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Wandering Volhynians Index

By Jerry Frank

Covers all editions of the Wandering Volhynians through September, 1996


Articles of a nature current to time of publication such as reports of upcoming conventions, reunions, etc. are not included in this list.

In addition to the articles shown, each edition contains a "Readers Write" column which carries specific search requests, ahnentafels, etc.

Note that mention of MORAVIANS in this list is reference to adherents of the Moravian Brethren faith, not descendants of people from Moravia.

Norka Colony poll tax census 1834

Archives: Saratov Records group: 28 Series: 1 File: 839, pages 510-598

Norka Colony poll tax census 1834
Revision 8, 20 December

© Copyright 1998, translated by Dmitry Panov; reformatted and edited by Thomas Edlund, all rights reserved

Norka poll tax census 1834 [Revision 8, 20 December 1834]
Archives: Saratov
Record group: 28, series: 1 file: 839, pages 510-598

* denotes spouse