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Eileen Lund-Johnson

Eileen Lund-Johnson
Job Title

Growing up genealogy was a family affair for Eileen. Her grandparents frequently taught her the value of knowing her ancestors, which resonates with her to this day. Eileen has been actively researching genealogy for over 30 years. She currently volunteers – and has been for 20 years - at the Oakdale Minnesota Family History Library where Eileen experiences the joy of guiding others in learning about their past. Her specialty is German Banat research where she assisted in expanding the earlier online Banat forums including Roots Web and 

Additionally, her efforts include obtaining old German Banat records where they are difficult to locate. She has published in Family Chronicle and is a past president of the Germanic Genealogy Society which partnered with FEEFHS for the 2005 conference in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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