspaper.- 1903.- N231, 236, 268; 1904.- N8, 65.
99. Lyngrandi I. How to Stop Peaceful Conquest of our Outskirts: Essence and Significance of German Problem in South-Western Russia.- Kiev, 1890.
100. Lugova O., Boyko Y. Peasant-Immigrants Distribution in Southern Ukraine in 60-80th of XIXc.//Symposium.- Kiev, 1988.- P.45-...
101. Lyapunov B.M. Just a Few Words about the Evangelical Manuscripts Kept in the Library.
102. Malinovski L.V. Economical and Social Development of Colonist Villages in Southern Russia in the First Half of XIX c.//Historical Notes.-1983. V.109.- P.177-202.
103. Malinovski L.V. Die Deutsche Katolischen Kolonien am Schwarzen Meere: Berichte der Lemeindeamtez uber Entchung und Entwicklung dieser Kolonien in der Ersten Halfte des 19 Jahrhunderts. Stuttgart.
104. Markevich A.I. Documents Concerning Odessa History//Notes of Imperial Society of History and Antiquity. - V.16.- Separate.- 62 p.
105. Southern Russia Historical Material (1715-1774).- Odessa,1886.- 433 p. 106. Materials for Valuation of Kherson Government Lands.- Kherson, 1883. V.1: Odessa District.
- - -
107. Meddok K. Non-Russians in Volga Provinces.- Saratov, 1890.
108. German Colonists in Volynia//Kievskaya Starina.- 1903.- N4.- P.9-10.
109. Merder A. German Colonists Resettlement from Volynia to Danube//Kiyevskaya Starina.- 1900.- N10.- P.24.
- - -
111. Monakhov V. Strangers among Non-Strangers?: Brooding over Portions of Soviet 
Germans Autonomy in Volga Provinces//Life of Nationalities. 1993.- N1.- P.20-23.
- - -
113. Precept for Agriculture Comission in German Colonies of Southern Russia.- Odessa, 1988.
114. Naulko V.I. Interethnical Relationships Development in Ukraine (Historical and Ethnographical essay).- Kiev, 1975.- 276 p.
115. German Colonists - Peasants//Odessa Herald.- 1899.- 1 November.
116. Germans in Russia: The Land along the Dniepr.- Yekaterinoslav, 1914. 16 p.
117. Germans in Ukraine in 1920-1930th: Ukraine State Archives Documents Collection.- Kiev, 1994.
118. About Activity of Comission at Social Administrating Reorganization and Land Arrangement of Foreign Colonists in Russia//Governmental Herald.- 1870.- N15, 16.
119. Settlements of Mennonites in Novouzensk District//Samara Goverment News 42 and Magazine of State Property Ministry 12 (compiled with the official data of 1858)(//Medgov V. Books and Articles Guide at Geography, Ethnography and Statistics. SPb., 1861).
120. Germans Resettlement to Novorossia Region//Odessa Herald.- 1864. 21 May (N110).
121. Transferring of Southern Russia Lands to Colonists//Odessa Herald. 1868.- 16 March.
122. Donations of Colonists and Juish Landowners in Novorossia Region and Bessarabia//Odessa, 1869.- N12.
123. Odessa Newspaper: Social-Literary and Commercial (1897-1898).- Odessa, Dayly.- Publisher and Editor - G.I.Shettle.
124. Odessa Newspaper, 1896-1898. With Section "News from Colonies".
125. Odessa Bureau of Foreign Settlers of Southern Russia. F.252, 911 units (1814-1881).
126. Ostroukh I.G., Sherwood E.A. Germans in Russia: Historic Essay//Ethnographical Review.- 1993.- N3.- P.40-51.
127. Odessa Pedigree Book of German Colonists Cattle: Statute, Instructions, etc.- Odessa, 1924.
128-136. Reports of Different Soscieties, Churches, Schools, Boards of Trustees, etc. (the end of XIX - beginning of XX c.).
137. Pavlenko S. Black Sea Germany: Whether to Be. 78/1472, Pet./1952. Zolotonosha, 1913.
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140. Pisarevski G. Dantzig Colonists Call to Russia//Russian Thought.-1902. N9.- P.24.
141. Pisarevski G. Mennonites Call to Russia: (non-published archival documents)//Russian Thought.- 1905.- N10/11.- P.42.
142. Pisarevski G. Russian Mennonites Resettlement to Russia at the Tsar Alexander I.
143. Board of Trustees about Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia: Odessa District State Archives Documents. F.6, unit 14931 (1800-1871).
144. Board of Trustees about Foreign Settlements in Southern Russia and Administrating beyong the Danube//Novorossia Almanac, 1844.- Odessa, 1843.- P.252-253. Settlements of Strangers in Russia//Cyclopedic Glossary/Brokgauz, Ephron.- V.48.- P.672-674.
145. First Results of Sensus in 1926. Odessa, 1927.
- - -
147. Postnikov V.E. Farming in Southern Russia.- Moscow, 1891.
148. Odessa: Past and Present/A.Markevitch.- Moscow, 1981.- 48 p.
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- - -
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- - -
157. Collection of Acting Edicts... about Schools for Non-Russians...Compiled by A.I.Syromyatnikov.- Odessa: Printing-House of Korolenko A., 1911.
158. About Schools at Roman-Catholic Churches in Odessa District.- Odessa, 1893.
159. Agricultural and Statistical Data from Housekeepers/Compiled by S.A.Korolenko.- SPb., 1892.- 127 p.
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- - -
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- - -
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- - -
181. Statute of Orphanage in Village Gross-Liebental of Odessa District, Kherson Government.- Odessa, 1897.
182. Statute of Consumers Society "Zaria" of Village of Baden...- Tiraspol, 1897.
183. Statute of Society "Zeal" in Village of Kandel (Selz, Odessa, Kherson Government).- Odessa, 1906.
- - -
189. School of Mennonites. 1864.
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- - -
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- - -
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- - -
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224. Odessa periodical issues for Odessa Germans
- - -
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- - -
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- - -
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- - -
238. German Publishers in Russia:
..... 1. Genrich Schmitzdorf (1827-1845);
..... 6. Reingardt Konrad (before 1897).
- - -
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