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Marissa Gardner

Marissa Gardner
Job Title
Historical and Forensic Genealogist

Marissa Gardner has loved discovering her ancestors’ stories since early childhood. With ancestors originating from several European countries, she felt compelled to study the genealogy resources and methodology of many countries as she earned her B.A. in Family History from Brigham Young University (2005). Marissa earned her accreditation in German research through ICAPGen in 2011. She has been employed by, or been contracted by, several of the large genealogy companies, including Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (2006-2007), ProGenealogists (2008-2009), and Legacy Tree Genealogists (2018-2023). Marissa recently chose to return to self-employment and conducts forensic genealogy research for probate, real estate, and dual citizenship cases, as well as traditional family history research in the U.S., Canada, and most of Europe. She loves conducting immigration research to help families find their ancestral hometowns, especially in the lands of the former Prussian/German Empire, Russian Empire, and Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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