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Hailey Wentz

Hailey Wentz
Job Title

Hailey Wentz is a senior studying family history and genealogy at Brigham Young University and is currently in process to become accredited as a genealogist. Originally a linguistics major, Hailey began her study of the Eastern European world with Russian language classes and has since applied her love of that part of the world to genealogy. She was an intern on the Latin American and Slavic teams at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and credits much of her success to the mentors and friends she met in her time there.

Hailey has been trained to read documents in six languages, including Russian and Latin, and is currently working on improving her skills in two more languages (Polish and Hebrew). Hailey currently works as a web assistant for the BYU Script Tutorial website, using her extensive teaching experience, linguistic knowledge, and familiarity with various document types to create helpful paleography guides, aiding genealogists who may not have a fluency in the language of their research area.