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Charlotte Noelle Champenois

Charlotte Noelle Champenois
Job Title
Professional Genealogist

Charlotte Noelle Champenois, AG®, originally from Allerød, Denmark, and a long-time resident of Utah, is accredited in Germany Northwest, Denmark, Sweden, and Austria and has a BA in genealogy from Brigham Young University. She has previously lived in Germany for two years and in Austria for three months. She is a German Research Specialist at the FamilySearch Library, where she gives webinars and helps guests with research and translation.

Charlotte also freelances, is a transcription and translation assistant for Germanology Unlocked, and is an Associate Records Analyst for the German Immigrants in American Church Records (GIACR) project; she has collaborated on twelve published GIACR volumes, written articles on IAP and Matricula-Online, and coauthored a book on Austrian research.